Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps

Update - 2018.08.04

Taking good travel photographs with your smartphone gets simpler by the day. Simply aim, tap & also you are done, right?

Best Android Camera Apps – Well, yes and no. Whereas the standard camera app that came together with your Android device will allow you to take a decent photograph in the best situations, that is where the fun stops. Google and various Android manufacturers have been slowly bettering their default apps, however, they still tend to have limited choices for tweaking your settings to take better shots. To actually make the most out of that tiny camera in your pocket, you will want something better.

Fortunately, dozens of 3rd-party developers have stepped in where the device producers have left off. There are many terrible camera apps out there, after all, however,  there are a number of that are a genuine upgrade. Take a little time to learn how to use them, and you will end up with noticeably better pictures — especially in low-light and different challenging conditions.

All of those apps are rated at least four stars on their respective app stores.

Android Smartphones is now capable of  Mobile Photography, many of the android units have almost 5 to 12 MP cameras, which lets you seize superb moments of your life through your Android Smartphone Camera, there are number of apps out there at Google Play, to improve, enhance the efficiency of your phone Camera. There are various Camera modes, like Panoramic, Photo Sphere (which is almost the latest feature of the android 5.0 camera, which lets you capture 360 degrees photos) and the third one is, HDR, (High Dynamic Range).

HDR Mode on your camera can certainly produce high-quality images, the quality of HDR photos is as follows;

  • Saturated
  • High in Contrast
  • Rich in Colours

For those who like to capture, HDR Photos on your Android device, There are a number of Apps, which helps you to apply HDR effects to your images. I’ve collected a list of 10 Best HDR Camera Applications for Android, hopefully, you’ll like these applications.

Best Android Camera Apps – List

1. HDR CameraHDR Camera

HDR Camera App, is no doubt, the best android HDR Camera App, it has too many reasons to be top of my list, first of all, it’s Free, secondly it almost offers the same features, as another premium (paid) Apps offers you. It allows you to take, photos with vivid and rich colours, in other words, you may call it, truly HDR photography.

2. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera Apps for Android

Camera 360 is likely one of the most popular Camera App for Android, with loads of features, like to including custom frames, filters, retro, HDR and so on.

3. Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera for Android

It’s, by the way, a paid app, you will have to purchase it from Play Store, in order to use its features on your device. But let me tell you, it’s loaded with pro-HDR tools for your android smartphone camera, so if you are serious in HDR Photography, I’d recommend you, to go for it.

4. Photaf Panorama Pro

Android Camera App - Photaf Panorama ProIf you are interested in Panorama, then photaf Panorama Pro, could be the best choice for you to capture Panorama Photography on your Android. By the way it isn’t a free app, to use its services, you need to purchase it from Google Play Store.

5. Retro Camera

Android Camera Apps - Retro Camera

Retro Camera, is simple to use Camera App for Android. It’s loaded with a number of Vintage Effects, movie scratch, Black&White and so on, it’s kinda of old photography app, so if fits your flavor, go for it.

6. After Focus

Android Camera Apps - AfterFocus

One of the Best Camera Application for Android, out there on Google Play Store. After Focus, gives you the best DSLR images features right in your Android camera, with so many advanced options to make your photos more realistic and natural. After Focus, has 2 editions, one is paid (with premium advanced features) and different is free (basic, with limited options). I’d recommend you 1st try the basic version, later when you like it then you possibly can go for the advanced version.

7. HDR Camera+

Android Camera Apps - HDR Camera+

HDR Camera+ is one other HDR Camera App for your Android camera, Application claims to be the best HDR App for your Android smartphone, however then, however, I noticed that a few of its premium customers are unhappy due to some features are not working as app claims it. However, you can try out and check, how it goes for you.

8. Camera HDR Studio

Android HDR Camera Apps - Camera HDR Studio

As in comparison with HDR Camera+, Camera HDR Studio, is better due to a number of reasons, firstly it’s free, with advance features, as almost the Camera+ is providing within the paid version, the one drawback to this app, it’s advertisement supported and I do think they do deserve this.

9. Cymera

Android Photo Editing Apps - Cymera

Cymera, one other best camera and photo editing app to your Android. It provides a lot of features to add life to your real life photos, the app pack with a number of features like lenses, beauty effects, filters and shooting modes.

10. Camera Zoom FX

Best Android Camera Apps - Camera Zoom Fx

No doubt, it is likely one of the best camera apps, and it has received an enormous amount of good reviews from a number of great techs bloggers. Though the app is paid one, then it offers a number of advanced features to enhance and improve the quality of your photos. If you are in search of such nice apps, then Camera Zoom FX might be a good choice for you.

This is a list of top 10 best android camera apps. Hope you enjoy it. Please share if you like this list. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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