Best Productivity App for Android

Best Productivity App for Android

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The Best Productivity App for Android

When you’re cheating multiple deadlines, you can easily rely on memory or physical work to keep things in order. It would be costly to your (and your team’s) schedule and sanity to control everything without any technological assistance. The best news is that it doesn’t have to be this method. There are many productivity apps to help you with your daily work-related problems. A quick Google search brings up all sorts of tools and apps – and not so surprisingly, half the list seems to be a must-have for your business. This is where all the uncertainty begins. And with all due respect, this is where most of us make the wrong choice.

A productivity app, in easy words, is software designed to make your work life more organized. It’s the software application groups that play an important role in helping you meet your deadlines and goals faster and more efficiently. From an easy browser plugin to a feature-rich project management app, there are different types of productivity apps depending on the type of work (professional and personal) you do. Search for the right productivity app for the right job and you can maintain an ideal work-life balance.

Check out the list of the best productivity apps for Android


Being overworked and disorganized at work is one of the main contributing factors to not being productive. ProofHub is an app that lets you manage your projects, teams, and communication, whether you’re sitting at your office desk or on a cruise ship.

This intuitive app is designed to take the pain out of everyday work processes. From collaborating with your team/clients, assigning each team member a specific role on the project, to tracking the amount of time an individual spends on a specific task – ProofHub’s mobile app is everything you need to make more room for productivity in your organization.


Evernote is a powerful note-taking app. It’s been among the most popular apps in its class for years and has the chops to warrant such praise. This features audio, text, image and various other types of notes. There’s also excellent organization features, sync across devices, collaboration features, and more.

There’s not much wrong with that. However, you pay for all these features. Google Keep is a cheaper option, though less powerful too. Also, be warned that Evernote version 10 was buggy at launch, so we expect the company to fix these issues sooner rather than later.


If you’re looking for the best to-do list app, one that works on all your devices, tracks your productivity and lets you organize and analyze your life, Todoist is it. Todoist makes apps for all major devices and platforms, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Since we last reviewed Todoist, the app has added a board view. Within the domain of productivity software, dozens of apps have adopted the concept of boards, which is based on kanban boards, so it’s no surprise that Todoist now has them too. As they relate to managing tasks, boards are a way to view tasks and move them through a workflow.


The Podio platform is renowned for its secure and stable services, making it a trusted choice for managing important communication channels and storing critical files for your organization. Podio also stands out for its affordable price, diverse and broad application platform. feature to define.

The free version of Podio is surprisingly useful. It lets you experience Podio’s task management and workspace features, and even gives you access to the Podio app marketplace. However, it’s only designed for small teams and doesn’t give you much control over your Podio user accounts.

Google Drive

Google Workspace is the new name for Google’s productivity suite, and an important part of that is Google Drive. Google Drive is a great productivity tool for Android that is fully integrated into the operating system of all Android devices. Google Drive is made up from important apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms.

Google includes 15GB free with all Gmail accounts, and you can upgrade to up to 2TB for $20 per month to store more PDFs, documents and photos. Google Drive can be accessed on all types of devices, so it’s easy to work on a document on your Android phone and edit it later on a Chromebook.

last pass

LastPass, however, makes things simple when it comes to adding passwords and secure data. If you don’t have anything stored in your password vault, you’ll see a space with a navigation pane on the left and a giant plus symbol in the bottom right.

LastPass Sharing feature it’s intuitive and easy to use, which isn’t always said about the sharing features of other password managers. Free users can accept and view shared folders, while premium users can create folders and edit access. Once you click on “Sharing Center” in the left navigation, you will see all the folders you can access. You can click the plus sign in the lower right corner to add a new shared folder.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is one of many to-do list apps vying for the right to help you keep your work and private life a little more organized. These applications range from simplified checklist builders to highly complex and tightly integrated platforms that unite multiple third-party services, calendars, and communication channels into a unified management space.

Google’s take on the genre falls more towards the simplistic side of the spectrum, spreading its features across a relatively simple set of options and menus. However, being tied to the Google ecosystem makes Tasks a stealthily well-integrated solution for connecting your Gmail and Google Calendar content into a simple and powerful goal tracking system.

A note

Even if you’re not heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, OneNote is a great note-taking app that doesn’t cost a dime — and it’s available on all platforms. Insert text, images, notes and handwritten diagrams or Excel tables; it can handle various types of information with ease.

It doesn’t offer as many organization options and its UI might be a bit polished, but it’s completely free. Please note that if you are a Windows or Samsung phone user, OneNote is pre-installed on most devices.


Wunderlist is an excellent choice for anyone who finds Todoist a bit complicated. Wunderlist and Todoist have many things in common – however, on the one hand, where Todoist saves many of his features for the premium user, Wunderlist offers feature list for your free users.

In fact, Wunderlist does not have a premium option, all features available on Wunderlist are available for free. Also, it works for your iPad, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire and Web.


IFTTT is one of the most interesting productivity apps available on Android. The app allows you to make recipes that tell multiple apps to do multiple things at multiple times. Essentially, it takes almost any task and makes your phone do it autonomously.

This is a must for anyone using things like smart lights and other IoT devices. Plus, you can do quick things like auto-save your Instagram photos to Dropbox. It’s powerful, but there’s a learning curve. You can find a variety of pre-made recipes with a few simple Google searches. Tasker is another great app for this sort of thing, but IFTTT is a little easier to use.

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