Shuffle — 2nd Phone Number: Review And Features

Shuffle — 2nd Phone Number: Review And Features

Description of Shuffle — 2nd Phone Number Review

Shuffle handles thousands of calls and messages every day! Users in more than 35 countries trust Shuffle for their business needs, social networking, online buying / selling and dating. Get multiple numbers on your existing iPhone. Get a local ** phone number in all 50 states in the US and all provinces and cities in Canada.

Pay only for what you use. NO devious subscriptions or confusing "credit" prices. Get 1.49 € for free with your first in-app purchase.

Your confidential personal information is attached to your normal telephone number and can easily be searched online. Providing your real phone number will reveal your personal information to the world, which can lead to identity theft! Everyone needs a second number, your real number for those you trust – for strangers there is shuffle.

With plans starting at just $ 0.99, you can "shuffle" between the numbers at the touch of a button and separate your private life from your work and social life – and make sure the buyer for your car on Craigslist has no personal contact Details.

Shuffle has a simple and transparent pricing model that is calculated using the pay-as-you-go principle. View our prices here:


TechCrunch: "With Shuffle's new iPhone App, you can also create disposable phone numbers … and e-mails!"

The Next Web: "With Shuffle, you can protect your phone number and email address with available aliases."

Killer startups: "Take full control of your phone numbers with Shuffle."


Several phone numbers for:

> Your business: Are you still using your personal number for business calls? Get a special shuffle business number to keep your personal and business conversations separate and organized.

> Social networks: Protect your privacy. Use shuffle numbers on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

> Buy / Sell Online: Stay Anonymous. Use shuffle numbers when buying / selling online with local classifieds.

> Dating & Meet-ups: Be sure. Use shuffle numbers to connect with strangers on dating and meet-up sites.


Use shuffle like a regular phone to connect with other mobile users and landlines for a low cost per minute, or for free with other shuffle users.

Shuffle numbers come with high quality LTE and Wi-Fi voice calls, text / picture messaging, and a unique voice mailbox. Calls, messages and voicemails are grouped by shuffle number to keep communication separate and organized.

* Random numbers *

Create multiple shuffle numbers in your local area code ** to manage various personal or business needs and situations without having to reveal your real number.

Each shuffle number has its own voice mailbox and a personalized voicemail message with voice recording or text-to-speech capability. Once you've used a shuffle number, just delete it and you will not be able to access it.

* Voice calls *

In the app, you can make and receive high-quality LTE and Wi-Fi voice calls. Calls are charged directly to your shuffle account balance and not to your network operator's minutes. Calls between shuffle users are free.

* SMS & picture messages *

Report someone on a mobile device with your shuffle number. Even if they do not have shuffle. Messages to / from external users will be charged to your shuffle account balance, not your network provider's text pack, but all your shuffle-to-shuffle messages are always free.

** Area Codes: Shuffle currently has local telephone numbers in all 50 US states and in all provinces and major cities in Canada. If the area code you are looking for is temporarily out of stock, we recommend using overlay location codes as a workaround.

Overlay codes:

Calls and messages to / from outside North America are not allowed.

Shuffle does not allow calls or messages to the emergency services or other x11 services. Calls and messages are only allowed between regular 10-digit numbers.

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