Best 75-inch TVs

Best 75-inch TVs

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The Best 75-inch TVs

Best 75-inch TVs up in size and immersion, giving you a smart TV experience that’s bigger and better than the average TV (if you have the space for one). The larger screen makes for great viewing, especially at resolutions higher than 4K, so it’s worth paying a little extra for those extra inches. However, for the larger size, you will need a larger room, both for the larger TV and a longer distance for optimal viewing.

The 75-inch class actually includes both 75-inch and 77-inch models, with everything from LCD to QLED and OLED technology available. In fact, many of our favorite 4K smart TVs from top TV brands come in 75-inch sizes and we offer almost everything from these best models, but with a bigger screen. And, if you’re looking for an 8K set, the 75-inch one is the perfect size as it offers enough space to really appreciate the high resolution, but it comes in a range of size and price. that can be achieved by more people.

Many of the TVs we review each year come in 75-inch and 77-inch sizes, so we highlight the best performances and best values ​​we’ve seen and seen. Whether you want a cheap TV for big screen gaming or a premium device that creates your own home the theater looks like a cinema.

Here is the list of the best 75 inch TVs

Samsung QN90A

Samsung’s QN90A is the best 75-inch TV. It was designed from the beginning up to be the focal point of your home Theater. With an updated processor that uses machine learning AI to deliver excellent native 4K and enhanced with HDR support, as well as object tracking sound, adaptive image and sound, as well as a dialog enhancer so you never miss a line of yours favorite shows and movies.

Multi View and Tap View features allow you to watch multiple video sources at the same time and instantly share content from a compatible Samsung mobile devices by touching them on the TV. The game preview and games bar features elevate your console gaming experience by allowing you to customize settings and monitor frame rate, input delay and VRR technology for a smoother gaming session. It also has Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant built in for hands-free controls right out of the box.


Sony X95J

If you’re willing to spend more to get the TV of your dreams, Sony’s X95J is definitely worth a look. The display uses a full-array LED panel with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG for enhanced detail and color, as well as Sony’s X Triluminos Pro and X Contrast Booster 10 to deliver image quality that rivals its OLED models.

Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround audio technology delivers immersive, clean sound to make you feel like you’re in a theater, while Acoustic Multi Audio turns your entire screen into a speaker for near-perfect audio and video synchronization . You get hands-free controls via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for easy browsing and searching, and with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, you can find more ways to share videos, photos and music with friends and family.


Vizio V-Series

If you’re working on a very tight budget, Vizio’s 75-inch V-Series is a great choice if you still want a bigger screen. It has a native 60Hz refresh rate and works with Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG processing technology for the best native and enhanced 4K viewing. Dolby Atmos audio provides virtual surround sound without the need for extra equipment, and each of the 3 HDMI ports supports AMD FreeSync VRR technology for smoother gaming.

You can share content from your mobile devices via AirPlay or Chromecast, and you can use voice controls with Alexa compatibility, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit. You still have access to free live TV through Vizio’s WatchFree + app, so you can stay up-updated with news, sports and entertainment.


Samsung AU8000

This 75-inch TV from Samsung is not only one of the brand’s most affordable options, it also comes with a wide variety of options. features. The native 60Hz refresh rate works with Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator technology to boost up to 120Hz while gaming or watching fast-paced movies for a smoother experience.

You can connect sound bars and other audio equipment via Bluetooth for wireless setup or HDMI ARC; you can also connect a compatible Samsung soundbar to take advantage of Q Symphony feature which uses the TV’s built-in soundbar and speakers to create fuller sound. The preloaded app bundle is in an easy-to-navigate central menu so you can start streaming your favorite shows and movies right out of the box. And finally, built-in cable management channels and clips help keep your room looking clean and uncluttered.


Hizense U7G

The Hisense U7G offers a great balance between price, features and screen size. The enhanced processor offers a native 120 Hz refresh rate that works with AMD FreeSync Premium VRR technology while gaming to prevent screen cracking and judder. If you’re a movie buff, you can take advantage of Dolby Cinema technology for superb detail and room-filling sound. You can even use IMAX Enhanced DTS audio for one of the most cinematic experiences you can have in your own living room.

The screen has a full range of localized darkening zones to increase contrast while providing up up to 1000 nits of brightness, letting you enjoy your favorite games, movies and shows in almost any lighting environment. Chromecast compatibility allows you to share content from your mobile devices, while the voice-enabled remote lets you use hands-free controls via Google Assistant or Alexa.


Samsung Q80A

Console gamers need a TV that can hold up with the latest hardware, and the Samsung Q80A is definitely up for the task. The game preview and games bar features let you tweak everything from aspect ratios to VRR while monitoring input delay, refresh rate and audio so you can spot problems before they can ruin your winning streak. Each of the four HDMI inputs supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to prevent screen cracking and judder, while the native 120Hz refresh rate provides smooth, buttery motion.

The screen delivers 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color volume for more realistic images, while the built-in sensors monitor ambient light and sound to automatically adjust picture and audio settings for the best, most immersive experience in almost any environment. . Object Tracking Sound provides 3D audio that tracks the action on the screen, and with Multi-View View and Touch View, you can pull up step-by-step videos as you play to face tough bosses and tricky puzzles. You can even use your TV as a PC remote monitor to play your Steam or Epic Store library from the comfort of your couch.



The LG C1 offers a little more bang for the buck if you want a bigger OLED TV. You’ll get a 77-inch screen with millions of pixels individually backlit for the best contrast, detail, and color you can get in your home. home Theater. The new processor uses artificial intelligence to deliver native and enhanced 4K resolution, as well as adaptive picture and sound to suit what you’re watching.

Moviegoers will love the Dolby Cinema and Filmmaker modes, which let you see the biggest blockbusters and Hollywood classics as their creators intended. Dolby Atmos creates an immersive 3D audio experience to take your home theater to the next level while the Sports Alert feature keep you up-updated with scores, stats and rankings. You can also define up a 5.1CH wireless surround sound setup via WiSA connectivity for a custom home theater setup.


Sony X90J

The Sony X90J is the best choice for anyone who cut the cable with their cable or satellite provider and switched exclusively to streaming content. It runs on the Google TV platform, giving you access to hundreds of thousands of apps, shows, movies and music, and the preloaded app bundle lets you start streaming your favorites on Netflix, Hulu and Disney + right from Box. You can also use the Bravia Core app to access movies on demand or stream video from your mobile device via AirPlay or Chromecast.


Sony A80J

If audio quality is at the top of your list when buying a new TV, look no further than the Sony A80J. This model comes with tons of premium audio processing features like Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround for one of the most cinematic sound experiences possible.

It also uses Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio + to turn the entire screen into a speaker for near-perfect audio and video synchronization. It also has built-in subwoofers for rich, deep bass without the need for extra gear. But if you want the ultimate surround sound setup, you can connect sound bars, speakers and subwoofers via Bluetooth.



The LG A1 is another great option for anyone looking to get an OLED TV for their home Theater. The 77-inch screen contains millions of individually lit pixels, while the a7 processor uses AI for 4K upscaling and automatic picture and sound adjustments for the ideal experience no matter what you’re watching. You’ll get Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for excellent detail and clean, rich audio, and you can even set it up a 2.1CH wireless audio configuration via WiSA connectivity.


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