List of the best Bass earbuds

Are you looking for the Best Bass Earbuds on the market, but with the overwhelming amount of choice you have, are you sure to buy something? In this guide, you have access to the top earplugs on the market that offer an excellent bass audio experience. It is not necessary to invest time in researching the market when we have done the work for you. We have segmented the list with cheap, medium, and high priced earbuds (most expensive on top), where you can select the product that best fits your budget. The variety of top-end tips that we have found means that all types of buyers are met.

Finally, we will share the most crucial buying considerations that have to be made when buying the top bass earphones. By searching for the most important things, you can select the model that is capable of delivering what you need. Some of the buying factors that are treated include the quality of the bass, durability, whether it is wireless, and the type of fit that is offered. We hope that after reading this buying guide, you can make an informed decision about the best bass earbuds with which you want to end.

Best Bass Earbuds List

Not all earbuds that are available in the market produce decent bass. Neither does all the best bass earbuds deliver enough bass that the company claims. However, in our list of Best Bass Earbuds, you will find some of the best earbuds that provide a sufficient amount of bass, as per their price point. Also, on our list, you will find the earbuds of almost all price categories.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Best Bass Earbuds

The best bass wireless earbuds we tested are the Jabra Elite Active 75t. These comfortable, well-built in-ears have thumping, powerful bass that’s ideal for fans of bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop. They even have an IP57 rating for water resistance, although we are not currently testing this.

Overall, they have a slightly excited, yet fairly well-balanced sound profile. The thump and rumble of the bass shouldn’t overwhelm vocals and lead instruments, and you can even adjust their sound with the 5-band EQ and presets in their companion app. They don’t leak much sound either, so you can turn up the volume on your favorite songs without really bothering those around you.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an active noise cancellation feature and have trouble blocking out background noise with lots of basses, like bus and airplane engines. Plus, they last about 6.5 hours once charged, which may not be enough to get you through your 9-to-5 workday. Fortunately, they come with a charging pouch that provides about three additional recharges, so you’ll be energized on the go.

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Beats Flex Wireless

The best budget bass earbuds we tested are the Beats Flex Wireless. These wireless in-ears have a neck cable design that is comfortable and foldable, so you can store them in your pockets or bag without too much trouble. They also have a bass-heavy sound profile that provides extra thump and thump without overwhelming vocals or instruments.

These headphones have a W1 chip, allowing you to pair them seamlessly with your Apple products. Thanks to their in-ear design, they can also help reduce some noise like office chatter around you. They also don’t leak much sound, so you can turn up the volume on your favorite songs without worrying about others around you disturbing you. They have a continuous battery life of about 11 hours and are advertised to have a 10-minute quick charge, although we are currently unable to test this feature.

Unfortunately, they have no sound customization features such as an EQ or presets, which is a bit disappointing. They also struggle to block out heavy bass sounds like bus engines during your commute. However, if you don’t mind the simple design, these wallet-friendly headphones are a suitable choice if you’re looking for something with a little extra bass.


Best Bass Earbuds

If you’re looking for headphones with plenty of bass that can also help block out more ambient noise around you, consider the JBL Live Pro+ TWS True Wireless. While it’s not as well built as the Jabra Elite Active 75t Truly Wireless and doesn’t support multi-device pairing, the JBL has an active noise cancellation (ANC) feature that can block out more background noise, including the roar of buses and planes. Right out of the box, they have a sound profile with lots of bass that you can further tune to your liking with the parametric EQ or presets.

They also have a comfortable, breathable fit and are stable enough for moderate exercise. The headphones have a continuous playback time of just under seven hours, and the carrying case allows you to charge it an additional three times.

Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless

Best Bass Earbuds

If you’re looking for headphones with better battery performance, consider the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless. Although the battery life is slightly shorter than the Beats Flex Wireless, and it’s not as comfortable to wear, the Anker have a carrying case that offers a total playback time of almost 99 hours. They also have a standby mode to save the battery when you’re not using them, and you can even use one while the other is charging. Like the Beats, they have a heavy but not overwhelming sound profile that should suit fans of genres like EDM or hip-hop, although they don’t have any sound adjustment features.

