Best iPhone Launchers For Android

Best iPhone Launchers For Android

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The Best iPhone Launchers For Android

If you own an Android smartphone and you love the way its interface works and feels, we have a surprise for you. Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have this impressive fluidity, but most users can’t bring themselves to appreciate the lack of customization options for the iOS interface. Android devices were highly customizable from the start. Personalization is one of the main reasons why users choose Android over iOS. From changing the icon style to fine-tuning your home screen, Android has always been one step ahead of iOS.

Android devices have a lot of customization options with launchers and more. Some of these launchers can help bring an iPhone-like user interface to the smartphone. iPhone launcher for Android is similar, adding an iPhone wallpaper, home screen and icons, among other visuals features. There are several Android launchers for iPhone on the Play Store that will make your Android smartphone look like an iPhone, with the same lock screen and home screen like the iPhone.

Here is the list of the best iPhone launchers for Android

a pitcher

One Launcher is one of the best iPhone-like launchers spread across the web and is capable of simulating this beautified iOS interface with an immense level of accuracy. You can also categorize your phone applications. Categorizing apps will make it easier to perform tasks on your phone instead of wasting time finding the application in the cluster.

A launcher offers a variety of iPhone features on your android phones like iOS transition effects, icon packs and system icons. This launcher will make your apps spread across the screen like the iPhone homepage. You can also have some customization options to arrange the icons according to your preference. In addition, you will notice that the apps located in One Launcher are category-based, which simplifies the experience when you are looking for a specific app depending on the type of work you will be finishing. up performing in your phone.

iOS 15 Launcher

It is another great iOS style launcher for Android that makes you feel iOS 15 operating system on your Android smartphone like iPhone 12 launcher. It also has a lot of new features features and a quick experience but here is the long press shortcut option where you just have to long press to open shortcut menu or uninstall apps. You can also get iOS 15 style lock screen and control center from launcher settings tab,

With this launcher you can enjoy iOS 15 features like widgets, weather information, notification badges and 3D touch controls that let you uninstall any app with a long press. Other than that, there are some Android specifics features including the ability to change icons, change app names, and hide apps. The launcher comes preloaded with various iOS wallpapers, icon styles and animations.

Phone Launcher 13

Phone 13 Launcher comes with an iOS-style status bar, control center and notification center, and it also offers features like a smart swipe down to search home screen. The launcher has a mixed collection of Android and iOS widgets and an assisted touch button com switches to silent mode, airplane mode and Bluetooth.

Smart switch to silent mode, airplane mode, Bluetooth. With Control Center, you can customize more styles like size, color, position, vibration. Quick, convenient, time-saving, one-tap tasks. Cute wallpaper to decorate your screen. Easily search by swiping down anywhere on the home screen. Smart Swipe down on the search screen.

Nova launcher

If you are looking for a 3D touch launcher, a well-known feature on iPhone 6S and later, you should choose Nova launcher. Although you can’t get all the features or iOS look but you will get 3D touch with this launcher. 3D touch is the ability to perform certain actions without opening the app. Like all other launchers, the app is also loaded with cool themes and widgets.

The app replaces your stock home-screen and allows for a series of gestures, icon packs and granular customization that goes far beyond the standard feature to define. As a long-time user of Nova Launcher, the most noticeable improvement when using it is the big speed advantage it usually offers over OEM skins. The home Screen replacement is extremely well optimized and lets you adjust animation speeds or even remove them entirely to make the user experience as flashy or as fast as you want.

iPhone Launcher

Launcher iPhone is one of the most stable and genuine iOS launchers you can get for your Android. It comes with all iOS elements like home screen, notification center, control center, lock screen, touch assistant and more. The app allows you to change the style of your smartphone to iOS in just one click.

After enabling this launcher, you can add Smart Search, Smart Group, iOS Theme, iOS Icons and iOS Gestures to your Android devices. It’s so accurate you’ll feel like you’re actually using an iPhone. This will give your phone the same icon packs and system icons as an iPhone, along with the exact transition effects. In addition, it also allows you to categorize your apps according to their usage.

X initiator

It has swipe gestures so if you swipe up at the bottom, you will see the apps tray, which is similar to many Android launchers. If you swipe down from the middle, you can access the Control Center, which is easily accessible with one hand. Launcher X allows you to edit the app’s details (text or icon) or assign gestures to it, called “Swipes”. As is implied you can add up/down swipes an app icon for different functions: opening an app, shortcuts and even widgets.

There’s another cool, unique feature which Launcher X embeds in Android’s dashboard controls (which you access by long pressing on any empty space). Enjoy live weather animations on your desktop. Launcher X goes a step further and makes them even more immersive (notice in the image above how snow accumulates on the icons and at the bottom of the screen). You can choose from several different weather conditions.


iLauncher comes pre-loaded with all widgets available in iOS 15. Most widgets available are customizable with different colors, fonts and custom background images. The launcher also has a built-in control center and customizable lock screen with iOS-style passwords and wallpapers that give you the feel of iOS 15.

Long tapping on an icon lets you edit icons. Short tapping an icon in edit mode displays the individual customization menu. Wide range of icon packs. Overlay icons to create a folder. With smooth scrolling and delicate animations.

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