Best Medical App for Android

Best Medical App for Android

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The Best Medical App for Android

Medicine is kind of an unnatural topic for us here. You can do a lot of medical stuff with apps these days. There are apps for diabetics, apps for tracking your fitness and overall health, and there are even apps for tracking your water buildup. We have lists for all of that, so for this one, we’re going to focus more on common medicine. Please note that if you believe you are having a medical crisis, call emergency medical services immediately. Nothing here should be used to deal with or diagnose a medical situation.

Always consult your doctor for tests. Those who may have founder on this page during the COVID-19 pandemic have a few different options in the apps below. We suggest a news app so you can keep up with updates on things like lockdown status, latest COVID-19 cases and things like that. You can also use Google Search to search for medications. They certainly shouldn’t return their routine trip to the doctor, but they can make things a little uncomplicated.

Check the list of the best medical apps for Android


AccuWeather is an excellent weather app and a decent app for some people. You can easily check things like temperature, humidity, and potentially severe weather conditions. It also sends heat alerts, low humidity alerts and other weather phenomena that may apply to the chronically ill.

Plus, it shows various pollens, dust, dander, mold and other things in the air so you can manage your allergies if you have them. Weather can have a huge effect on health and this app is one of the best for that. Plus, it has a one-time price instead of a subscription price, which is popular with the latest weather apps.

Epocrates Plus

According to its developers, one in two US physicians trusts Epocrates to enable better patient care by providing the right information when it is needed most. It analyzes drug prescribing and safety information for thousands of brands, genetics and OTC drugs.

Epocrates checks for potentially harmful drug interactions between up to 30 drugs at a time, making it one of the most trusted medical apps for Android. You can do various calculations like BMI and GFR and access timely medical news and research with this app.

doctor on demand

If you’ve ever dreaded waiting at the doctor’s office more than the actual appointment, you may find the increased availability of telemedicine services like Doctor on Demand very appealing. Telemedicine is not always the best option, of course.

If you have, say, a head injury, a serious injury or chest pain, seek immediate medical attention. That said, if your concern is not urgent, virtual health platforms can be a good option for a variety of physical and mental health symptoms.


The app is easy to navigate, and its best feature is the ability to introduce medications using the phonede camera for shooting Rx labels. It is useful, accurate (prevents transcription errors) and a great feature! The MedRx app is easy and intuitive at every step. Medication reminders are reliable, appear as a set, just like refill alerts. 100% reliable. This worked perfectly, no problems.

First, to enter your medication the app will guide you take multiple pictures of each label on pill and other medication bottles. We were skeptical, but in our tests, drug entry was quick and accurate – even when we took bad photos on purpose. Care Zone used label information to collect our doctors’ names, our pharmacies and prescription numbers, and other information.

GoodRx drug

GoodRx promotes itself as a company that allows you to compare drug prices and find coupons at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. It would take pages to adequately cover all the ins and outs. So instead, let’s just cover some basics.

Well, because that price isn’t what you would actually pay at every pharmacy as you’re probably using insurance. In order for them to help you compare the price you would pay at each pharmacy, GoodRx would need to know things like your health insurance, prescription plan, etc.


Medscape is a powerhouse in this space. You can find all kinds of medical knowledge here. This includes basics like industry news, along with instructional videos on various medical procedures. The app also includes drug side effects and interactions between over 7,000 drugs and over 8,000 monographs.

It is mainly for medical professionals. However, those who want to learn more about the healthcare industry (or just check out drug interactions) can also use the app. It is completely free with ads.


mySugr is a diabetes management app that helps you record your blood glucose data, as well as meals, exercise, medication and more. It provides daily, weekly and monthly reports that you can share directly with your doctor. It also provides help for calculating insulin doses and retraining. features turn it into a complete learning and support program.

You can include images of just about anything, whether it’s a plate of food or a bag of snacks or a bottle of drink. You can also use photos of a specific hypoglycemia treatment you used or anything else that helps you better visualize your records. app offers advanced data analysis using smart search feature which includes 50 tags to compare entries by location, time, freeform text, etc.


MyChart is another great app for tracking your health, but this one isn’t focused on diabetics. This is essentially a hub for your health information. It is supposed to help you take care of yourself and your family members. This app also allows you to communicate with your care team, review test results, medication, immunization history and various other health information.

You can even connect your account to Google Fit to get health-related data from MyChart. This makes the app even more useful than otherwise. You will even be able to view your post-visit summary for previous visits and hospital stays. MyChart allows you to schedule and manage appointments, get price estimates for the cost of care, view and pay your medical bills, and much more.

WebMD Applications

WebMD is worth recommending to patients who want an all-in-one app for medical and drug information, even if their lifestyle features are not the first priority. Easy to use and navigate. Nice graphics and photos included. Included maps for health lists and recipe photos are amazing.

WebMD makes it clear that it’s not an alternative to a doctor – you should always see one in an emergency – but it does provide a useful starting point that can save you some money by avoiding a trip to the ER. There is a detailed chart-based symptom checker, information on almost all over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and advice on how to administer first aid.

puff pastry

Leafy is an app that will help you find cannabis and CBD. We’re talking legal and medical cannabis here, of course. The app refers to itself as “your personal weed assistant”. Needless to say, cannabis can be quite helpful for various ailments as it can help with nausea, among other things. It is quite popular for people who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy.

This is just an example, of course, there are many different usage scenarios. Leafy will help you find the cannabis that’s right for you. You can explore various products including weed strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates and edibles. Weed strains are sorted by desired effects, aromas and flavors, user ratings, recommended strain lists, and so on. This app is free and has no in-app purchases.

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