Best iPhone XS Covers

Best iPhone XS Covers

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The Best iPhone XS Covers

The iPhone XS is no longer the current iPhone, but it’s still one of the most sophisticated iPhones on the market – and expensive to boot. It’s a better plan to save your award-winning iPhone with a case like Apple phones they are not the toughest and are priced well enough to be worth protecting.

Some iPhone XS cases come with basic or advanced damage protection, others act like wallets to store your credit cards and cash, and others include batteries to keep your iPhone charged and running for much longer. Because the iPhone is so famous, there are so many on the market, so we really like our favorites here for you.

As always with Apple, you can select between official skins or a third-party option price with other benefits. Now that the iPhone XS lines have been released, many case makers have switched to newer ones. phones, but there are still many options for sale if you are looking for a case for your iPhone XS.

Check the list of the best iPhone XS cases

Tech21 Pure Design Liberty Grosvenor

Our in-house Liberty London design team collaborated with innovative London brand Tech21 to create this Pure Design protective case for iPhone Xs, a perfect combination of state-of-the-art protection and iconic design, featuring our Grosvenor print. This armored case is beautiful to look at and tactile to the touch, featuring an embossed design within an ultra-thin, rugged body optimized for the best wireless connectivity.

It is decorated with Grosvenor inspired by a 1968 floral paisley, features large, Central Asian-style paisley leafy trails, linked by small flowers and arranged in garland shapes. The case uses Tech21’s exclusive BulletShield technology, with two layers and patented ribs working together to absorb impact energy when dropped, providing protection up to three meters, with a lifetime warranty included.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen, as a brand, has a great history in mobile phone protection. The Ultra Hybrid case is the flagship protective case for the iPhone X and comes in five colors: black, gray, white, beige and burgundy. But the back of each case is perfectly clear to showcase the beauty of the iPhone Xs itself. They even designed that clear plastic layer with a specially developed material that doesn’t accumulate dirt and yellow over its lifetime.

This protection includes drop and scratch resistance in a single layer (no need to add an exoskeleton to a soft rubber inner case), while the colorful side bumpers offer air cushion technology for everyday falls. There are doors cut off to access your buttons and entrances, and the entire design is slim and non-intrusive.


Otterbox Symmetry Series

a name comes up repeatedly when you talk about smartphone protection: Otterbox. Otterbox enclosures undergo a series of rigorous tests. The company covers everything from standard drop tests to makeup resistance, so you can be sure Otterbox boxes will last. The Symmetry series is of particular interest to anyone who wants to keep their device protected and looking stylish.

It is constructed from a blend of polycarbonate and synthetic rubber, which together provide durability and grip flexibility. It will provide a good level of protection against falls and shocks, with the raised bumpers reducing the chances of damage specifically to the phone screen. camera lenses. Plus, it’s also one of the slimmest OtterBox cases you can find, so it’s easy to put in and out of your pocket.


JETech Case

Sometimes, in addition to form, function or anything else, price is the main differentiator. Among the wide variety of options available on Amazon, many are functionally the same, but the JETech case stands out. First, costing just £5, it’s cheaper than many rivals – and with its thick design it should be able to absorb all but the nastiest accidents.

This one is for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend (perhaps a by-product of buying an iPhone), but who still need protection.


Gear4 Piccadilly

Gear4 uses a special shock-absorbing material called D3O, which disperses the energy of an impact if it falls. The case itself is transparent, but the edge, where the D3O sits, is colored black, white, gold or rose gold.

The polycarbonate used in the case’s back is similar to that used in bulletproof glass, says Gear4, although we haven’t tested how far this protection will take you. It also has a cleverly designed edge that doesn’t slip easily out of your hand.


Otterbox Commuter Series

The case fits the iPhone XS perfectly, with precision cutouts for the camera, mute switch, Lightning port and camera. There’s also a cutout for the Apple logo so you can be sure everyone knows what you’re carrying. The Lightning port has a cover that keeps dust out while you use the phone but it can easily open for loading. You can even create your own look by mixing and matching the inner and outer layers. Each is available in a handful of different colors.

There is always a trade-off between protection and volume. This case sits somewhere in between, in terms of volume and at the top end of the shield. The Otterbox Commuter series is one of those bags that leans more towards function than fashion. If you are looking for a heavy duty heavy duty case that is not too bulky, this is a fantastic option for you.


iPhone XS Limitless 2.0 Mouse

The Mous cover successfully protects an iPhone, even if it has fallen from a great height.

It works thanks to a special material called “AiroShock”, which has small air pockets through a polymeric material, such as a spring mattress.

The case is slim and has a handy front edge to protect the screen too. It fits perfectly, so if you’re one of those people who keeps a gym membership card inside the phone case, this is not for you.

But there are optional add-ons for cards that stick magnetically to the back. You can choose from different exotic materials: carbon fiber, walnut, leather, bamboo and shell.


Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo says his full leather wallet case features a slim profile thanks to a new in-mold production process. While the $48 full-grain leather case fits your XS like a glove, there’s still room to insert two to three credit or ID cards into a slot on the back. Mujjo’s cover covers most of the iPhone buttons while a leather bevel curves inward for dual rear cameras and mute button.

A 1mm leather crest rising above the phone prevents the OLED screen from coming into contact with any surface should the XS slip off your fingers.


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