Best Events Software for Linux

Best Events Software for Linux

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The Best Events Software for Linux

You have planned a series of events and, as the event manager, you are responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly. You’ve invested in an event management software solution that helps you plan events, register attendees, and manage reservations and tickets. Event management includes oversight of all leading logistics up for and during an event, be it a conference, wedding or other organized meeting. Event managers execute event plans by managing personnel, finances, supplier relationships and more.

Event planning positions are as varied and numerous as the services offered, and it can often be difficult to tell them apart. This can be a challenge when you’re building an event planning portfolio, looking for a job, or working with a client who doesn’t fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Two days before an event, you need to send a reminder email to all registered attendees, but the software you have doesn’t provide that feature. If you had completely reviewed the software before purchasing it, this situation would never have occurred.

These scenarios can be easily avoided if you better understand your software requirements and combine them with the capabilities of your event management software. There are several free and open source event management solutions available in the market. However, to find an event planning tool that meets all of an event planner’s requirements, you need to assess your features. In this article, you will find several event management software solutions to help you evaluate them.

Best Events Software for Linux


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform that enables event planners and marketers to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth. As the leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a robust and user-friendly set of customizable and interactive information. features. Participants can attend presentations, participate in various sessions, participate in workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, interact with groups or individuals, respond to surveys, download materials, and participate in live chats.

With a focus on accelerating growth, the Accelevents platform is designed to capture actionable analytics across the event ecosystem that translates into measurable marketing strategies and sales performance. Accelevents supports multifaceted online, hybrid and in-person conferences, summits, fundraisers, educational seminars, team building events, career fairs, community networking, festivals and more.


Samaaro is an award-winning and recently funded virtual events platform recognized as one of India’s 30 most innovative startups. Our mission is to develop an innovative platform that helps event organizers run engaging and immersive virtual events at scale. The only one from Samaaro features and versatility allow event organizers to host more than 20 different types of events, including virtual conferences, virtual fairs, virtual exhibitions, hybrid events and more.

Samaaro is designed to be fully customizable, allowing brands to design the platform to their liking. The platform consists of interesting components such as a world-class lobby, conference rooms, social wall, auditoriums, meeting rooms, exhibition hall with 3D booths, information desks, networking zones and much more! Samaaro also has excellent features such as AI matchmaking, deep analytics, robust security and privacy, resource sharing, and gamification. Brands around the world trust Samaaro as their virtual event platform, it’s time for you too.


Canapii offers unique solutions for managing face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events. As the only provider with true 24/7 customer service, our global team lives and breathes events regardless of location or size. From registration to post-event analysis, Canapii users can streamline their entire event organization and create truly unique event experiences. By staying ahead of the innovation curve, we enable our clients to wow their audiences every step of the way.

Canapii supports video conferencing and streams Lectures in HD quality through PC browsers and mobile applications. It encourages audience engagement through chats, comments, notifications, gamification, live questions and polls. Automation is in heart from Canapi. Registration, travel arrangements, face-to-face agendas and meeting approval systems are all integrated into the platform.


Bitrix24 is free event management software, available as open source and cloud-based. Using customer management module and CRM, you can create quotes and invoices, manage suppliers and send emails. You can even schedule and reserve venues with this software.

The software makes project management easy to manage employees and their tasks. It also allows for group messaging and chats for real-time communication during events.


vtenext is the open source hybrid CRM solution with a BPMN engine for process design. It stands out for its remarkable flexibility and numerous customization options. With vtenext you can manage all CRM processes, i.e. marketing, GDPR, sales and after-sales processes, in the way that best suits your business.

Thanks to our CRM, you can build lasting relationships with your customers and improve your workflows.

air table

Airtable is an online system where a group of employees can store, share and collaborate on information. The information can be ideas, inventory, tasks, or anything else. Airtable is a relational database tool that is also an online collaboration tool. Before dismissing it as boring because of the word database, you should know that Airtable is easy to use and extremely versatile.

You can use it to manage work, track and organize inventory, plan an event, and more. Airtable is different from other older database management systems because it looks like an application that anyone can learn to use, with simple language, friendly color schemes, and useful icons. Furthermore, it is exceptionally customizable.


The KORONA POS platform allows companies to manage their back-office and front-end retail operations as well as a wide range of niche industries. Not the most popular POS system on the market, but could it be right for your business? Read on to find out. KORONA POS is a versatile POS solution that supports a wide variety of industries and business types.

It’s a highly customizable platform with affordable pricing and customer support options, and it’s worth checking out for businesses looking for a reliable retail software tool to support a single location, multiple locations, or franchise businesses. KORONA POS is suitable for small and medium businesses in a variety of industries, including bakeries, wineries, bookstores, hardware stores, cafes and liquor stores.

honey book

HoneyBook is not just a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for small businesses. Instead, it’s an all-in-one management platform designed for a wide range of micro-enterprises. HoneyBook has a very user-friendly interface that looks almost whimsical, but don’t let the relaxed design fool you.

It is a serious business tool that integrates CRM with lead and project tracking, invoicing, quoting, contracts, scheduling, online payments and automated workflows in one package. HoneyBook integrates with tools like QuickBooks, Calendly, Zapier, Gmail and Google Calendar.


Eventilla is an event management solution that helps organizations streamline various event-related operations such as planning, communication, booking, scheduling, payments and more in one unified portal. The platform allows organizations to create, launch and manage custom registration pages for live and online events. Eventilla allows event organizers to create multiple types of tickets, offer discounts, send confirmation and invitation messages, conduct surveys, and collect attendee information through custom forms.

Administrators can set up automated queues to process applications and allow participants to change information through a self-service portal. In addition, organizations can use reports/statistics to gain insight into event performance and facilitate data anonymization and privacy policies to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.


Odoo is a fully integrated, all-in-one open source software solution adapted to various business functions. The Odoo Events module helps event managers manage all phases of the event planning process. Event managers can plan and create event websites and landing pages, schedule multiple events, and manage attendees. Odoo also integrates with email and social media platforms.

Additionally, users can integrate Odoo with search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics tools to track engagement and measure marketing efforts. Odoo only offers free users a cloud-based deployment, while paid users can also opt for an on-premises deployment. There are also mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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