Auditors find it hard to follow the implications of digital transformation

If you are involved in the digital transformation that is shaking up the business, you will probably overthrow the small world in which your listeners lived. Digitizing processes, retraining employees, refocusing roles Auditors will have to get rid of their playbooks (they have playbooks, is not it?) And find new ways to evaluate the health and wealth of their businesses. They must become savvy IT experts themselves and begin to look much deeper into IT processes.

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Nowadays, audit types need to examine current computer systems to determine how data and access are locked, how things are managed, the role of the cloud. These are the terms of Protiviti and ISACA, who recently published a survey of 1,323 internal audit executives, internal audit professionals and vice presidents and directors of computer systems auditing in the US. whole world. Most audit plans for 2018 are affected by the challenge of cybersecurity. Further progress is still needed, as one in five organizations, on average, do not include cybersecurity in their audit plans. The most common reason, cited by 37%, is the lack of qualified resources, particularly people, skills and / or auditing …

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