7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Update - 2018.08.03

Best Keyboard Apps For Android – If all of you tired of using the old boring keyboard all the time with no extra add-on features on your mobile device? But nowadays with some of the best keyboard apps in the Android market, you can get rid of this situation. Today we’re here with a list of top 7 best keyboard app for android. So just read it below and leave a comment if you like it! These keyboard apps also allow to play different tedious operations like cut, copy, paste and select with ease.

Best Keyboard Apps For Android – List

1. Google Keyboard

Google keyboard is one of the best default applications from Google, which is extremely reliable and consistent in performance. This app provides an enriching tap-typing experience, sensible auto-correct with a user-friendly interface.

2. Swype

Swype is a superb keyboard software with an elevated person experience and tracing feature. Swype provides you with split-keyboard options and 10 various themes to choose from, and excellent customizing features with easy typing options. It also helps to carry out the Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All shortcut operations.

3. Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard doesn’t hold any gimmicks such as predictive phrases or swipe-based typing, but it’s a solid and substantial present nevertheless. There’s a free trial available on the Play Store.

4. Adaptxt

It’s spacious and airy layout and transparent graphics make it look and feel like something you’d find on a premium laptop – albeit in a virtual form. Adaptxt also includes a some of the incredibly useful features. At the time of writing the Olympics are about to begin, and typing sports-related keywords light a light bulb icon at the bottom of the screen which takes you straight to the relevant Wikipedia page.


SwiftKey comes highly rated on the Google Play Store, and the legions of loyal fans will claim of excellent suggestive typing and high accuracy rates. Despite a tutorial using its app as an example of how easy it’s to reverse engineer malware into an Android app, SwiftKey has a robust privacy policy that correctly differentiates between data to help the keyboard learn your typing habits and sensitive data like login information and credit cards.

6AI Type Keyboard Plus

Next up on our list is AI Type Keyboard Plus. This is a versatile keyboard gives you a bunch of options all inside of an eye-friendly interface. The various menus in this keyboard app look really well designed, and the keyboard is fairly accurate too.

7Fleksy Keyboard

It was pretty clear upon the release of Fleksy that its sole purpose of actuality was to dethrone SwiftKey as the most popular keyboard out there. It has an above common prediction engine that looks at where you hit letters as opposed to the letters themselves which, in theory, is meant to assist work out what you meant to sort.

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