Despite the lack of an ANC system, they filter out ambient noise well, so you should be able to enjoy your favorite music even in noisy environments. Unfortunately, Bluetooth audio latency is quite high on most devices, which can be quite distracting while streaming movies or playing mobile games, although apps and devices compensate for latency in different ways.

Beats PowerBeats Pro

Best Bass Earbuds

Beats is a brand with an excellent reputation. Many of their headphones are known for their punchy bass, and you can get a lot of them in a small package with the latest PowerBeats Pro. These are perfect for iOS users. Powerbeats Pro is an excellent choice for sport. They remain stable in the ear thanks to the hook design, so you don’t have to worry about losing them even when you’re running or working out. As with most Beats models, they are robust and have built-in quality controls. What’s more, the IPX4 protection makes them sweat-resistant, even though they’re not entirely waterproof. Generally, they are cool; they stay in-ears, have deep, vibrating bass, which makes them one of the best bass earbuds available right now. Read more in our Beats Powerbeats Pro Review

Sony WF-1000XM3

Not many real wireless headphones have reliable noise cancellation. However, Sony WF-1000XM3 is the trend. The noise-canceling features are great, and you can boost the bass in the app. Stable active noise cancellation has finally become a truly wireless headphone. The Sony WF-1000XM3 is the third generation of the design. The noise cancellation is almost as good as in Sony’s over-ear alternative, but it lets in a bit more background noise.

A smart ergonomic triangular structure keeps the headphones firmly in the ear, which is combined with a considerable battery life of over 6 hours (8 hours if you don’t use the ANC). These headphones have an adjustable EQ. The bass is punchy anyway, but you can boost it further via the app, which offers other options. Overall, this is one of the best bass earbuds that you can buy right now. Read more in our Sony WF-1000XM3 Review

Sennheiser IE80

Best Bass Earbuds

The Sennheiser IE80 uses a dynamic speaker system with powerful neodymium magnets, which provide excellent sonic accuracy and clarity. The wires are also made of very durable materials, so the earbuds last a long time. However, if you manage to break the wire in one way or another, you can easily replace it because it is entirely removable. The sounds of the speakers in the tops are tough and rise to a height of 26 dB.

You can also create your sound, which means you can turn the bass up or down to your preferences. The earbuds are noise canceling that blocks annoying background noise, allowing you to concentrate on the music. Besides, the slim, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit because the earpieces are made of silicone. The ear hooks hold the earplug in place, whether you walk, jog or take a walk. The earbuds are also compatible with all Apple products, Android, and MP3s.


Best Bass Earbuds

Another great bass earbud is the B&O PLAY, made by Bang & Olufsen and Beoplay. Both companies worked together to make the most advanced earbuds for bass guitar. The earplugs are made of sturdy aluminum, which means that the earplugs are ultra-light and offer surprising sound performances. Besides, the B&O Play products come with a 2-year warranty. Experts in this industry produce the dynamic full-tone sound design.

That is why the earplugs can execute original sound material as authentically as possible. Besides, the B&O PLAY uses a 10.8 mm driver, so the earbuds can make great sounds wherever you are. The acoustic design also includes a miniature bass port, which means you’ll get excellent performance in the lower frequencies. The design has the shape of a human ear to fit in better and, above all, to be comfortable. Also, the 26 vents reduce the load on your ears and provide astonishing acoustics.


What is different about the MODA Zn in-ear new audiophile earbuds compared to other earplugs is that it uses newly developed dynamic 8 mm drivers. These drivers can amplify the bass with fantastic accuracy with very low distortion. Also, the output of the high tones and the vocals is simply amazing. Besides, the earbuds come with a three-button remote control that lets you skip music, play songs, and pause music. The keypad also has a built-in microphone with sensitive input technology.

Best Wireless Headphones

It allows you to talk freely without having to hear static noises. What’s even more impressive is that the keypad is compatible with almost every device, whether it’s Apple or Android. Besides, the patented ActiveFlex sports ear hooks are completely detachable and ideal for running or exercising. The diamondback cable is almost impossible to get tangled and is 20 times stronger than the average wire in the sector. Besides, you get four different sizes of Bliss 3.0 ear tips, which are soft and comfortable to wear.

Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds

Sennheiser is a renowned electronics brand, which means that its products are of high quality and that the Sennheiser Momentum earbuds are no different. The product is made with two different versions – one for iOS devices and the other for Android devices. The reason for this is the button with the three buttons, with which you can skip songs to pause the melodies. Moreover, the earplugs are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures that the earplugs last a long time.

The high-quality dynamic transducers produce high output levels with low interference. Sennheiser also contains many earplugs, which guarantees a personal fit. Besides, the earplugs are ergonomically designed with a polycarbonate housing and machined stainless steel. These materials help deliver detailed sounds and excellent durability. The styling of the earplugs is fantastic, with a high-gloss finish and a complete chrome logo.

1MORE Triple Driver

Tailored by a Grammy award-winning sound engineer, the 1MORE Triple Driver Earphones produce superior clear bass. Moreover, these earplugs are noise-isolating, allowing you to disconnect from the world and feel the music. As the title suggests, these earphones use three drivers: two balanced luminaire drivers and a separate dynamic driver. Combined, these drivers produce clear highs, and deep beatify thundering lows, meaning you can fully enjoy music. The design is tight and comfortable to wear because of the ergonomic design.

The slanted earpieces naturally fit your ear canals. The package also includes nine sets of ear tips for a comfortable fit. Besides, the in-line remote control is compatible with all Apple products, allowing you to easily control the volume, skip songs, and even record. The microphone has its own set of wires, which eliminates static background noise. Besides, the 1MORE Triple Driver earplugs are the world’s first THX-certified earbuds.

Things To Know Before Buying Best Bass Earbuds


The audio produced at a low frequency is called the bass. It is responsible for the deeper sounds of the audio experience that add a lot of value when enjoying rock, dance, and hip-hop music genres. However, some bass implementations may be weak at higher volumes, which is more common in budget designs. At the premium end of the scale is the clarity and precision of the bass, which justifies the higher price. We have done our best to cover the level of bass in each product description. This allows you to compare the bass from one product to another in the hope that you will find one of the best bass headphones within your budget.

Comfort level

You could have the best bass earbuds in the world, but in the comfort of the earbuds is low, you still have an overall frustrating experience. If you are the type of person wearing earbuds for hours, comfort is essential. The best fit is that you even forget that you wear earbuds at all. You also have to consider how snug the fit is. This refers to how secured the earbuds are so that the earbuds do not come loose during movement. It would be frustrating if you were to exercise, and the earbuds should come loose if you move your body vigorously.

Best Earbuds Under $50

Wireless technology

Nowadays, Bluetooth wireless earbuds do not always cost a premium. Some affordable models can add a lot of value to the convenience of using the earplugs. The absence of wires means that you do not always have to hide the wire under your clothes. You can also be at a distance from the audio broadcasting device and hear the audio exceptionally well. Advances in Bluetooth technology mean that the levels of distortion are low compared to how the audio experience was ten years ago.

When you choose the best bass earbuds, you should consider the battery life. Of course, longer battery life is desirable, and you can expect to find models with up to 10 hours of power. Besides, the presence of a fast charge function is also very beneficial. For a short charging time, you can get a good amount of battery power. This is great if you forget to charge the earbuds and use them in a short time.


Ideally, the earbuds you buy will stand the test of time – especially if you have purchased the premium product category. Durable earplugs have a permanent wire that is resistant to tearing. The construction of the earbuds should also be based on a material that does not break easily – cheap plastics should be avoided. In case the product breaks down, it is useful if there is a solid guarantee that you can fall back on. Companies who believe in the quality of their products will not hesitate to offer a solid guarantee in the deal.


Each earpiece product has a watertight rating that you need to inspect to determine how much water the design can contain before it gets damaged. A sweat-resistant design is optimal so that you can participate in sports and general physical exercise without being afraid that the earplugs will break. Note that the sweatproof or waterproof function increases the asking price of the earbuds. That is why you have to be sure that it is a function that is useful to you. If you do not plan to practice with the earbuds and usually use them indoors, selecting a model without a waterproof design may save you some money.

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