Top 10 best social media app for android

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As we know social media has really very exploded in the last decade. Do you remember your first social network? With 85.5 million monthly unique Facebook mobile app users, it’s no surprise social apps are so popular. We want our updates and we want them now! And social apps allows you to do it all on the go. Facebook and Twitter are, of course, the one of the most popular social networks, and you have probably already downloaded them. Today we’re here with a list of Top 10 best social media app for android. So, check out our list below and leave comments if you like it!

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List Of 10 Best Social Media App For Android

1. Facebook

Top 10 best social media app for android Top 10 best social media app for android fb icon 325x325

No doubt that the Facebook is the number one social networking site all over the world at the present time. Fb allows users to share just about everything from status updates to news tales to current locations, and the Android app extends that functionality. With the Facebook for Android, users can do just about anything they’ll do on the website, as well as post particular location-based info to the site. You can also share photos and videos with this app.

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