Best Survival Games to Play Now

Best Survival Games to Play Now

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The Best Survival Games to Play Now

With indie games exploding over the past decade, survival games have shifted from a proportional niche genre to one with mainstream appeal. Huge games like Minecraft, one of the best Xbox survival games and PS4 survival games out there, have found an audience with gamers of all ages and despite the core element they share – survival from death – survival games are very diverse. You can try not to starve on Earth, try not to cause death on Mars, or try not to starve on an underwater planet full of dangerous marine creatures. All kidding aside, it’s more than… Don’t starve, as the elements, enemy factions and even other players can cause problems in the best survival games.

It’s important to note that we’re being very broad with our definition of “survival” as we wanted to provide something a little different than a massive list of first-person jungle games where a) you get hungry and b) walls Material clips on all The Hour. There are games on the list, actually, that have almost nothing in common with each other, other than the fact that the player must, you know, survive. This is clearly the most important concept for many PC games, of course. But we’ve selected a group that feels in their hearts that they care about keeping themselves or others alive in the face of a hostile universe. Whether this hostility takes the form of extreme weather conditions, terrifying beasts, or the accumulation of harmful waste gases in an asteroid colony is entirely up to your personal taste.

Check out the list of best survival games to play now


It didn’t take long for the early-access cooperative Viking survival game to draw a crowd, and it’s easy to see why. A huge procedural world, fearsome boss fights and excellent base building systems combine beautifully with survival elements like cooking and crafting. The solo game is great, but it really shines in co-op, and players can get busy building bases or setting off on perilous journeys across the sea to find dangerous new continents.


Explore an alien underwater world as you pilot your handcrafted submarine through mysterious underwater landscapes. From beautiful coral reefs to caves and deep-sea trenches, you’ll gather resources and livelihood, build habitats and a fleet of submarines, and create new technologies to help you survive the deep. It’s hard not to compare it to Minecraft, but developer Unknown Worlds has put its own unique stamp on the survival genre.

Of punishment

Obsidian shrunk you and dumped you in a normal backyard, but given its size, it could very well be a jungle. Surrounded by killer spiders, hungry birds and annoying ants, you can build a base by cutting blades of grass and forage for food and drink, roasting aphids and collecting dewdrops. It’s a beautiful environment and quite wonderful from the perspective of someone the size of an insect.


Frostpunk is a mix of city building, society simulation and survival in a dark and frozen world. With a handful of people cold, hungry, and unhappily, you’ll need to build an active city inside a snow-filled crater heated only by a massive coal furnace. Gather resources, hunt for food and manage your citizens, giving them hope for the future. It’s a tough and beautiful survival game that confronts you with tough choices at every turn.

escape from tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a wild evolution of survival games with just a hint of Battle Royale to flavor. Instead of playing in a persistent world, you appear on a map with a few other players and several dozen enemy NPCs. To survive, you’ll need to reach an exfiltration zone at the far end of the map, but you can also keep anything you loot to sell in a player-run market or use in subsequent rounds. It’s a lot like poker, only scarier. What really sells Tarkov, though, is the hyper-realistic weapon use and ridiculously deep weapon customization.


It sounds strange to say this, but this fantasy RPG where you can never really die is one of the best survival games in recent years. In Outward you are not only challenged by mystical monsters, but by the world itself, in which you must keep yourself fed, hydrated and healthy. In arid deserts the heat will undermine your endurance, in swampy swamps water can poison you, and without quick trips or quest markers or even your own location shown on the map, each excursion is an exercise in preparation, patience and survival .


It’s been five years of early access, but RimWorld has finally reached version 1.0. In this management and survival simulator, you oversee a colony of randomly generated people trapped on a procedural alien planet. Expand the base, keep your colonists healthy and sane, and deal with disasters thrown your way by RimWorld’s AI director, which can include anything from disease outbreaks to alien attacks to weather events. The toughest challenge may be just getting your settlers to get along well: each has a distinct personality, desires, and moods.


It feels almost idyllic, floating around the world serenely on a raft, building and expanding on top of it as you catch fish floating in the ocean with a hook. But there are sharks. The hungry ones, and if they can’t eat you, they’ll be content to eat your floating home. You will need to find food and drinking water somehow while keeping your raft afloat and growing. Fortunately, you can play cooperatively with a friend and double your chances of survival.

the long dark

With a focus on atmosphere and environmental survival, The Long Dark stands out in an increasingly popular genre. You play as a wild pilot stranded in the frozen desert after a mysterious global calamity. There are no zombies, no mutants, no other players: it’s just you fighting the elements, wildlife and your own human frailty.

Oxygen not included

The best games are those that are easy to learn and hard to master. Oxygen not included fits this bill: jumping on it and learning the basics is very easy, but understanding it fully takes a lot of time and effort. While adorable, the colony builder is also deep and complex, as it simulates its hostile underground environment. You’ll need to manage your colonists’ hunger, happiness, cleanliness and, of course, clean, breathable oxygen as they dig caves, gather resources, build machines, and try to turn a hostile environment into a comfortable underground. home.

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