Best Simulation Games for Android

Best Simulation Games for Android

In this article, we will talk about the Best Simulation Games for Android. We tried our best to review the Best Simulation Games for Android. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Simulation Games for Android with your social network.

The Best Simulation Games for Android

Simulation games are one of the most expensive and famous game categories. is also one of the most famous mobile because touch and swipe controls also translate to touchscreens. they’re simple to play, fun to get involved with, and some of them can last for years. Simulation games are simply simple to explain. it’s a game where things happen automatically and you just push things in definite directions with your decisions. The plan is to emulate a specific activity.

The challenge is the expansiveness of the simulation category. but it also allows for shorter sessions that create it so the title doesn’t become a boring task or too easily to handle. Recently, you can also search for many games like this on the Google Play Store, but we have broken down the best simulation games for Android so that you have a good plan of what to do.

Check out the list of the best simulation games for Android


AltLife is a text-style life simulator. It starts like most life simulators. You are born, you grow up, make decisions about life, and finally die someday. The game allows you to make various decisions and keep track of your life stats like happiness, appearance, health, etc.

The game lets you make decisions and branch out from there. It’s a super basic game with no graphical appeal. Those looking for something closer to The Sims can try The Sims: Mobile or The Sims: FreePlay, two relatively more modern life simulation games.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an incredibly popular game, bringing elements of classic farming simulators like Harvest Moon into an original and modern game. On the surface, it looks like a fairly simple farming simulator; it starts very slowly, instructing you to plant and water a handful of turnips.

But Stardew Valley could best be described as a community simulator. As you complete your tasks and meet the residents of the valley, you will find yourself drawn into the complex web of relationships, dreams and challenges that up the small community.


BitLife is a life simulator where you can take on a new player, creating a person who has just been born. You then decide how to interact with the world – making friends with people, asking your parents for money, studying hard, taking flying lessons and much more.

There’s too many random ways to end up dying, so it’s up for you to decide how to spend your days. if you finish up living a long life and having children, you can become one of them and go on for another life.

Plague INC.

Plague Inc. It’s not just for people who like simulation games, but it also works great for strategy adepts who are looking for something fun. Your main mission in this game is to spread a virus across the world and infect the entire population before a cure is developed.

The fun part is that there are a number of elements you need to take into account to be successful in your goals, including where the disease originates, symptoms, how transmission happens, etc.

My time in Portia

We’re certainly not playing any favorites here, but if you like simulation games that are gorgeous, expansive, and have tons of things for you to do, then this might be the best simulation available for you.

My Time At Portia lets you do everything from socializing with over 50 interactive NPCs to building and decorating your own home. And you can even start a family. You have a fully functional workshop for creating all sorts of things too. You can farm, plant and even engage in a few battles here and there. Also, just look at it!

the sims Mobile

This revolutionized video games, and EA recently brought their hit franchise to smartphones. With two options to choose from, including The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay, you can get two free Sims experiences that let you create your own Sim families, push them through careers, build their homes, cook new recipes, and many other things that complement the typical Sims experience on a smartphone.

the sims Mobile focuses more on building relationships and careers, including multiplayer storytelling and storytelling, while Freeplay is better suited for those who enjoy the creative side of the Sims. Build homes and families scattered throughout a custom town and watch your Sims interact with all-new shiny objects.

dog simulator

If you are a dog lover and your favorite pets, this game is developed. It’s one of the best multiplayer dog games out there. You play as a real puppy where you can perform many activities. You can jump, bark, destroy things, destroy a house and do whatever you want. You can have the real life experience of being a puppy.

There is an online mode in the game where you can play with other players all over the world. If you are a dog lover, you should know that you can play with different dogs like corgi, shiba and husky, bulldogs and many others. You can easily upgrade and dress up your dog in your favorite costumes. There are six different locations in the game where you can have a lot of fun.

pocket city

Pocket City is a city building simulator similar to Sim City. Try saying this three times quickly. It has most of the mechanics of a city builder. This includes the actual construction of a city, the careful mixing and matching of various types of buildings, and the ability to unlock new lands as you progress.

This one also includes fun and random events like block parties and also things like weather disasters. It is playable in portrait or landscape mode and is also playable offline. The free version is the base game with ads. The premium version costs $3.99 and features a sandbox mode and removes ads.

fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter might seem like a cheap spin-off of the Fallout franchise at first glance, but under the hood it’s an absolutely brilliant simulation game. You are given control of a group of nuclear apocalypse survivors and tasked with keeping them alive.

You’ll need to manage jobs, defenses, repopulation and expansion to ensure your vault dwellers lead happy and fruitful lives. Don’t be put off by its cheap looks: it’s a shining gem in the muddy sea of ​​free-to-play games.

guitar girl

For the ultra relaxing simulation game, look no further than Guitar Girl. As the game’s title suggests, you take on the role of a girl who plays the guitar for her fans and followers on the internet. The cool thing about this game is that as she gets more popular, she gets to bigger stages and plays for more people.

Acquiring more popularity and allowing you to play a variety of music. You can decorate Guitar Girl’s room, grow her fan base and help Guitar Grow as a person and creator by getting likes and followers on her social media. As a simulation game it is quite different from everything here.

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