Best Trivia Games

Best Trivia Games

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The Best Trivia Games

Trivia is a type of game where players (who can play individually or in teams) are asked about various topics and need to get as many correct answers as possible. Trivia competitions are usually organized as part of events, parties and as pub entertainment. Competitors are usually organized into teams and the team with the highest score wins. Trivia is a much-loved pastime that challenges your general knowledge while creating an engaging atmosphere. Winning trivia games helps release dopamine in the brain, which can induce a feeling of joy, which is great for everyone’s mental health.

Trivia games have a way of adding a little competitive spirit to everyone. Whether you’re arguing over song lyrics, world geography, or sports statistics, trivia board games promise a fun game night for groups of all ages and sizes. The best trivia board games are age-appropriate, ideal for the number of players participating, and can be played for as long as you like. If you are a fan of trivia or fell asleep during high school history class, here is a trivia game for you. Trivia questions and answers can be adapted to any audience and used in schools and universities to support language skills development and test knowledge and skill levels.

Here is the list of the best trivia games

Trivia Crack

The objective of Trivia Crack is to win all six characters on the wheel. The characters are a wide variety of trivial subjects and categories from art, science, sports entertainment, geography, pop culture and history. You can play together with your friends or other trivia enthusiasts and the first to get all the characters wins! Between rounds, it can also give incentives for the right answer and a small consequence for the wrong answer to make it more interesting.

When you challenge a person to a game of Trivia Crack, you are competing in six different categories: Science, Sports, Geography, Entertainment, Art and History. In Trivia Crack, you and your opponent take turns, and as long as you keep answering a question correctly, your turn continues until you win the entire contest or lose.

random trivia generator

This free RTG gives party players six categories – arts, science, general, geography, history and entertainment – and then a plethora of questions in each. It’s super easy to play: just choose your category and scroll through the questions. To see the answer to a question, click on it. And that’s it. As for the logistics of playing, we suggest that one person host, share their screen with the group, and reveal the answers.

Random Trivia Generator is a fun and easy to use trivia app that entertains you for days. Sharpen your brain or challenge your friends with our ever-expanding library of trivia, organized into six popular categories. The platform features six categories for you to choose from that should have a topic suitable for everyone. Questions are regularly updated with new questions, so you can come back every now and then to play the latest trivia questions. To play this, a person can host and share the site on their screen and go through each question as to the event organizer.


TriviaHub was initially launched in 2019 and was created to make the next virtual happy hour for a remote team more exciting. They achieve this by promoting engagement and entertainment. TriviaHub can host a gaming experience that effortlessly brings your remote, hybrid or face-to-face employees together.

All you have to do is choose one of your excellent and passionate hosts to start your exciting night of trivia. It is designed to “season up your next virtual happy hour” and drive engagement and entertainment. Choose one of your great and passionate hosts and start your next trivia game.

Family trivia at the Berkshire Museum

Trivia is a fun and interactive activity to play with your family on home. Berkshire Trivia has compiled family-friendly Q&A quizzes that are great for kids ages 8 and up. The curiosities are presented by Peter Liffers. All questions are always drawn from the worlds of art, science and history. Don’t forget to check back to see when they host their live virtual trivia nights and it’s great for family game night.

360 trivia

Trivia 360 offers thousands of trivia questions in a variety of game categories to keep things fresh without distracting you with too much frills. Questions can come in the form of multiple choice, true or false, and identification questions. Users can select question categories and submit or rate questions, as well as view leaderboards.

TRIVIA 360 is a free trivia game that you can play on your Android. It’s an easy to play trivia app, but at the same time it’s an excellent brain game. Try the game and you will be able to give your brain a pristine boost by addictive thinking and IQ challenge.

popcorn trivia

The free application servers up trivia questions for a wide variety of movies and genres, with popcorn-winning answers you can use to customize your avatar; you can also launch premium question packs for popular TV series. Popcorn Trivia includes single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as leaderboards and a stat tracker. This app is fun, addictive and fun too. It’s a movie trivia game for your TV and a movie companion app. For those who like to watch movies and enjoy every part of it.

You can test your cinema knowledge with this amazing game app called “Popcorn Trivia”. It takes a movie night to a whole new level. You can test your movie knowledge, challenge your friends or even host your own game show using a variety of movies from all genres. Just spin the wheels and choose the movie whose details you think you can answer.

Jackbox Games Trivia Murder Party

There’s its namesake, the classic You Don’t Know Jack; there’s the Trivia Murder Party, in which you try to avoid “the killing floor” by answering the questions correctly; and then there’s Fibbage, where players must identify missing details in the facts.

This trivia game gives players an added incentive to answer trivia questions correctly. If a player makes a mistake, he will end up in “The Killing Floor” to compete against other players to see who survives the round or turns into a ghost. Remember, this game needs to be purchased. The host will want to share the screen with the rest of the team on Zoom while the rest play.

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