Best Board Games for Android

Best Board Games for Android

In this article, we will talk about the Best Board Games for Android. We tried our best to review the Best Board Games for Android. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Board Games for Android with your social network.

The Best Board Games for Android

Miss those days when families and friends gathered around the table to play board games. An imposing array of famous digital board games has given all the last proportions to the old hobby. The best board game not only offers challenges, teaches strategies and connects players around the world, it is also very convenient. You can play fair at home or on the go, games take less time to play and don’t need any upgrades. And the best part: no need to clean. up the table after the game.

Board games have been around for a long time. Earlier board games date back to 3500 BC and have come a long way since then. Most of us can remember playing the classics to the most current games. There is a supply of other newer and more modern digital board games available now. If you want to use your Android gadgets to play them, here are the best board games for Android!

Check out the list of the best board games for Android

Entrance ticket

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular digital board games today. Despite being quite simple, it allows for a variety of strategies that make it fun. phone board game to play. Ticket to Ride can be set up as a long-term game, lasting for up to 15 days, or real-time play of less than 10 minutes.

Getting started with Ticket to Ride is simple: you play sets of matching colored cards to place your trains on the map and create a route. The amount of points you earn for each route depends on its length. The objective is to complete as many routes as possible and overcome the opponent.

Limited AI Factory

AI Factory Limited is a developer on Google Play. They specialize in basic board games and card games. They have exceptional versions of chess, checkers, backgammon, reversi, go, sudoku and even tic-tac-toe. The designs are a bit basic. However, the games run much better than average.

They are also cheap and the free versions are usually more than enough for most. This is the place to try the basics first. You can also buy a super basic chess set for under $30 if you want the real deal.

Anti hero

Always happens. are you teaching someone how to play a cool board game, selling them on the theme, the smart rules, the little wooden or plastic chips. So they ask, “How do you win?” And the answer you should give them is: “By scoring more victory points”. Suddenly, this cool game seems boring.

Big-headed woodcut criminals, who look like rogue Don’t Starve characters, compete for control of these buildings and streets. Gangs fight in the gutters; Urchins blackmail; saboteurs set traps; Round of Vagabond Officers up the Hedgehogs. A property can be guarded but contain valuable loot, a club of strange companions gives bonuses to bandits and gangs once taken.

among the stars

You wouldn’t be far from describing Armello as Game of Thrones with animals. However, this is a bit simplified as Armello combines strategy board games with card game elements involved. up in a grandiose fantasy RPG storyline.

If you can look beyond a handful of cons, this game has great potential and can be a blast in single-player. Free to play with ads and in-app purchases, Armello can easily make your list if you’re looking for a deeper experience to try.


The harvest is coming and the artisans are working hard to prepare for the upcoming festival. Decorate the palace lake with floating lanterns and compete to become the most honored craftsman when the festival begins. In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players have a hand of pieces representing various color arrangements of floating lanterns, as well as an inventory of individual lantern cards of specific colors.

When you place a tile, all players (you and your opponents) receive a lantern card corresponding to the color of the side of the tile facing them. Place carefully to earn cards and other bonuses for yourself, while also looking to negate your opponents. Players earn honor by dedicating sets of lantern cards three pairs, for example, or all seven colors and the player with the most honor in the final of the game wins.

terraforming mars

Get transported to outer space with Terraforming Mars! In the 2400s, giant corporations are working tirelessly to make the planet Mars habitable for humanity. As one of these corporations, it is your job to work together under the instructions of the World Government on Earth to increase the level of oxygen, increase ocean coverage and warm the planet until the environment is sustainable for the human population.

Earn points for your commendable contribution to the advancement of humanity – building infrastructure, creating cities, building forests and oceans, and managing resources. Compete against your rivals, show your revolutionary skills and win the race to terraform Mars!

RISK: Global Domination

Risk is another game that was and still is quite popular. RISK: Global Domination is one of the best iterations of this game on Android, which is why it made this list. Unlike the regular board game you would buy, this one offers over 60 maps to play with. You can customize your in-game avatar, and the same goes for your troops, dice, and so on. This is a nice touch from the developer, and it adds an extra touch to the game.

There are a number of modes you can choose from as well. You can choose to play classic mode, the rules you are used to, or customize everything. You can increase the difficulty, include card bonuses, blizzards, and so on. If you prefer to play online instead of competing against an AI, you can do that too.

Burgundy’s castles

You play as a French aristocrat in charge of a small manor. The objective is to build settlements, trade, mine and interact with other travelers. There are five rounds of five rounds each. Each turn, players can roll their two dice to take additional actions or moves to establish their settlement.

To win, players must collect victory points that are awarded through hard work and careful planning. There are many paths to take on the path to victory and no two games are the same. It’s a very complex game, but it’s worth a try if you like building board games.

mystical land

Terra Mystica, one of the best board games online, is a successful adaptation of a longtime favorite board game. The principle of the game is simple: 14 races are fighting against their opponents to gain power and territory. Players need to use their resources wisely to gain supremacy and lead their colonists to victory.

The game is easy to learn due to high interactive quality tutorial. You can play against other players or challenge computer opponents. One of the best advantages of Terra Mystica is the game replays, which allow you to analyze the best games and learn tricks from other players.

One Night Werewolf Supreme

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is actually a companion app for the board game. The game is really a lot of fun. Players are given various roles in the game. Some are villagers and some are werewolves. The app tells players what they need to do. Next, players spend a few minutes trying to figure out who the werewolf is.

This one technically requires the actual game pieces to play. However, players can make their own cards and use the app to control everything. We recommend getting the real game, though. It’s good to support the makers and you can buy the basic card game here.

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