Best Adventure Apps For Outdoor

Best Adventure Apps For Outdoor

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The Best Adventure Apps For Outdoor

Today, phone apps transform the way people use their phones. There are apps for almost everything. From booking a cab ride to ordering dizzying food and shopping for essentials, everything can be done simply through apps. but, the use of external channel apps is not limited to just these things. Nowadays, a great number of people prefer hiking, camping and love exploring national parks and trails. Also in this regard, mobile apps can be your best source of details for planning a trip and the way to control desert life.

Some awesome outdoor adventure apps for Android and iOS devices are listed below that can help you with some great ideas for the good trails and the best places around you. Also, with these apps you will be able to get amazing tips for uncomplicated camping or hiking.

Check out the list of the best outdoor adventure apps

AllTrails – Hiking and cycling

AllTrails opens with a list of nearby trails and a thumbnail summary of their name, rating, and location. You can switch to map view to see them pinned to a map of your area. It’s easy to find trails elsewhere because you can search anywhere. Filtering when searching for trails is a great way to narrow your search results, something you might need if you have dozens of trails around you.

The app’s clean and well-organized menus are supported up by a solid set of useful features this is sure to come in handy for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding, trail running, and other activities.


The ViewRanger app works is available for iPhone and Android and the app itself is free to download. ViewRanger works offline as it only uses the phone’s GPS. You don’t need a data connection. If you’re looking for a great navigation aid, I recommend ViewRanger. It is now used by a number of mountain rescue organizations, not just in the UK, but in France, Switzerland and Norway.

The first piece of? Technician? The help I got was a Thommen analog altimeter in recent years, replaced by a Suunto Vector watch with altimeter. My first GPS was a Garmin Etrex Vista purchased for use in Kosovo and Sudan. More recently, I bought a Garmin Oregon 650 with a touch screen.


MapMyHike is a great hiking companion. Regardless of your experience level and current physical condition, this app can help you reach your walking, walking or running goals. MapMyHike is really user friendly. The first thing you need to do is create an account. Once this is done, you will enter a map of your area that can be used to plan your next route or to record your current one.

MapMyHike is a great app for anyone who loves to walk, run or hike. The number of features he offers is pretty impressive (if you’re willing to pay for them). Plan your routes in advance from the comfort of your smartphone and discover everything this app can do for you.

BackCountry Navigator

If you spend a lot of time in the backcountry, you’ve probably already thought about purchasing an app with GPS tracking and topographic maps. Nothing can replace paper maps in terms of reliability (as long as you keep them dry), but GPS apps have come a long way. Another good alternative is something like Garmin InReach Explorer +, which has topographic maps and real-time GPS navigation, as well as satellite messages.

You can learn more about this device and other options in our article on Best PLBs and Satellite Messengers. Being able to use your smartphone to see exactly where you are, plan routes and track your progress is nothing short of amazing. .


The Spyglass app is a fullfeatured GPS Toolkit with awesome tools for outdoor navigation. This Spyglass iPhone App Offers Highest Tech features than other standard map and GPS apps on the App Store.

This spy glass app uses augmented reality overlaid by a myriad of location data and an accurate digital compass suitable for military and civilian use. It saves your custom places and waypoints, accurately navigates to them later, shows them on maps, measures distances, sizes, angles and does so much more.

Developed by Pavel Ahafonau, the application is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Check out our spyglass app review to see if this is a valuable addition to your iDevice and take a look at our list of best map apps for more reliable options.

3D Maps Pro

The Maps 3D Pro app, however, is map-centric and allows free map downloads and storage on your device for offline access, making it totally different among outdoor recreation apps.

Maps 3D Pro has an easy-to-use search feature and full-color 2D and 3D topo map views that allow you to quickly find and visualize the terrain setup at your chosen destination.

In use, we found the maps to be quite detailed and accurate. The app’s creator claims that it compiles information from NASA sweep maps of the Earth’s surface, as well as the Open Street Map, as well as official USGS topographical maps and aerial photographs.


The Komoot app wins when it comes to graphic design and interface. The app is very easy to use and comes with several very useful apps. features. Such a feature it’s turn-by-turn voice navigation – yes, even on hiking trails! In addition, the app also calculates the optimal route to your destination for you; if you tap a point on the map, the app will create the optimal route to that point.

The Komoot app also keeps track of your activities and lets you connect with other hikers around the world. One downside is that the app only comes with a topographic map that cannot be zoomed in properly. We would therefore like to see what more types of maps were available. Also, the Komoot app is a great option for hikers, trekkers and backpackers. It also allows you to easily import a GPS track via the Komoot website.

MSW surf forecast

the MSW Surf Forecast app, you can check surf forecasts for thousands of beaches around the world. The app offers everything you need to plan your next surfing outing. Get a seven-day forecast that includes live location conditions, swell, wind, period and pressure graphs, and live wave and wind details. You can also view a photo gallery and surfing business directory.

MSW surf forecast mobile The app provides long range surfing predictions for thousands of locations around the globe. Our forecast includes the MSW star rating; surf height; height, period and direction of the swell; wind speed and direction; and air and water temperatures.


Traveling is an adventure you want to share with your friends and family. If you want to record and share your adventures online, check out Ramblr, the best outdoor diary app.

Ramblr is not just a journaling app. It offers route tracking, downloadable maps, GPS directions and other hikers’ trips to follow.

THE heart Ramblr’s ability to log your trips with various photos, videos, GPS tracks and statistics including altitude, distance and speed.


The Yonder app for your iPod touch, iPad and iPhone is all about outdoor adventure and combining it with a social experience. This app covers everything related to outdoor adventure, from the most remote adventures to simple backyard discovery. It gives you the chance to try new things and share experiences with others.

The Yonder app allows you to connect with a whole social community of others, just like you, who love outdoor activities and adventure. You can read about experiences near you and share some of your own. The app offers up thousands of videos and geo-located images not just from your own country but from all over the world.

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