Best SSH Clients for Windows

Best SSH Clients for Windows

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The Best SSH Clients for Windows

SSH stands for Secure Shell, it is commonly implemented using the client-server model, one computer is called the SSH client and another machine acts as the SSH server. ssh can be set up using a key pair, a public key that is stored on the SSH server and a private key that is stored locally on the SSH client.

The SSH client, which is usually your computer, will contact the SSH server and provide the key pair ID. He wants to use to prove his identity, the SSH server creates a challenge which is encrypted by the public key and sent back to the client.

SSH protocol, think of protocol as rules for transferring data encoded over the network. It is best used to access remote servers when you use this SSH key and you will get the server’s command line interface; it’s like you’re sitting in front of the server, which is far away from you.


PuTTY is a free and open source software, full SSH, telnet client, SFTP client for Windows and Unix, with features remote access servers on a network; it allows you to log in on any different computer. It is using SHH protocol, this protocol will provide authentication, it provides a file transfer utility. Putty is a lightweight and simple terminal program for Windows. It supports SSH, telnet, SFTP and rlogn client.

Putty is useful for administrators who need to establish an SSH connection to remote systems such as network switches, routers, unix systems, VMware and so on. It allows you to save session settings, session registration and screen customization. Additional features includes a 32-bit and 64-bit client, supports SSH2 and SSH1 protocols, allows screen customization, but is a bit complicated. Putty has a simple interface and is very easy to use. You can save sessions, which allows quick access to ssh, but unfortunately it doesn’t save credentials.


KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY designed to function as a Windows SSH client. kitty has it all features from PuTTY and adds many more features. KiTTY is an open source talent, SSH client. It is designed for the Windows platform written in C language.

Your features includes an automatic password that helps to establish an automatic connection, an icon for each session, sends to tray, transparency, font management, clipboard, automatic command, ability to run a locally saved script, can easily handle a sequence of door knocks.


It is a lightweight application that works as the ideal toolbox for remote computing. It comes with an enhanced terminal for Windows with a tabbed SSH client, X11 server, networking tools and more. Compared to other tools, MobaXterm offers many custom functions for webmasters, programmers and IT administrators. MobaXterm contains similar features for the other customers, but it has some interesting additions features.

Additional features include x server, plug-in support, macro support, multi-execution, ssh gateway, ssh tunnels (port forwarding), text editor and more. The MobaXterm integrated terminal can highlight syntax or use different colors for keywords. You can even build your own syntax to define which keywords get colored (very cool).


It is an open source, multi-protocol, tabbed remote connections tool. This is one of the best SSH clients you will find for Windows. It can easily export and import connections, which are organized in an XML file. The advantage of this tool is that it supports many remote connection protocols. This includes VNC, ICA, RDP, SSH, HTTPS, etc. features an elegant interface with connections that can be placed in folders.

mRemoteNG is another SSH client that supports multiple protocols and handles connection details. It supports the following protocols: RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, telnet, http/https, rlogin and raw sockets. Like Solar Putty, it has the ability to open multiple sessions in a tabbed interface.

You can create folders to organize sessions and store credentials. mRemoteNG is not loaded with many bells and whistles, it is a very basic connection manager that works very well. mRemoteNG, a fork of mRemote, is an open source tabbed remote connections manager that combines multiple protocols into one application. Like some of the other best Windows SSH clients listed above, it also supports the tabbed interface.


Terminals is a secure multi-tab Remote Desktop / Terminal Services client. It offers several features and competes with some of the paid or closed-source Windows SSH clients listed above. With Terminal open, you can log into a remote computer via an SSH connection by entering ssh user @ IP address, where the user is replaced with your username for the system and the IP address is replaced with the server’s IP address remote.

From there, you can enter commands to access files and run programs on the other computer. There is no graphical system for this – Terminal is text based – so you type your commands and press Enter to access, execute and make changes on another system. Terminals is a free and open source SSH / Telnet client project used to control multiple connections simultaneously. This helps you log into a Linux server from a Windows computer.

It also supports Windows Remote Desktop Server (RDP), VNC, VMRC, SSH, Telnet, RAS, ICA Citrix, HTTP, and HTTPS-based viewers protocols. Your features include: secure, multi-tab interface, resizable terminal window, customizable toolbars, organize groups into trees like any other Explorer, import from other file formats, search computers in active directory and your network by IP addresses, have network tools, manager credentials and more.


SecureCRT is a commercial product designed for use with Windows, Mac and Linux to provide terminal emulation for computers. You get secure remote access, file transfer and data tunneling, and you can configure, manage and organize all your sessions with complete control over scrollback, key mappings, colors, fonts and more.

You can access all your network devices from one client with SSH, and it uses the high-throughput GUI with multi-session launch, tabbed sessions, tab groups, side-by-side sessions, cloned sessions and more.

we have SecureCRT, a commercial tool designed for Mac, Windows and Linux. Facilitates data tunneling and file transfer. In addition, it also offers secure remote access. With the help of this tool, you can manage, configure and organize all your sessions with ease. It also allows you to access all your network devices with a single SSH client.

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