Best Educational Games

Best Educational Games

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The Best Educational Games

Educational games are those intentionally designed for educational purposes or those entertainment games that have incidental or educational value. Educational games are designed to help people understand concepts, learn domain knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills as they play. Educational games teach people a specific topic or skill. They are primarily intended for children and students of all ages and can be used both inside and outside the classroom. Educational games are a subset of Serious Gaming. These include inspiring games, predictable routines and fun activities through play.

Play-based learning provides children with a deeper understanding of concepts and helps them become fearless learners. These fun games are designed to inspire kids and develop skills, talents and abilities to get the most attention. Studies show that there has been a massive increase in the gaming industry in developing games for a child’s social and emotional learning skills. Some games exhibit strong pedagogical qualities for teaching basic subjects such as humanities, mathematics and science. Game apps for kids can be easy to play, but finding one that is fun and meets all your criteria as a parent is far from easy, especially in the free category. Online educational games provide a balanced curriculum that can compete with and complement programs offered in children’s schools.

Here is the list of the best educational games

MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUp is one of the best brain games for adults that will test and improve your mental skills. The app is suitable for children and can be used in home with their families. This free brain game improves visual attention, focus and short term memory skills.

Players (or their parents) can customize gameplay to help certain skills and take into account the child’s age. A reports page provides a record of achievements and progress. A player avatar can also be upgraded with cosmetic items by spending in-game currency that is gained through success.

Dinosaur Park Mathematics

Dinosaur Park Math is a dinosaur math game to help your kids learn addition and subtraction from 0 to 20. 15 dinosaur math levels with 225 questions. Dinosaur Math is very helpful in building logical thinking and allows kids to understand the concept of numbers while playing with building blocks. Even children with no formal education can increase their understanding of numbers, addition and subtraction by combining and dividing building blocks.

Every time the child completes a task, they will be rewarded with a component. After collecting four components, they can unlock a new battle robot in the math factory. Kids can use their math skills to open dinosaur fossils to let Junior Paleontologist Pete open Dino Park. The highlight features The game’s features include audio support for all math questions, colorful and fun graphics, fun dinosaur facts and over 60 dinosaur games.

Air control math and letters

This amazing game allows your child to exercise letters and numbers at the same time. The game comes with three difficulty levels and kids can have unlimited fun while learning the basics of math and English. This educational game runs smoothly on iOS devices with no in-app purchase required.

Math and Letters Air Control lets you fly helicopters and planes while identifying numbers and letters, differentiates between even and odd numbers, or vowels and consonants, and performs addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app is divided into two sections, adventure and solo. Adventure is a mix of all the content found in the solo section. Three difficulty levels are available.

Word Balloon

This is an interesting game for kids to improve their vocabulary skills while having fun. This is a more cheerful version of the old hangman game, where children have to guess the words while expanding your vocabulary. Children can keep guessing words and at the same time enjoy the fun of popping the balloons. You can improve your kids spelling skills and challenge them at times by changing the word list dictionary.

Balloony Word is an educational game for the whole family that helps anyone practice and expand their vocabulary skills. You’ll discover Dolch vision, animal and fruit words, grade appropriate common elementary science words, and more, while having fun popping a few balloons along the way.


Buzzmath is described on its website as a product that offers teachers a solution to provide their students with student practice that will build their conceptual understanding of mathematics. The product policy notes that it allows interaction with external social networks and platforms. An account is required, including login, and passwords are encrypted in storage.

Student-centric and user-inspired design makes Buzzmath practical and motivational for students and teachers. Accessible anywhere, anytime, students and teachers have quality math content at their fingertips! On-demand examples and instant feedback help students, while reports and activity assignment help teachers as they provide differentiated instruction.

HD Fish School

This educational game is a very good choice for preschoolers. Learning more about letters, shapes, numbers and colors is easier and more fun than ever with this amazing app. Children can learn all these things while playing with animated fish. The fish form the shape of letters and numbers and the children’s role is to identify them. Children play activities like singing the ABC song and seeing fish letters, finding different fish and matching fish, or playing with fish by tapping on them to see them grow or move faster.

The design is visually appealing and easy for kids to navigate between activities. Children who are easily frustrated with other digital learning tools or who have no interest in learning these basic skills may find this app more appealing than others. The soft colors, music, and graceful movement of the digital fish can be calming enough to support engagement.

scribble nothing

This is a puzzle action video game that will drive your kids crazy as they can use their imagination to juggle almost anything from a dictionary of over 35,000 words. With unlimited hours of fun, kids can explore an open universe. As puzzles make kids think outside the box, they can grow up your creative thinking skills. The mobile Optimized controls make the game easy to play on any of your handheld gadgets that support the Android OS.

A game that promises you can conjure any existing item to solve puzzles can be broken quite simply in a world with no rules, as electronic ninjas could theoretically solve any and all problems. So the rules are made up, the fences put up, and you don’t find yourself as free as the bird you just created out of thin air.

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