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WritePDF for iPhone: Review And Features

WritePDF for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of WritePDF for iPhone Review

More than just an ordinary annotation tool, WritePDF is a powerful PDF modification / printing tool normally reserved for computers. Go beyond the normal viewing of PDF documents, filling in forms, changing PDFs, and commenting. WritePDF is the first app to combine both the ease of use and the complexity required to manage PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, and many other documents on the iPhone. WritePDF is also the first app that is fully compatible with PDF readers on both Mac and PC. Any changes made to a PDF on an iPhone will be displayed on a computer when opened, and vice versa. With the most powerful PDF change and view engine ever created, WritePDF is the rest!

WritePDF was developed and purchased by one of the top business app companies – with years of experience with iOS apps from 2008, EuroSmartz is second to none in business apps.

– "WritePDF is by far the most powerful app of its kind available on the App Store today."
– "I can finally merge non-PDF documents into a PDF and leave notes for all my colleagues"
– "Completing forms is so easy with WritePDF, I've just requested a new bank account with my iPhone"

Key features

√ Change PDFs
> Add arrows, circles, squares and other shapes to a PDF
> Fill out PDF forms and add text
> Use highlighter to highlight single words or entire sections
> Add web page links to words or sections of text
> Transfer PDFs to and from other apps with "Open in .."
> Fully compatible with most PC, Mac & iOS App PDF Viewer, showing all changes
> Insert images into a PDF
> Quickly and seamlessly transfer PDFs or Pages, Numbers or Keynote files with Open in

√ Global search
> Search for keywords or phrases in ALL files stored in WPDF without opening them
> Search results are displayed as tapable links

√ PDF page organization
> Move, delete or add pages
> Add, delete, rotate, copy / paste and rearrange pages
> Add selected pages to an existing PDF file from documents, spreadsheets or other files
> Drag deleted pages back into the document

√ mold filling
> Simply fill in PDF forms, even with multiple fields and fields
> Save your signature in the app and use it again if necessary
> E-mail / printed form directly in the app

√ PDF conversion and merge
> View / Convert / Merge Microsoft Office files, photos, PDFs, Contacts, Web pages, Email and Email attachments, and many other file formats
> Create a single PDF file from multiple files, even if they have a different format (ie Merge a Word file with a Pages document with an existing PDF file, etc.)
> Save web pages as PDFs
> Print or convert PDFs from other apps using Open in or other methods

√ Fully equipped printing
> Print directly to most existing WiFi or shared printers or use the free printer software for ALL printers.
> Print pages, numbers or keynote extremely quickly and easily without the need for an AirPrint printer with Open in
> Print on all printers from your Mac or PC
> Print remotely via 3G / EDGE or Google Cloud Print

√ Reminders and keywords
> Set a reminder for a specific file, PDF, or document
> Add keyword metadata to each file to make searching easier

√ Cloud services and e-mail
> Save attachments directly from Mail to WritePDF
> CloudMe,, Dropbox, Google Docs, iDisk, FTP, WebDAV all supported

√ Copy documents from your Mac or PC
> Mount your iPhone as a network hard drive on your Mac / PC

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