Best Android Apps to Add Text to Photos

Best Android Apps to Add Text to Photos

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The Best Android Apps to Add Text to Photos

Everyone loves to record the happiest moments in mobiles or computers. Some people like to take videos, while others like to take pictures; in both cases you need different types of apps, like the best camera video editing apps or apps. You can also edit your photos right after the photo. The most impressive thing is that you can add text to photos to make your memories more pleasant and authentic. There are many Android apps that can add text to your photos, such as phonto, picLab and many others.

An unbelievable amount of photos is created each day because we all love to capture the precious moments we live and share them with our friends. Selfies, group photos, landscapes and all other types of photos tell stories from our lives, but sometimes these photos need to be edited to reach their full potential. Regardless of how magnificent the images we produce with our smartphones, photo editing apps that allow us to add text to photos will ensure our photos are a hit on social media.

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It is a bright and user-friendly design app to add text to your photos, which is available for Android and iOS. It’s very easy to use: take a photo or import an image into the app, add the text and adjust it to your liking. Phonto offers 400 built-in fonts; with this vast collection, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your photography. Also, you can import your own fonts into the app.

another interesting feature is the ability to add text in thought chatter, posters and some other funny shapes. You can move the elements, tilt them, change the size with your fingers or the arrow keys. Phonto allows you to bend text or erase parts of it.

add text to photo

You can write text to your photos using different fonts. You can resize, color and apply some cool effects to them. This tool mainly focuses on adding text to photos, as its name suggests. You can add as much text as you like in any position and with any rotation. The app comes with a variety of speech bubbles that enhance your photos with comical conversations. Sharing photos directly from the app requires you to just tap share button, but some users may find the ads contained in the free version of the app a little frustrating.

This app’s fame is more than justified because it provides its users with all the tools they need to create attention-grabbing photos. Don’t expect to find a lot of photo editing features in this app because it is mainly a tool to add text to photos, as its name suggests. However, the large number of different fonts, interesting speech bubbles and excellent text formatting features make the Add Text to Photo app unique in its type.

text in the photo

Text on Photo is easy to use, specially designed to edit text on the photo effectively. one of the different feature that separates the text in the photo from others is the neon feature which adds the glow of the color you select.

It is the most powerful Android app for adding text to photos. You can turn your image into a beautiful work of art using different tools like pens, stickers, backgrounds, fonts and shadows. You can resize, rotate and trace text. You can also give 3D effects to your text. Importing and exporting images is also easy with this app.

Text on photo

The Text on Photo app is also a good app for adding text to photos. Text over photo is the best way to create a text message on photos with a large number of features. The free version comes with ads, but you can purchase the app to remove ads and unlock your Pro settings. You can use the app to take your own photos or import photos from your own. camera scroll, but a large number of backgrounds also allow you to use the images provided by the app.

The free version of Text Over Photo includes a Text About Famous People option that lets you enter text about celebrities like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or Albert Einstein. Combining multiple photos into free-form collages and then adding text over them is also an option, while you can also add emoji to your photos and express your emotions.

put subtitle

This app mainly focuses on adding text to photos. You can easily write text on your photos with a variety of cool fonts. The free version comes with ads and features but you can buy the app to remove ads and unlock Pro settings. Caption It’s a tool to add captions to photos and the app doesn’t even offer the most basic photo editing options. Captions might not seem very important, but they’re actually a great way to add context to your photos.

The Caption It app provides a quick and easy way to add captions to photos you’ve taken directly from the app or to photos that are already in your camera to roll. You can drag the text and position it however you like, but with more advanced text formatting features are not provided by the app. However, adjusting the color of the text, choosing different fonts or rotating the images is a simple and fun process.


PicLab is one of the most powerful design studios that meet all your photo editing needs. If you’re looking for an easy way to create unique looking images and add text to your photos, you can. You can add beautiful typography and art, apply filters and stunning photo effects, and add a growing collection of shapes, light effects, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos.

Smartphone photographers who need a powerful photo editing app that also allows them to add text to their photos will have a lot of fun using this app. PicLab lets you choose from a large collection of fonts, but your users can also resize or rotate the text without having to invest a lot of effort. In addition to an excellent selection of fonts, PicLab offers remarkable artwork, as well as filters and photo effects that will help you create great photos. If you want to use your own handwriting, the app’s drawing tool will have a lot to offer.

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