Best Entertainment Apps for Android

Best Entertainment Apps for Android

In this article, we will talk about the Best Entertainment Apps for Android. We tried our best to review the Best Entertainment Apps for Android. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Entertainment Apps for Android with your social network.

The Best Entertainment Apps for Android

A life without smartphones is now hardly imaginable. Much has changed since the creation of these smart devices and the revolution is still in its infancy. We can expect much more. These smartphones have now become a necessity. When we’re not particularly interested in something, we usually take our phone and start playing games, starting a chat, reading the news and so on. This action indicates that we tend to escape boredom. A sarcastic but true scenario is that you log out because you are bored but log back in after about five minutes and the reason you logged back in is the same reason you finally logged out.

Entertainment means movies, series, TV shows, videos in general, music and more. However, streaming all these videos through the official platform may require a subscription. The concept of providing online entertainment emerged after technological advances. Back in the day, when people never had access to the latest technologies. They mainly use these time resources to watch entertainment content.

Here is the list of the best entertainment apps for Android


This online platform is considered the best online entertainment platform. Where Android users can easily enjoy endless movies, series, TV shows, documentaries and even shows. About very small subscription fee. Search movies by titles and the collection is constantly expanding as new episodes are added as they air. It works on all platforms so you can watch it on any of your devices. Start watching on one device and continue watching on another.

Netflix is ​​the most popular TV and movie subscription service in the world. The official Netflix app allows you to access thousands of movies and television shows for streaming. The popular video-on-demand service has some of the biggest hits and award-winning series, movies, documentaries and comedies.


Ted is one of the best entertainment apps for Android as it is a platform that brings you innovative thinkers and technologists on your small screen. This Android app comes with simple interface and works natively in 24 languages. You can browse Ted’s entire library of lectures with subtitles in over 100 languages.

Speakers have an 18-minute time limit to present their ideas in the most innovative way possible. TED has been offered for free online viewing since 2006. Now talking about the features from the app, the TED conference app allows you to view the entire video library of TED talks. You can attend conferences in your native languages, it currently supports over 90 languages.


Doing tasks with ease what others find difficult is Talent and if you have talent and love some kind of Mimicry, Dubsmash is a perfect app for you. It allows you to imitate popular dialogue and then you can dramatize it in the same voice. You can share the videos with your friends or on social media platforms to gain popularity. The app is compatible with 4.1 .Android and up.

Dubsmash is an Android entertainment app with which you can make fun video clippings. You can sync your favorite dialogues or music and share them with friends. The app comes with the biggest library of sounds like classic movie quotes, funny sounds, famous dialogues and more.


When we start talking about entertainment, YouTube is counted among the biggest giants. Where different topic related videos can be streamed for free. It wouldn’t be wrong if we called this platform the biggest entertainment giant. People all over the world have admired Google for this video sharing site.

You can watch the most popular music videos or videos in different categories like sports, movies, games and others. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between recommended videos, your subscriptions or your account. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, stream a video to your TV and much more – all within the app.

Google Play Books

The user can buy and download an e-book from the Play Store. In addition, you can also upload about 1,000 e-books in PDF or EPUB format to Google Play Book account. Google Play Books requires a Google account to access. Reading a book is always fun! However, hearing a voice telling a story as you relax also sounds amazing.

Listen to an extensive collection of audiobooks that come with audiobooks. As it works on multiple platforms, you can take up wherever or whenever you want to access it. He also has a collection of eBooks, comics, textbooks. You don’t need any subscription to access the collection. You can also set the Night Light setting to adjust the screen’s colors and brightness.


Movies by Flixster is an entertainment app that not only lets you stream and download full movies, but also browse nearby theaters to view showtimes and buy tickets. Plus, Movies by Flixster lets you sort the movies you’ve watched and even see what your friends want to watch. Flixster comes with Rotten Tomatoes, which helps you discover new movies, watch the latest trailers, and read movie overviews.

You get all movie updates, latest movie showtimes and tickets easily. You can also check the scores given by Rotten Tomatoes before going to the movies. You can watch trailers and check out cast overviews and movie footage as well. Check the opening hours of a movie at a nearby movie theater and get driving directions with Google Maps.

YouTube Kids

Children should have fun too. YouTube Kids is an excellent choice app for kids to let youngsters have fun and make web videos safe. The app allows you to create multiple profiles for kids and set the age range (up to four years old, five to seven or eight to 12) for the appropriate content they can access.

YouTube Kids limits the service’s content world to selected educational videos, channels and clips suitable for the whole family. The application interface features large images, colorful icons and carefully selected launch videos on the main homepage. There are five categories to explore within the app. Google has also turned off comments on the service to prevent your child from seeing inappropriate comments. The tactic can also prevent cyberbullying-related problems.

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