Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos

Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos

In this article, we will talk about the Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos. We tried our best to review the Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos with your social network.

The Best iPhone Apps for Adding Text to Photos

Today, as smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, so have apps. We require various apps for various purposes and especially photo capturing or photo editing apps that are used by us regularly. That’s why we always plan to find a better Android camera app like this tilt-shift camera app to capture great photos as well as edit them.

One of the best ways to make your photos interesting to look at is by adding text to them. A combination of text and photos can catch the attention of anyone who sees it. It also becomes a smart way for you who love to create content for social media, especially to get more likes and followers. To add text to photos, all you need is an app to add text to photos that is easy to use. For iPhone and iPad users, there are many apps to add text to photos.

Check the list of the best iPhone apps for adding text to photos

Word Swag

Developed by Oringe Inc, Word Swag is an easy-to-use image text editor that can transform your words in beautiful photo text designs. It only takes a few minutes to create amazing type layouts. This app also features the unique Typomatic™ type engine to make the editing process easier.

The Word Swag app converts your photos into beautiful text posts. Make awesome stories or quotes on Facebook and Instagram with this app.

In addition to having templates for your posts and stories on social media, he also has templates for creating blog banners and other infographics. Make sure you try them all.


This is one of the best options among apps to add text to images, offering many features so you can edit and create banners, posters, flyers and all kinds of artwork. And, of course, it allows you to write on the image you want!

In addition to adding text to photos, Canva is also perfect for cropping, splitting, trimming and splicing a video. You can also add music and sound effects to your video. Developed by Canva, this app offers amazing tools to create a story, logo or birthday invitation for Instagram.

Using it, you can create stylish posts that look almost professional, while using over 100 different fonts and hundreds of layouts for your photos. All this for free! It also has a premium version that unlocks even more features. You are interested? Go to the official website and start using it.


This text in photo editor allows you to create amazing looks by transforming your text and photos into amazing typographic designs. Developed by App Business Ventures LLC, Typorama offers a new experience and an easy way to create complex text layouts with different fonts and fonts.

Typorama ‘automagically’ transforms photos and text into beautiful designs. You won’t need any specialized level design skills to create beautiful images with text on them. This app has no template defined; it randomly generates styles that would look good. It’s much less time-consuming than professional, high-end software and applications.


Phonto is a text-to-image add-on application that has a very user-friendly interface. The app not only houses over 200 built-in fonts that enhance your images, but it also lets you download more fonts if you want to enlarge up your impressive collection of fonts. In addition, you can manipulate the text by adjusting its position, changing the color and opacity, or even aligning the text so that everything in the image looks perfect.

Phonto offers its users over 400 different font options and allows you to install even more if you wish. It comes with controls to give you text size, as well as a wide range of effects, including bubbles, rectangles, stars and hearts. It would be like a playground for all the people who love to words. Be so quirky and unique with your fonts and give a sense of individuality to your words.

Font Candy

Font Candy (iOS) is another app that combines a wide range of photo editing tools in one package. Users will find filters, stickers and animations, but what concerns us are the fonts. Font Candy doesn’t have the largest collection of fonts, but it does offer the ability to add shapes, symbols and emojis to create more attractive compositions.

Unfortunately, the app also adds a watermark that says “Made with Font Candy”. However, the watermark is quite small and is not terribly intrusive. Masking images in letter formats isn’t especially complex, but it’s a process if you do it in an image editor like Photoshop. Font Candy Easy Tiger Apps makes it simple with this mobile application.

Choose a color image and you will have the interface masked with a default font. When masking letters, it’s good to have them in the spotlight, so I tend to use big, wide fonts for the job. You can adjust the size and kerning, mix different fonts and words together, scale, crop and add color tones to the image.


Over is one of the most versatile mobile typographic applications. You can add text to an illustration, select a template, or start from scratch. Over works with photos and videos and allows users to customize color, opacity, size and alignment.

The app has always focused on design since its debut. And inside there are a number of particularly attractive fonts, with a number of useful tools for modifying the writing. Among the most interesting options is the possibility of increasing the space between the letters of the fonts used.

In addition to the text, Over also offers works of art, that is, engravings, drawings, symbols and already elaborated artistic creations that can be superimposed on the images at will. This app to add words to pictures has a huge selection of templates, graphics and fonts created by brilliant designers and brand experts. For example, pay attention to the Trocchi, Bebas Neue and Vast Shadow fonts.


PicLab is an all-in-one image editing application. It is suitable for applying text to images and provides users with dozens of fonts (eg Norwester, Poiret, Aileron) and tools for working with them. PicLab allows users to create their own fonts and signatures from scratch, unlike many apps that allow you to write on photos. However, the most notable feature is the ability to create collages using a large selection of templates and add text on top of them.

This features filters, stickers, textures, patterns and more to elevate your photos. On top of this, PicLab has extensive text overlay. feature. PicLab’s biggest advantage over others is the fact that you can create collages of images and overlay text on them. Unfortunately, like Quick, PicLab adorns all of its creations with a watermark. However, you can remove the watermark with a small one-time payment.


The typical app is for everyone looking for a professional brand building app. It allows you to enter text into your photos with a very professional touch. The app offers a variety of fonts, but also over 500 design elements to add to your images.

In addition, the application also allows you to apply filters, borders, light leaks and adjust the image with brightness, contrast, exposure tools, etc. features Typic is the ability to add a text or logo signature to an image. It is possible to create 4 wedding captions for the photos simultaneously, a watermark or a logo, which the user can save in the app and apply to all photos.

That Cool feature it’s great for promoting business. So if you are looking for an app with professionals features and details then you should think about purchasing this app. In addition to adding text to images, you can also create memes and various other visual elements.

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