Best Medical Apps

Best Medical Apps

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The Best Medical Apps

Medical applications, as defined by the US Food and Drug Administration, is software in a mobile device that acts as an accessory to a regulated medical device or transforms a mobile platform on a regulated medical device. In other words these apps can help patients manage their own health and help doctors facilitate and improve patient care.

Based on our inclusion criteria for this article, the following software options are each mobile wearable device, have at least five classifications, and are specifically intended for physicians (not patients). We categorized apps based on user opinion/recommendation and added a second place for each category (eg software with less than five reviews but still well known in the medical industry).

From checking on patients to holding meetings with other staff, providers are often away from their desks. Being away from your desktop computer can make it difficult for doctors to access the medical databases and references they need. This is where medical apps come into play. Medical apps allow medical staff to get the data they need to help patients, no matter where they are.

Check the list of the best medical apps


Medscape is a popular medical news app. The app brings together the latest medical research articles in a single, easy-to-navigate platform for doctors and medical students. While Medscape is known as a medical news source, it also branches out into areas such as medical calculators, prescription safety information, CME/EC activities, and even a network of other doctors.

This app works on Android and Apple devices. Once you create your free account, you’ll have instant access to the research you need to stay current in your field.

Prevention Task Force

The Prevention Task Force App is a medical app developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. GPs can use the app to find the right resources for their patients’ needs.

Providers can enter their patients’ information and search for available screening, counseling and medication services. This app is free and works on Android and Apple devices. There is also a web app. In addition, healthcare professionals and institutions can request access to the API.


VisualDx is an image-based medical reference application that contains thousands of images of various diseases and conditions. Providers can easily compare the presentation of their patients with different diseases.

VisualDx’s search function allows clinicians to input their patients’ symptoms and discover possible diagnoses along with reference images. A subscription is required to use the app. It works on Android and iOS and is available in multiple languages.

Skyscape Medical Library

The Skyscape Medical Library provides relevant medical information for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The app’s library has several health textbooks and provides information about medicines. Also includes a clinical calculator.

The app is free but requires in-app purchases for some features. It is compatible with iOS and Android.


PEPID provides unique web-based point-of-care solutions that enable healthcare professionals to efficiently identify diagnoses, treat diseases and conditions, detect adverse drug interactions and allergic sensitivities, accurately dose patients, and provide quality patient education. PEPID’s products are integrated into the systems of clinics, hospitals, universities and schools around the world.

PEPID optimizes accurate medical information through an integrated workflow developed over years of collaboration with doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This unparalleled level of organization allows healthcare professionals faster access to critical data, improved clinical performance and greater mobility. Schools use PEPID for better learning in classrooms, clinics and study environments.


Lexicomp, a drug reference app, provides access to over 20 medical databases. The app has comprehensive drug information such as: B. a pharmacogenomics database, IV compatibility, current drug shortages, and educational content for patients. Also, all information is stored on your device, so you can use it even when you don’t have internet access.

The reference app is compatible with Android and iOS. While it requires a subscription to use, the app offers a one-month free trial so users can decide if it’s right for them.


As a healthcare professional, you make clinical decisions on the go – in the hallway outside a patient’s exam room, moving between departments, on your way to the lab, or answering questions in home. In fact, nearly ⅓ of the 1.6 million daily searches on UpToDate are done on a mobile device. With UpToDate on your mobile device, you get reliable support when and where you need it.

The UpToDate Mobile App for Android works with Android devices running the two latest versions of the Android operating system and at least 50 MB for free phone store. Installation from SD cards is supported. The UpToDate Mobile The iOS app works with any iPhone or iPad running the two latest iOS versions.


MDCalc is a medical calculation app that offers over 550 clinical decision aids. Calculators range from dosage calculators to patient risk scores. Providers can also earn CME credits for reviewing various medical calculations.

The app is free to use. All you need to do is register and you can get started right away. To get CME credits for reviewing various calculators, you need a paid subscription.


Kareo is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) application designed for iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. With Kareo, you can:

  • Add and edit appointments
  • manage patients
  • View patient history
  • Capture, upload and annotate documents
  • Communicate with staff and patients securely
  • Prescribing medications and ordering laboratory tests
  • Create clinical notes
  • track billing
  • One of Kareo’s highlights is the medical billing service. Kareo’s Smart Workflow feature allows clinicians to quickly and easily track claims from anywhere, anytime. You can also view billing performance with the analytics tool. Kareo automates billing tasks to reduce errors and simplify the process so doctors get paid faster. You should request a quote or speak with an expert to explore pricing options.


    Omnio is the next version of Skyscape, which was one of the first medical apps developed a decade ago. Using Omnio, you can retrieve and customize information, providing a central location for your most essential resources.

    The Omnio medical referral app allows you to:

  • Review the Merck Manual
  • Access information from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the American Diabetes Association, and more
  • check the symptoms
  • identify pills
  • Look up prescription drugs
  • Determining drug dosage
  • Check drug interactions
  • Use medical calculators
  • MEDLINE not linked

    MEDLINE gives access to 24 million articles in the Pubmed database. You can customize your search with a variety of options and filters and organize the information you find. It also displays related pieces determined by citations in the literature you have already reviewed.

    The app lets you send documentation to your email address or download it from Dropbox in various formats, and you can also share information on Facebook and Twitter.


    MDCalc offers over 350 tools to help you make decisions about patient care. The app covers 35 specialist areas and over 150 diseases and disorders. Doctors and medical experts write all content on the app and over a million medical professionals around the world use this diagnostic tool every month.

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