Top 10 Best Waterproof Headphones 2019

Waterproof Headphones – If you love listening to your favorite songs during bathing then you need to buy the best waterproof headphone. Sure, some of them occur water-resistant, but that only meant they were safe during the occasional rainfall or sweat. It was totally out of the question to listen to your favorite audiobook or album during activities like swimming, diving, and triathlons that require you to go underwater. Today we’re here with a list of some Top 10 best Waterproof Headphones 2019. So check out our list below and leave comments if you like it!

Waterproof Headphones – List

9. Sennheiser CX 685

Sennheiser CX 685


This is the recommended headphone that you want to buy today. This headphone is specially designed with a sporty design. It’s tested and managed for optimal sound quality and comfortable use.

8. Intsun Wireless Waterproof Headphone

Intsun Wireless Waterproof Headphone


This high-quality Bluetooth headphone has a water-resistant capability. It’s suitable for all people who love doing some physical activities. It is able to continue for about 7 hrs in a single charge.

7. SwimBuds 



Swimbuds are commonly bundled with those waterproofed iPod shuffles that are approximately universal at swimming pools. It’s likely you’ve seen Swimbuds before. They’re one of the most popular options for starters.

6. Northcore



Northcore offers several sized earbuds to find your perfect match. It’s designed to fit any mini-jack socket and boasts 10mm aluminum speakers that are sure to please you bass heads. Testing these, we found that Northcore definitely delivered on their promise of strong bass.

5. X-1 Surge Sport

X-1 Surge Sport


X-1 Surge Sport waterproof earbuds can be submerged up for 12 ft and offer sound-isolating design making them fulfill for wet or dry activities. We especially like that they come with 5 ear tips so that you can create the perfect seal for swimming, diving, surfing or even running.

4. Pyle PWP20B

Pyle PWP20B

This waterproof headphone is specially created with ergonomic design. Therefore, you’ll be able to wear this unit with full of comfort. Its frequency response is about 20 – 20,000 Hz. This frequency range is very comfy for many users.

3. Emgreat



This brand new waterproof headphone is fit with any mobile devices, such as MP3 players, iPhone, notebook, smartphones, computers, and many other devices.

2. Waterfi



The short cord on these reduces drag and is an ideal length if you keep your MP3 player attached to goggles. You get 4 pairs of earbuds – the three-tiered ones are best for swimming.

1. Sony Waterproof Walkman


This stylish-looking all-in-one is a superior-sounding choice. You add tunes and charge via USB and it works as deep as 10ft under. There are easy-access controls, 5 colors to choose from and 4GB and 8GB models.

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