Best Beauty App for Android

Best Beauty App for Android

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The Best Beauty App for Android

The beauty production took advantage up with technology. If you’ve ever dreamed of the salon coming to you on the solace of home, which is now a probability. Being a professional in makeup and professional styling comes with its own perks. But going to the salon and actually visiting a celebrity stylist or professional makeover artists would be debatable and quite expensive too. Furthermore, it is no less demanding to scale up the pile of items to select the correct one and apply the correct amount to perfectly suit your skin type.

If done correctly, doing makeup can literally be a lot of fun. This is where beauty apps come to you to save. if you have android phone, you can download some amazing beauty apps and become a self-taught makeup artist. Even if you are a beginner, these beauty apps can educate you to master the art of styling your hair and get that flawless, eye-catching makeover. If you are an android user who wants digital beauty enhancement solutions, you will easily search the excess of amazing beauty apps for android phone.

Check out the list of the best beauty apps for Android

YouCam Makeup

Take a quick photo or use an existing image of your Camera Roll, so you can select pre-existing makeovers to add to your face. You can also create your own look using a multitude of shades and textures of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations and other makeup products.

The app will perform a thorough inspection of your skin and then give you information about your skin’s age and health. It does this by identifying all the blemishes, blemishes, acne, pores and dark circles on your face. with a new feature called Skin Diary, you can also track minute changes in your skin.


The B612 video feature lets you record short video clips with sound and audio support. No matter what your editing needs are, there are no limits to the b612 photo editor found in this iPhone selfie app. After taking a selfie, the B612 will display the photo editing options at the bottom of the screen, where you can access advanced filters, vignette borders, collage, save and share.

Swipe the screen sideways to navigate filters and borders. Tap any filter you want and the app will automatically give you a preview of the edited photo. Then tap save button to apply all changes made. Now you can share your selfie by tapping the icon of your favorite social network.


This app is fabulous as it allows the user to not only retouch photos of himself and others, but also retouch scenic photos. So you can correct any imperfections you see and create the perfect image.

This app has its origins in Japan and Korea and includes photo retouching, filters, makeup enhancement features, stickers, music option. It has a 4.8 star rating and 4.5 star rating on Google Play Store.


BeautyPlus is a photo app that includes several tools to remove blemishes and smooth skin tone so that portraits look perfect. It’s easy to use and works well, so you can always put your best face in your photos. This app opens a short tour the first time you open it, which is useful but not really necessary given its highly intuitive interface.

When you’re ready to start beautifying your photos, just select “Self-portrait”, “Beautify” or “Magic Brush” from the home screen. The Self-Portrait option allows you to immediately take a picture on your camera phone and then save it to your camera to roll.


MakeupPlus is a virtual makeover application that lets you try different looks using photos you already have in your phone. It even lets you see how new products will look on you. With this app, you just need an image of your face taken from the front. You have the option to use a favorite photo you already own or take a new photo.

The image should show your entire face and have a light background. This app allows you to try different hair colors. You can choose from dozens of shades to see how you would look with flaming red or bright blue hair. Also includes some standard shades.

Skin Scan

The app will perform a thorough inspection of your skin and then give you information about your skin’s age and health. It does this by identifying all the blemishes, blemishes, acne, pores and dark circles on your face.

with a new feature called Skin Diary, you can also track minute changes in your skin. This will help you to mark periods of improvement or deterioration and adjust your skin care routine accordingly.

Bestie – Selfie Camera360

If you are a selfie lover, Bestie is designed for you. It lets you look beautiful with various filters and real-time editing tools. First, you select a filter you like or let the app inspire you with a random choice from its selection of filters. The next option lets you tweak the look of your skin a bit, but frankly, the 5 options make little difference.

You can also add a vignette, activate an option that enhances night photos, or apply a slight blur. The second way is when the beast shows its potential. The app offers several facial retouching options: remove blemishes (from yourself or from the photo), shape your face, enlarge your eyes and change your nose. Think of it as risk-free temporary plastic surgery.


Take control of your beauty. That’s it up for you as you define it. Play around with it, try something new. Experiment and engage with brands, designers, influencers and makeup artists you know and love. Express yourself with brand new virtual makeup looks, shop the products and recreate the looks in real life.

Perfect365 is a photo makeup refinement app that allows you to up, makeup and enhance facial images. Perfect365 is useful for improving skin color, eyebrows and teeth whitening with tools dedicated to each separate aspect.


MakeupPlus – Selfie Makeover is a photo editing app that lets you apply virtual makeup in a matter of seconds. You can even check out a bunch of different articles and beauty tutorials from some of the most popular makeup gurus on the internet. All this thanks to the MakeupPlus community where you can share and discover tipstrickse new products.

There are two different ways to use MakeupPlus – Selfie Makeover. The first one allows you to apply virtual makeup in real time just by pointing the camera on a person’s face. You can choose from different types of makeup and even use various effects. The second more traditional way to use MakeupPlus – Selfie Makeover is to choose a photo from your gallery and start editing it.

Sweet Beauty Plus

Beauty Camera – Sweet Snap, a new way to take sweet selfies with amazing real-time filters and face stickers. Sweet sweet Camera has amazing and beautiful color filters for your daily selfie, beauty face camera also, enough bad selfie with too much features Beauty Selfie Plus offers powerful setting to take photo selfie anywhere anytime, make your skin beautiful and clean with natural beauty camera beauty.

Amazing and sweet camera filters Camera Also, it allows you to add stickers to your face and take cool videos for the sweet snap. Beauty Plus Makeup camera cool color sweet photo effects apps also makeup photo with beauty wonder camera plus best photo editor with friendly retouch tools, cool filter options to have perfection in Beauty Sweet Cam Selfie HD City.

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