Best Casual Games

Best Casual Games

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The Best Casual Games

Casual games are many things and sometimes nothing more than a waste of time, but some of the best casual games are there not only to pass the time, but also to give you a great gaming experience that you really enjoy. Casual games can also be a great way to relax and unwind from a busy day. They’re also great for kids because of the lighter themes in general. Be that as it may, casual games are a big hit, offering a variety of gameplay elements and stories. What they usually don’t do is deliver a hardcore experience that demands a lot of attention. So they’re great if you don’t want to delve too deep into a complex story or combat system.

There are many casual games for Android. That’s why we’ve handpicked 10 of the best casual games you can find on Google Play and have collected them in this list. If you’d like to read a little more about each of our picks and watch the associated game trailers, you can view the longest current list below the summary table. So today we present the best best casual games.

Check out the list of the Best Casual Games


Alto’s Odyssey is a simple endless running game about tearing down desert dunes, navigating rock formations along walls and exploring ancient ruins. However, the beautiful sound design, smooth soundtrack and changing color palettes will keep you coming back for more adventures.

As much as I love Alto’s Adventure, it was important that Odyssey had enough new content to justify itself. Luckily for hardcore fans and anyone new to the franchise, there’s plenty to unpack and explore.

The main game mode is back with lots of objectives after every race and characters and features to unlock, and the fan-favorite Zen mode is also included here if you just want to sit back and relax.


The Angry Birds franchise is one of those legendary smartphone games that has reached heights that even developers could not have imagined when the first game arrived mobile for over seven years. What started out as a simple game of angry birds fighting the green pigs that stole their eggs has spawned several spin-offs and sequels – even a damn Angry Birds movie.

If you’ve never played it before, here’s skinny. Each bird has a unique ability designed to ruin the evil pigs and restore order. You hurl birds into obstacles, improve your skills with features like a bird quake (hint: it sounds just like that) or buy the Mighty Eagle once and show these pigs who the real bosses are.


If you like deep strategy games like Civilization 5 but don’t normally have 10 hours to play a full campaign, check out The Battle of Polytopia. It’s a casual strategy game that draws heavily on the Civilization franchise, but offers a new take on the genre for Android.

Upgrade your tech tree, explore new lands and decimate your enemies in single and multiplayer modes, great for quick collect and play or longer game sessions. Everything is wrapped in colorful polygraphics and surprisingly robust for a free title.


We’ve written about Inbento before because it was on one of our top playlists. It’s also a very casual and very relaxing game thanks to the theme. You’re a cat mom just trying to make sure your little one has something to eat every day. As you solve each puzzle and progress through the game, additional pieces of the story unfold. This is another game where there is no vocal dialogue for the story. Everything is told through pictures and lively, upbeat music. A picture is worth a thousand words and this saying really matters here, for it could not be more true.

There are over 120 puzzles to solve, each with different levels of difficulty. Your goal is to create the bento boxes that match the image before starting each step. There are also achievements. So if you really like achievements then this will be an extra level of achievement for you as you enjoy the beautiful story and gameplay of Inbento.

3D pocket world

This is basically just a game about assembling different little 3D models of different things. There are mockups of the Eiffel Tower, small Japanese buildings and shops, trains, the Golden Gate Bridge and much more. It’s also a puzzle game, which means certain pieces can only be placed in a certain location and you have to figure that out.

It’s a relaxing experience that lets you create small miniature worlds by assembling the different models included in the game. It even includes 3D virtual environments that you can rotate 360 ​​degrees to see things from all angles. If you like puzzles and have spent hours assembling models of any kind, you’ll like this one.


Alchademy is all about making potions and all sorts of magical and mystical things. Collect ingredients and use them to create tons of different things. Although not every combination actually results in a creation. But that’s part of the fun as you can discover new working recipes. Even though you might stumble a little along the way.

It has a diverse collection of cool and interesting items with fun descriptions and stories. And a wonderful art style for the look. Like all the games on this list, this is a super casual game that’s great for intermediate games. Do you have 20 minutes? Play Alchademia.

cats and soup

Cats & Soup is exactly as it may sound and exactly as the trailer shows. It’s a game where you play as cats and essentially make all kinds of soups. The best thing about this game is the visuals. You are adorable. And there’s something to be said for a hyper casual mobile game that has a really cool and adorable art style.

In addition to discovering new soup recipes, you can also decorate a home for the cats and fill them with all sorts of cool stuff. It’s similar to Tsuki’s Odyssey in that respect, but it mainly focuses on creating different types of soups. If you like food, you will probably like this game a lot.

trading caption

Trading Legend is a casual simulation/tycoon game about running a business during the Song Dynasty. You can manage your business with global trade, but you also need a few other things to make sure your business grows and stays strong. To that end, you can build and maintain other facilities to help with this. For example, an inn, an infirmary, a bank to manage the funds and so on.

The art style here is great as it resembles hand-drawn watercolor or woodcut art. There are also some RPG elements that can be added to the dialogue and make the game a little more immersive.

Bistro Heroes

Part RPG and part cooking simulator, Bistro Heroes lets you embark on some light RPG adventures to level up up characters and collect ingredients to cook dishes. You can discover new types of dishes through combat and exploration, then cook and perfect those dishes so you can open and manage your bistro.

Then, of course, put the dishes you have now prepared in your bistro to sell and cook for the guests. The cute anime art style should appeal to anyone who is an anime fan and loves casual games when they need to kill a little time.

Shiba Force

This game is extremely casual. It is a simulation game where you send shiba dogs that are actually mighty heroes trying to save the city from monsters. There are all kinds of different Shiba Heroes to collect, and if you can, send them out on quests. There are also mini-games you can play to acquire useful in-game items or coins.

You also only have as much as you can do in this game at any given time. If all your Shibas are on quests, you’ll likely run out of stuff if you don’t keep playing the minigames.

But you can only do this for so long. So when we say this is extremely casual, we mean it. However, it is also a very simple game and features cute graphics that are likely to be a hit with anyone who loves Shiba dogs. If you fall into this category, download and try Shiba Force as it is one of the best casual games out there.

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