Best Battery Saver App For Android

Best Battery Saver App For Android – So you’re sick of the ever draining battery of your android smartphone. Although these smartphones have so many great features they always remain on the downside in the battery backup area. I have never seen a person who is satisfied with the battery backup of his android smartphone. There are plenty of different smartphones on the market these days and they come loaded with all sorts of features. Today I’m here with a list of some Best battery saver app for android of 2021.

Best Battery Saver App For Android – List

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is The Best battery saver android app which can easily boost the battery backup of your android smartphone. It can easily increase the battery life of your smartphone by up to 50 %.

2. 2 Battery – Battery Saver

2 The battery has some handy features that can help you save your battery. It does this by employing a smart algorithm to turn the net connection on or off. It can also reduce the screen brightness by using a built-in screen filter and even turns off the screen of your smartphone automatically when you put the phone into the pocket or on the table.

3. Battery Doctor

It is another best battery saver app that is available free of cost. It’s developed by Cheetah Mobile and the app has more than 350 million users on Android and iOS. This battery saving app can extend your battery life up to 50% by discovering apps and settings that drain power on your device.

4. Avast Battery Saver

Avast is another best battery saver app for your smartphone and it’s totally free. It works with phone settings including Internet connection, brightness, and timeout to optimize these settings according to your need & battery backup.

5. One-Touch Battery Saver

As the name suggests, by using One Touch Battery Saver, you can enable Power Saving Mode with a one-touch. The power-saving mode deactivates your WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS location system, vibration, background light and activates Silent Mode to extend the battery life.

6. Bataria

Bataria is a battery-saving as well as a task managing app. It begins a Power Save Mode that turns off all power-hungry resources such as Background Data Sync., Bluetooth, WiFi, and Display Brightness to extend battery life.

7. GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

It is another excellent battery saver app for your android smartphone. Some of its prominent features include power-saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc.

So above is all about the best battery saver app for android of 2021. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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