Best Cases for Nintendo Switch

Best Cases for Nintendo Switch

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The Best Cases for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Carrying Case can be one of the most important accessories you can have for your console. If you want to get your hand moving, the best Nintendo Switch cases will ensure they’re protected, no matter how much they’re discarded. Switch cases are so important that many Nintendo Switch packages include cheap pockets for free, but a hard shell is worth investing in if you want to do a lot. The best Nintendo Switch cases offer excellent protection while providing storage space for Nintendo Switch controllers, games, headphones, cables, and perhaps even SD cards. Not only that, you’ll discover many that provide a warm fit so they don’t take up your entire bag.

The question is, what is the best Nintendo Switch case for you? You have no shortage of options. There are traditional carrying cases, lightweight pouches, rubber balls and branded products. There’s nothing to say about the Light Switch and OLED Switch counterparts (be sure to check which type of Switch you’re buying – your box might not fit otherwise). To start off with, we’ve mentioned some recommendations for the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases we’ve seen. Also you will discover those tips with the lowest prices; Our bargain hunting software is updated every 30 minutes with the latest discounts.

Check out the list of Best Cases for Nintendo Switch

Amazon Basics Carrying Case

The Nintendo Switch is an exciting console, but it’s hard to get so excited about a carrying case. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a carrying case that will do the job and protect your most expensive console. The AmazonsBasics Case for the Nintendo Switch is more than just up to the task with a design that won’t drastically reduce console portability.

The carrying case increases the dimensions of your switch a little, but wraps it in a colorful and resistant protection that will keep it safe from short drops, debris in your backpack and even a little water (just don’t get it wet) The case includes an inside pocket that you can use to store some extra cables, headphones, Joy-Con or even a portable charger. Also, there is a cartridge sleeve you can use to hold up for 10 games, allowing you to take a large library with you on the go. Smartly, the cardholder can also sustain up your Nintendo Switch when playing in a tabletop setting.


Mumba Dockable Case

Your switch is an investment, so it makes sense to put it in a permanent protective case. The Case Dockable Mumba does just that – it provides full-time protection for your switch and controllers, but it also slides into the dock without the need to remove anything.

The case is made from a shock absorbing rubber material that is easy to hold and will protect your console from bumps, scratches and drops. Still, it doesn’t interfere with any of the controls, so you can leave it on most of the time – even the Joy-Cons slide in and out effortlessly. And it’s available in black, blue, green and red.


Tomtoc carrying case

You can keep your Nintendo Switch protected while you’re on the go, even without having to make a big sacrifice for its portability. Instead of a large carrying case that fits your switch and all its accessories, the tomtoc carrying case wraps around up just the handheld console and maintains a snug fit.

The tomtoc case adds almost no extra bulk and weighs less than half a kilo. In fact, it’s so close to the shape of the switch that it must have raised sections to accommodate the controls. This makes it a great choice when you love to play games on the go, but want something that keeps your Switch protected when it’s loose in your backpack or purse. Although the case has a soft exterior, it is constructed with a rigid EVA casing and a water resistant finish to keep your Switch safe from the inside. It’s complemented with an extra kit: a 10-slot organizer for game cartridges.


Cover for Yobwin 10000mAh battery charger

If you take the switch anywhere, battery life may be your most important concern. Yobwin has a built-in 10,000 mAh battery, which can extend gameplay by up to eight hours. Alternatively, it can load your console 1.7 times. Thanks to a USB-C port, you can also use it as a standard power bank to charge other devices.

This Nintendo Switch battery case also has some useful extras. The Joy-Con lid has internal slots to store extra game cartridges and the back of the case has a support bracket with three different positions, so you can support it up to play. And don’t worry about the plastic choking off your Switch; in addition to a bunch of electrical protections (like overcurrent and overvoltage protection), the sculpted case doesn’t block the air vents or interfere with the switch’s heat dissipation.


Zadii Rigid Carrying Case

If you’re not content to just take the switch with you, and you know your travels will get a little rough from time to time, then you’ll want the Zadii rigid carrying case. This robust case is surprisingly affordable even for a case that just holds the switch, but this case can contain much more.

