Best Cheap Laptops

Best Cheap Laptops – Gone are the days when decent laptops were priced around $1000. In today’s market, companies come up with new ideas to surpass themselves, including competitive price reductions. Now we see ultra-portable Windows 10 laptops with processors that are robust enough to use at home, at school, or work, as well as keyboards, Chromebooks, and complete hybrid systems that offer you laptop and tablet options.

If you have a low budget, do not be angry. Some PCs offer you enough performance to perform your daily tasks without switching and without exceeding the bank balance. And for that, our list of the best cheap laptops will help you. And we update this list regularly, so you always see our suggestions for the Best Cheap Laptops.

Best Cheap Laptops

We assess laptops for a variety of factors, including a processor, hard drive, and graphics card performance, battery life, and screen quality. We test these elements with physical tools, instead of trying to rely on our verbal impressions.

Acer Aspire 5

best cheap laptops


The Acer Aspire 5 earns its place in the top of the best laptops under $500 page with its strong 8th Gen Core i3 performance, bright 1080p display, and long battery life, all at an affordable price. Though much thinner than its sibling, the Aspire E 15, the Aspire 5 offers plenty of room for a battery that lasts nearly 9 hours while charging. It doesn’t have a DVD writer, but it does have quite a few ports. The display gives an impressive brightness of 276 nits, which provides the screen with decent contrast. It even has an aluminum cover. To top it all off, the edges of the screen are surprisingly narrow for such an inexpensive laptop. Aspire 5 is the best cheap laptop currently available. Read more in our Acer Aspire 5 Review

Last update was on: June 14, 2021 3:29 am

Acer Aspire E 15

Best Cheap Laptops

For just under $400, the Acer Aspire E 15 can turn your world upside down with a powerful 8th Gen Core i3 processor and lots of ports. Despite the power upgrade, the battery lasts a little longer than last year’s model – just under 9 hours. The smooth black deck of the laptop is made of sturdy plastic, but the brushed metal texture gives the laptop a deceptively first-class look.

The Acer Aspire E 15 is equipped with over 6GB of RAM and still has its DVD writer and USB Type-C port. The laptop had enough oomph to easily load 10 Firefox tabs, even if I played a YouTube video at 1080p. The keyboard is comfortable to type on because the keys are springy and at a reasonable distance from each other. For what you get, the Aspire E 15 is as premium as one of the best cheap laptops can get under $500.

Last update was on: June 14, 2021 3:29 am

HP Stream 11

For less than $200, you won’t find a better Windows laptop than the HP Stream 11. The Stream has a portable, 11-inch chassis, with a weight of 2.5 pounds and a thickness of only 0.7 inches. While our particular model sports a boring, black paint job, the HP Stream 11 is still cute considering its small size. For $167, you shouldn’t expect much from the Stream 11, but it’s Intel Celeron N4000 processor with 4GB of RAM was able to handle 10 Microsoft Edge tabs as well as a 1080p YouTube video. The system also took a solid 9 hours and 19 minutes on our battery test. While the keyboard can be a bit cramped, it offers decent vital moves. If you’re on a tight budget, the HP Stream 11 is one of the best cheap laptops.

HP Chromebook x2

Previously, the HP Chromebook x2 was not close to this page, but the detachable Chromebook has since landed below the $500 price range. The HP Chromebook x2 offers a lot of features other budget laptops don’t, like a colorful 2400 x 1600 screen and a solid pair of speakers. As I watched the Captain Marvel trailer on the HP Chromebook x2, I admired the 2400 x 1600 pixel panel. The colors looked great on the display of the x2, from the jade of Captain Marvel’s uniform to the rich, inky black of a dark corridor she walked through.

Besides, the Chromebook x2 offers a comfortable keyboard and a battery that lasts almost 9 hours on a single charge. But the icing on the cake is that it comes with HP’s Active Pen, which even tracked our fastest drawings. The HP Chromebook x2 is one of the best Chromebooks for the price. Also, this is one of the best cheap laptops on the market right now.

Last update was on: June 14, 2021 3:29 am

Acer Swift 1

The Acer Swift 1 is a sleek and lightweight 14-inch laptop with an all-aluminum chassis with a healthy amount of ports, all for less than $400. Now combine that great price with a battery that can last 10 hours and 14 minutes on a charge and a 14-inch display that throws away the mediocre 768p resolution for a full 1080p. Acer Swift 1 is packed with Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB and 64GB eMMC storage, strong enough to let you manage at least 10 Google Chrome tabs before you succumb to the usual delay. Swift 1 also comes with a decent 720p webcam, which is surprising for a laptop that’s so cheap. Overall, Acer Swift 1 is one of the best cheap laptops under $500 if you need something light.

Last update was on: June 14, 2021 3:29 am

HP Chromebook 15

Best Cheap Laptops

If you’re itching a Chromebook with a bigger, sharper screen at an affordable price, the HP Chromebook 15 is your best. For just $469, you get a Chromebook with Core i3 performance and a comfortable keyboard packed into a refreshing design. The white metal cap features a glossy, silver HP logo and a black Chrome logo in the top left corner. The HP Chromebook 15 also features a round, circular hinge that bends inward at each end, making the machine look more elegant and softer.

Plus, you get 9 hours and 51 minutes of battery life. The device also has quite a few ports, including two USB Type-C ports, a USB Type-A port, and a microSD card slot. Although the display isn’t that colorful, it offers excellent real estate; it’s also sharp and relatively bright. Overall, this is one of the best cheap laptops to buy right now.

Last update was on: June 14, 2021 3:29 am

Samsung Chromebook 4

If you’re looking for a ridiculously cheap Chromebook, you won’t find anything better than the Samsung Chromebook 4 ($229). It survived a full 10 hours and 36 minutes against our battery test, making it the best laptop under $500 with the most extended battery life. With curved edges and a silver tint, the Samsung Chromebook 4 looks a lot like the many MacBook copycats we’ve seen over the years. The aluminum top feels a little more beautiful than I expected, but the price of the laptop can be seen in the plastic housing.

The Intel Celeron 3000N processor and 4GB of RAM that drive the Samsung Chromebook 4 provide quite a bit of power for multitasking, certainly for this price. This machine is best for people who only need a laptop to type, mainly because it has an excellent keyboard, but also because the screen and audio do not meet the requirements. But thanks to its lightness and superior performance, it is a reliable ultra-portable laptop. This is one of the best cheap laptops to buy right now.