Best Buy mistakenly sold a next-gen Chromecast well before Google’s Pixel 3 event

Google can not refrain from leaks this year. Best Buy sold the 3rd generation Chromecast that should be announced at the next Google show within 2 weeks from the 9th Pixel 3 press conference.

In addition to the Pixel 3 mobile phone, Google plans to introduce many new devices at the press conference. At least one new Pixel brand Chrome OS laptop, new home device, Chromecast is waiting for you in the image below. .

The person who purchased the image from the device with Reddit. All things became clear:

I went to Best Buy before to purchase a Chromecast for a new TV. Then the package and design were different from my first television. Just creating a queue from Chromecast Ultra thought that the design was updated. After that, at the time of checkout, the release date was October 9 (the same day as the previous day), so we could not scan the article because it is not yet in the system. Google Event 2018) But I guess they made it public. too fast. But as I had it was the same price as the 2nd generation Chromecast so I could put it under the old SKU.

As you can see in the next image, the new Chromecast is almost the same as the old Chromecast, but there are obvious visual differences in distinguishing different generations of Chromecast.

Image Source: Chromecast

What he said about the current device is as follows.

It is installed at home and seems to be a little thick compared to the 2nd generation Chromecast. The top is not brilliant and the Chrome logo has been replaced by the Google G logo. Still in micro USB (right is sad). They removed the magnetic HDMI connectors on the tip and bottom of Chromecast, but this is disappointing.

Sorry, the new Chromecast will not work as it requires a new version of the Home app, which will probably come out after Google's show. According to Redditor, Best Buy is planning to start selling devices on October 9th, so we also need to cancel software updates.

Image source: Eric Risberg / AP / REX / Shutterstock


Hope you like the news Best Buy mistakenly sold a next-gen Chromecast well before Google’s Pixel 3 event. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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