Zadii built this carrying case to store just about everything that comes in the box with the Nintendo Switch and more. You’ll be able to dock the Switch with its Joy-Cons attached, a second set of Joy-Cons with its Joy-Con handle, its Joy-Con handles, a Pro Controller, its Nintendo Switch Dock and its power adapter. These items will also not be vacant in the case. Zadii has built foam grooves for each of them to protect and hold them in place. The lid of this case also features a pocket for an HDMI cable and a set of covers to hold 21 game cartridges. The Zadii even includes a detachable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry everything.


Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag

Bionik’s Power Commuter Travel Bag also has a robust 10,000 mAh battery, but instead of charging in the case, it’s designed to plug in when you stop and play. The case includes an integrated charging cable and features USB-A and USB-C connectors that let you charge other devices as well.

Inside, this case is roomy and has room for a host of Switch accessories, as well as a respectable ​​18 game cartridges. You can wear it over your shoulder or strapped to other luggage, and it’s finished in a military-style black mesh.


Timbuk2 x Astro CS03 Crossbody Sling

Timbuk2 knows bags and Astro knows games. Together, the two companies created the Timbuk2 x Astro CS03 Crossbody Sling for the Nintendo Switch. This is the bag you’ll want if you want something to happen quickly, take it up Small space, doesn’t add much volume while you’re on the move, and provides easy access but solid protection for your gear.

The CS03 bag holds three liters, giving you space for your Nintendo Switch, a smartphone, a range of accessories and cables, and up to 14 game cartridges or SD cards in individual slots. The bag is constructed from a combination of 600D polyester and 4mm thick ripstop nylon. The design is water and dust resistant to keep the inner contents clean and safe. A front pocket with magnetic closure provides easy access to some of the gear you store, while the main compartments are protected and secured with weather-resistant zippers.

The Legend of Zelda Backpack controller equipment

Who said you had to keep your Nintendo Switch on a small stand? Controller Gear’s Legend of Zelda Backpack gives you plenty of room for your Nintendo Switch and more. You can place your console in a dedicated case, and there’s even a cradle for you to play on your Nintendo Switch Dock and its associated cables. Another sleeve will even fit in a laptop, so your backpack doesn’t have to be just for Switch. An additional pocket in the back of the backpack will allow you to store even more.

So when you need to take all of your Nintendo Switch parts with you on the go, this Controller Gear Backpack has the space and compartments you need.


Villager Supplies 3UP Nintendo Switch Box

If you want the simplicity of a bag that you can sling over your shoulder and go with it, then Villager Supplies’ 3UP Nintendo Switch Briefcase will do the trick. trick. This bag is made for the Nintendo Switch. Includes a pocket dedicated to the console itself with room for the Joy-Con attached as well, and this section is padded to protect your switch. This pocket also includes a cartridge holder for 10 games. There are also separate pockets in a front compartment that can hold a charger, its cables, extra Joy-Con or other little extras. There’s a pass-through opening between these two compartments so you can slide a portable charger and run a charging cable between the compartments for charging on the go.

There is an additional rear compartment where you can play your phone on too. The case is made of a tough 600D Nylon that can protect your devices from a little water. You will receive the case with a lanyard and an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can change it. up how you carry on a daily basis.


Waterfield Designs Dash Express cover

You can keep your Nintendo Switch secure while making it very easy to access by engaging up with sleeve case. Waterfield Designs covers you with the Dash Express case for the Nintendo Switch (there is also a Nintendo Switch Lite version available).

The Waterfield Designs Dash Express case is a lightweight carrying case that keeps things simple. It’s padded to keep your switch secure and has a fuzzy lining to stay smooth on the switch screen. A small handle over the sleeve opening prevents the switch from falling out. This open end also makes it simple to pull the switch and start playing within seconds – no hassle with the zippers. You can get the case in a variety of colors and there are some optional accessories such as a game cartridge holder and a carabiner to attach the case to your backpack.

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