Australian teen receives 8 months probation for hacking Apple#039;s corporate network

Australian teenagers who gained unauthorized access to Apple's corporate network received judgment of criminal probation for 8 months, including collecting about 1 terabyte of confidential data collected at the server. From the company.

As expected, a teenager in Melbourne was not a name because he was a minor then, but was sentenced Thursday.

The adult accused who was accused was faced with two illegal acts of up to two years in prison and up to one year in prison. He convicted on August.

During the lawsuit, the judge reported to the Juvenile Court that the crime committed by the defendant was "serious, sustained and refined" Bloomberg.

In two years, the defendant made a series of attacks against Apple 's internal system to remotely access the off – site server using' authorized key 'and highly protected software . Apple 's security officer finally discovered this intrusion and informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent this case to the Australian Federal Police.

Last year, with the assault of a boy 's house two Apple laptops, a cell phone, a hard drive were found. A total of approximately 1 terabyte of safe files and client data were stolen. Some of them are in a file named "hacky hack hack".

Apple said in a statement that due to the attack customer information has not leaked out.

In a previous report, teenagers were explained as one fan of Apple who dreamed of working for the company one day.

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