Best Android Widgets

Best Android Widgets: Although mobile apps get all the attention, widgets that provide you with always up to date helpful information in your Android phone’s home display screen have become fairly important as nicely. For your enlightenment, we decided to take their ten popular widgets and summarize what each brings to the table.

Best Android Widgets List


With Zooper Widget you can also make your individual, personal widget displaying the current time and climate conditions. System information such as the next alarm, uptime, SD card space, Wi-Fi network name, signal strength, cell operator, and connection type may be included as properly.

Pure Flashlight

A flashlight widget is a type of tool that each smartphone should have installed. Simply tap on it and it turns your camera’s LED light on, providing shiny light when it’s needed.


Chronus describes itself as “an elegant Home & Lock display screen Clock, Climate, Newsfeed, and Calendar widget.”Its design is an evolution of the Cyanogen Mod clock widget and it has tons of nice features that make it a one-stop center for important data, together with a “weather panel with Yahoo!, Open Weather Map and weather providers,” a “news Feed panel and built-in RSS sources and Inside Article Reader” and a “calendar panel displaying a scrollable list of upcoming occasions.”

Google Keep

We’ve sung the praises of Google Keep before. It is not a comprehensive note-taking app, however rather a quick way to jot down ideas, lists, photographs, and audio. Google Keep is even faster whenever you install the widget on your home display screen because it includes shortcuts to your latest notes and buttons for creating new ones. The app is free, and you may also enter your notes from any web browser.

BaconReader for Reddit

That funny cat picture your aunt will share on Fb next week? You’ll be able to in all probability find it proper now by scrolling via BaconReader’s slick Reddit client. The “BaconReader Scroll” widget contains light and dark themes and allows you to create separate widgets for subsections when you like. And it’s resizeable, so you’ll be able to dedicate as little or as a lot of your home display screen as you need to the so-called “front page of the Internet.” The app is free, with a $1.99 upgrade to remove the advertisements.

Aix Weather

For people who want widgets which might be specifically tailored to inform them what it’s like outdoors right nowAix Weather Widget describes itself as“a pure homescreen app widget that shows temperature, max/min precipitation and sunrise/set times graphically to present you a compact and correct forecast.” The app will get its info. from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NOAA National Weather Service and it says its information shall be particularly correct for Europe and North America.


Simply put, this app aims to light up your lock display screen with probably the most important info you need to know. Amongst different things, DashClock shows your missed calls and texts, your priority unread emails you’ve obtained, your next scheduled alarm, and your next scheduled appointment. In different words, it offers you every part it is advisable to show you how to get through the day without having to unlock your phone once.

Power Toggles

Power Toggles is an app that makes it simpler to toggle via more than 40 of your phone’s key settings together with its Wi-Fi, its mobile Bluetooth, data connections, custom application shortcuts, flashlight functionality, and custom system shortcuts. Anybody who desires quick access to steadily used settings without going to their settings display screen should actually check this out.

The next time you come across a word you are not aware of, simply use the widget to look it up. As a bonus, the widget shows a “word of the day” with its definition.


This little widget is nice for keeping a close friend or loved one within easy reach. Once you drop the widget onto your home display screen, you then select the contact you need it to represent. This widget is out there in some form on most Android devices, however, its name and appearance may vary depending on the phone maker.

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