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Update - 2017.05.01

The web industry has itself changed in the past two decades. During its initial days, it was all about having a website and HTML was the primary language used for building websites. Static websites are used to represent a pre-defined set of information such as a business profile. Dynamic websites interact with the user and show dynamic information depending upon the data of the user such as online railway reservation website. The first question that comes to every developer’s mind is to choose the best programming language for the project. What programming language to learn? That’s why today we’re here with a list of Some best programming language for a web developer. Check out our list of best programming language for web developer below and leave a comment if you like it!

List of best programming language


Java best programming language Best programming language for web developer Java
JAVA is one of the best and most popular programming languages on the web. Sun Microsystems develop it. Java is an open-source language, which means it’s available free-of-cost. It can be used for developing a stand-alone program as well as individual applets used on multiple websites. It benefits from both object-oriented paradigms and functional programming characteristics.
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.Net best programming language Best programming language for web developer Net
.NET is a framework developed by Microsoft in 2000, and it’s used as a framework for many software and web-based applications. It’s mainly a Windows-based framework. It supports the Common Language Infrastructure and uses different CLI languages such as C#, F#, J#, Visual Basic.NET along with numerous other languages.


PHP best programming language Best programming language for web developer PHP
PHP is used to signify the PHP Hypertext Processor language, and it’s an interpreted script language. It is best suited for server-side programming that includes constant server-tasks performed during the development of your website. It’s a fast-prototyping language, and it’s best for developing web-based applications that require maximum functionality with minimum code. It’s suited for advertisement apps, agency, media, small software business, and startup business owners.
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Python best programming language Best programming language for web developer Python

Python is a dynamic language which means the developer can write and run the code without needing a separate compiler for the purpose. It supports many programming models such as object-oriented programming, structured programming, and even functional programming to a certain extent. It is a superb language for scientific, academic and research level applications that want a quick execution and accurate mathematical calculation.


Ruby best programming language Best programming language for web developer Ruby

Developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the year 1993 Ruby is a programming language to offer a balance of functional programming along with imperative programming. It’s a dynamic programming language and supports multiple programming paradigms such as functional, imperative, and object-oriented model. It’s an object-oriented language and has a somewhat similar syntax as that of Python and Perl.

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  1. Reply
    Josh 09/24/2015 at 5:04 pm

    Please remove Java and replace it with JavaScript. Java ist not a programming language for the web. Even though it is possible to create Java Web Applications it really shouldn’t be done. And isn’t done often.

    • Reply
      belahsann 10/03/2015 at 2:14 pm

      why they shouldn’t be done ?? im already learning servlets ..

      • Reply
        Josh1234 10/03/2015 at 4:02 pm

        Because in order to use your application the client will have to install a JRE on his computer. If said person is using a smart-phone the chance of compatibility drops even lower.

        You can run Java on the server side if you like but the only things used for the frontend should be HTML, CSS and JavaScript (respectively ECMAScript).

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