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Toddler kids game – preschool learning games free: Review And Features

Toddler kids game – preschool learning games free: Review And Features

Description of Toddler kids game – preschool learning games free Review

***** Winner of the prestigious "Recommended Seal" awarded by the "Parents & # 39; Choice Award" Program 2012
Developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the selling apps for children, in collaboration with educational specialists, to prepare your children for the pre-school and kindergarten curriculum.

Numbers, patterns, puzzles, letters, counting, sizes, shadows, matching, colors, shapes, differences and more – you've come to the right place!

BEST WAY to prepare your kids for SUCCESS in PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN VEHICLE PREPARATION! 14 (!) Great different exciting proven educational activities to develop your child's abilities.

Its simple, kid-friendly interface gives kids a fun way to master essential pre-school skills in a total of 14 (!) DIFFERENT EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (twelve educational activities + two creative activities). We sincerely hope your children will enjoy them all!


* "Like most parents, I know that multitasking is a must, not just an option, so I love apps for kids who touch tons of educational tags and do it in style – the new Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is just that App … Of course the guys in my crew loved this app Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is a home run "-

* "Completely child oriented, no complicated menus to navigate, bright colors, funny characters and prices make this app extremely easy to use and interesting for young children.The strain helps me deal with my three year old daughter" –

The ENTHUSIASTIC MONKEY CHARACTER will guide kids through the whole game. As a reward, after each round the kids get the chance to become creative artists and change the train's design, or get stickers to show on their board!

12 educational games included


Number Matching is a fun way to promote both counting and number recognition. It's a great kindergarten or preschool game that's educational without over taxing the brain.

2nd pattern
Gives children practice in the field of general pattern recognition.

3. forms
Find the right shape! Show children how to recognize names with common shapes (for example, a square, a rectangle, a triangle, and more).

Repair the broken toy! Allows your children to train fine motor skills and improve their logical thinking.

5. COUNTING (full version only)
Count the toys! Listening to the enumeration helps children to better remember the order of digits and get used to the counting process. Way to learn how to count!

6. SIZES (full version only)
Trains understanding for the comparability of terms of big, small and equal!

7. LETTERS (full version only)
Touch the word that starts with the letter that was pronounced! Great to teach children to understand the connection of letters with words, to understand and practice the position of the first letter, to adapt the names of letters to their symbolic notation!

8. MATCHING (full version only)
Find the toys! Serves to train the memory and understanding of children for the concept of equality.

9. COLORS (full version only)
Find the toy in a specific color! Great for kids who are just beginning to learn, as well as those who need extra exercise.

10. SHADOWS (full version only)
Drag the object to its silhouette!

11. EQUAL AND OTHER (only full version)
Checks the ability to compare images and find differences. Choose the other toy among several others or find the same toy as the one shown.

12. THINGS TO COOPERATE (full version only)
This section is designed to help children learn and practice their ability to recognize things that fit together and things that do not match. It also increases the power of logical thinking and problem solving skills.

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