Best Gaming apps for iPhone X

Best Gaming apps for iPhone X

In this article, we will talk about the Best Gaming apps for iPhone X. We tried our best to review the Best Gaming apps for iPhone X. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Gaming apps for iPhone X with your social network.

The Best Gaming apps for iPhone X

With its Bionic A11 ignition processor and a gorgeous 5.8-inch OLED screen, the iPhone X is a great one. mobile game beast. And while virtually any game takes advantage of the iPhone X’s mighty innards, only a few titles are fully optimized (so far) to cover every inch of the new borderless phone screen. With that in mind, here are the best gaming apps that showcase what your iPhone X is capable of, from amazing augmented reality experiences to immersive and artistic indie games.

Despite the mind-blowing designs and models of your smart phones, iPhone reigns as a totally disconnected category. She has carved out a niche for herself and commands a loyal fan base that patiently waits days for new models to come out. This is not without reason – the phone offers a truly massive experience. Sports have become part of the lives of a large number of people who somehow manage to find time, despite their schedule. So, here’s our list of the best gaming apps for the iconic iPhone.

Check the list of the best gaming apps for iPhone X

Super Mario Run

It is one of the most interesting games that users are enjoying and the new features made the game even more interesting. There are many new additions and updates to Super Mario Run. You have four exciting modes to try out – World Tour, Remix 10, Todd Talley and World & Kingdom Builder. Each mode has its own set of exciting routes. For example, you have to save Princess Peach from Bowser after running through ghost houses, palaces, plains, caves, etc.

While you need to collect coins and frogs to build your own kingdom. There are buildings and decorations available that you can use to create your own style empire. That and more – Super Mario Run is definitely one of the best games for iPhone X.

The witness

Witness is an exciting mystical puzzle game where the player wakes up up alone on an isolated island with no memory. What awaits you next are the puzzles you need to solve. The puzzles are your clues, and as you find them, you slowly regain your memory and find your way. home. You have lots of places to explore and over 500 puzzles to solve. Each puzzle is unique, which makes the game even more exciting.

chameleon run

Next on the list of the best games for iPhone X is Chameleon Run. It is an automatic running game that allows the player to switch, jump and run through different levels. As you jump from platform to platform, players need to match their colors to the color of the field. Controls are very simple to play with just two buttons. There are colorful graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the game and the game runs perfectly while running on your iPhone X.

Alto Adventure

It’s a snowboarding trip where Alto and his friends set off on a mountainous adventure through woods, villages, forests and abandoned ruins. There are different weather effects like fog, blizzard, thunder and even shooting stars. Plus, there are over 180 goals you need to complete. The game’s interface is minimalist and will keep you pinned to the screen.

Dividing bugs

This is another interesting puzzle game where a swipe of your finger tears up the game screen and then you engage in a puzzle so the cute blobby characters can get to your spaceship. There are AR modes that project the game screen onto the surface of your home. This makes the game fun and exciting to play. There are different worlds you can explore, and each one has a different set of immersive sounds. Keep your headphones on to enjoy this game. Its cuteness and ease of play is what makes Splitter Critters one of the best games for iPhone X.


You wake up up suddenly and finds his father missing. He left a letter for you. Your clue is a necklace and an old book. This is an adventure game with an island to explore. The island is full of puzzles, dangers and monsters. You’ll also have the chance to learn magic and hunt for treasures that help you complete the mission you’re on. Furthermore, you are on a journey to unlock the secrets of the Kingdom of Arcadia. That’s not all – you have a sea monster to take care of – the Oceanhorn. Fencing, magic, ancient relics, treasures and more. Oceanhorn is a complete package that players will love to explore.

modern versus

Like Warhammer, this is also a shooting game, but you are an agent here. There are 12 different agents to choose from. Once you know the type of agent chosen to play the game, you need to control the battlefield with your team. An agent can be an undercover assassin or an assistant guard, depending on which type you choose. There are 5 different maps on which you can battle, get promotions and earn points. The graphic quality of this game is on the same level as the graphics offered on the console.

The Talos Principle

This game will definitely excite players as it is a game with great graphics. The player is in a completely different world, where his creator talks to him and the world is full of ancient ruins with advanced technology. You need to solve a series of complex puzzles. It’s a story of civilization, humanity and technology. The choices you make have different consequences and your Creator, who forbade you to visit a particular tower, is always looking out for you.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Animal Crossing series has never ceased to thrill with its overloaded cuteness. Available for free on iTunes with built-in apps, this version is sure to provide a great experience with the game’s narrative, set in a village environment. Compelling visual content finds the right platform as the iPhone X brings characters and settings to life on a vibrant screen.

Monument Valley 2

If you’ve played Monument Valley, you’ll definitely jump to get it. For those who don’t have the opportunity to try the game, this is a maze puzzle with 14 different levels, each building for a more interesting transition to the next level. The game is very immersive and will keep you hooked up for the first few minutes of the game. Available on iTunes, it will cost a few dollars, but you’ll soon discover it was a good buy.

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