Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

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The Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

Having a better screen recorder in your toolbox could save your life. You can use screen recording software for various tasks and projects. A screen recorder extension can be useful when sharing progress reports and updates with development teams, communicating with SaaS product teams, and customer service interactions.

While there are hundreds of screen recording apps available on the market, few are made specifically for the Google Chrome browser. If you want to use Google Screen Recorder, you will need to install a screen recorder extension for Google Chrome. In this article, we’ll list the best Chrome screen recorder extensions, along with some of the top ones. features.


Screencastify is Chrome’s most installed screen recording extension with over 1 million installs. Screencastify has been widely used by many users, with education as one of its main use cases. Screencastify gives users an easy way to record videos and quickly edit and share them from the comfort of a single tool. The tool is integrated into Google Drive and users can decide to upload their videos to Google Drive. Users can save them locally in MP4, MP3 (audio only) and GIF formats.


Since its launch in product search, Loom has become one of the most popular screen recording tools on the market. Loom revolutionized the online screen recording model that was quick to record, easy to share and collaborate. Since gaining popularity, Loom has updated its plans and prices and has now changed many features in their paid plans and also limited the recording duration to 5 minutes for free users.

Loom users can record as many videos and screenshots as they like, but only the first 100 will be available on the desktop. To access older videos, users will need to upgrade. The free version offers some features including emoji reactions in the player, viewer insights, restricted view and more.

Pay plan users unlock a sea of ​​options including custom branding, custom CTA, thumbnail, unlimited 4K recording capability, password-protected videos and engagement insights, making it a complete solution.

Nimbus capture

Nimbus Capture is another Google Chrome extension screen capture and screen recording tool. Nimbus, like Awesome screenshot, has the ability to take screenshots and record videos, which is a little different. Nimbus has positioned itself strongly as an alternative to stunning screenshots.

The free plan allows users to record videos and screenshots with a wide range of features and annotation tools. Videos are stored by default in WebM format and you can share the link with anyone for them to see. Screen annotations are quite robust, allowing users to add an image, shape, lines, text, blur and more.

Hippopotamus Video

The Hippo Video Screen Recorder Chrome Extension is another very popular screen recording chrome extension that is available on the Chrome web store. Hippopotamus videos provide custom solutions for various use cases and streamline the plug-in and dashboard usage based on your use case. Hippo video supports sales, marketing, customer support and communication.

The use case based features are one of the keys features Hippo video, if you’re a marketer, you can ask for customer testimonials, track analytics, and more. Likewise, if you like sales, you can send video campaigns and follow up from the hippo’s own video panel.

Hippo video, however, comes with just a two-day trial and then users will be moved to the forever free plan, which has a five-minute recording limit.

Vimeo Record

Vimeo Log is the latest Google Chrome extension for screen and webcam recording from Vimeo, one of the most popular video hosting platforms. Vimeo registration allows users to record videos and the videos are instantly uploaded to the cloud, where users can decide whether they want to keep the videos private, public, or accessible only to teammates. Users can also customize their video player, embed videos and do much more.

Fluvid Screen Recorder

Fluvid Screen Recorder is last on our list of chrome extensions for screen recording. Like the others on the list, fluvid also has a very large user base, with over 1,000,000 users who have so far created over 1.5 million videos.

Fluvid’s free plan allows users to record 50 videos with a recording limit of 60 minutes, without watermarks. Users can freely choose the recording screen, camera, or both. Users can also set the video as public, private and provide limited access. An additional advantage over Fluvid is that it offers live streaming and streaming recording functionality as well.

Professional plans allow unlimited recording and streaming, along with many others features including annotations, CTA, social sharing, advanced analytics, video analytics and more.

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