Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional gamer or if you play in your spare time, it is necessary to invest in the best PC game seats to achieve the best game results. A gaming chair, if carefully chosen, can make a big difference in your gaming performance. Moreover, it is essential that a gaming chair is adjustable, comfortable, and durable to ensure that you have the best gaming experience. That’s why in this article, we have decided to compile a comprehensive overview of the best gaming chairs under $300.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

Whether you are a beginner and want a brand new chair or just need an update on your existing gaming chair model, you will find the best models in this list. For cheaper options, check our list of Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

The DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR is one of the best gaming chairs under $300 on the market, where everything revolves around comfort. This product comes with several useful features, one of which is the extended backrest. This part is designed so that instead of exerting pressure on a fixed point along your neck, it is distributed relatively evenly across your back. So even if you sit on this chair for 4-5 hours every day, you don’t have to feel any pain.

The DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR comes with adjustable armrests because you can move them in both directions. It means you can move the armrests up, down, to the left, to the right, or even in or out of this seat. On one side of this chair, there is another lever that can be used to adjust the flexible backrest. The backrest moves back, so if you are tired after sitting in front of your PC, you can change its position for optimal comfort.

What we found very impressive about this product is the overall design of the chair. The manufacturer has combined mesh material with durable PU leather in the construction of the DXRacer Racing Series. When the former improves the breathability of this product, the latter makes it easy to clean. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

Although most gaming chairs focus on a combination of colors that catch the eye immediately, not everyone is a fan of them. This is especially true for people who want to use their chairs in a more professional environment, and the Dowinx Gaming Chair is perfect for that. It comes with a PU leather material that gives it an incredibly retro feel that many people will love. Add to that the yellow contrast stitching, and it’s an even better option for people who appreciate the aesthetics.  The chair is incredibly comfortable, and the headrest and solid lumbar support cushion go a long way in that respect.

You also get thick armrests that are too wrapped in PU leather, and an extendable leg rest that is covered with, you guessed it, PU leather. The Dowinx Gaming Chair, with all the adjustment options you need (180 degrees adjustable, 20 degrees adjustable swing, height adjustment) and a capacity of 350 pounds, is one of the best gaming chairs out there, even if it’s a somewhat pricey option. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

AKRacing AK BK Core Series

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

AKRacing is a reasonably reputable brand in the world of gaming chairs, and its Core Series EX chair is one of their best-selling models. There are plenty of reasons for that because this is a chair with an overall subdued look that is as comfortable as they come. The metal frame has an anti-corrosion coating and is then packaged in a high-density cold foam padding that adds a lot of comforts and makes everything as comfortable as possible.

The fabric upholstery on all sides ensures very soft, breathable, and soft padding so that you won’t suffer from temperature problems in a warmer climate. Although the chair as comfortable as it is, there are many adjustment options. The headrest and lumbar support cushion add a little, but you get the most out of the 3D adjustable armrests. You can rotate, raise or lower them and even move them forwards or backward. Add in a maximum capacity of 330 lbs, and you have one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

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Respawn Fortnite OMEGA-Xi

Respawn is known for good seats at reasonable prices, and the OMEGA-Xi is no exception. Although some might shrug the ‘Fortnite’ in the name, it is nothing more than a color scheme, and even if you don’t play the game, the black chair with orange and silver accents does look nice. The high backrest has segmented padding to maximize comfort, something you’ll feel when you’re gaming for a more extended period. The armrests are also very well padded and can rotate when you lean back, which is a lovely addition.

To make it even more comfortable when you lean back, there is a retractable leg rest that sits under the seat itself. The backrest goes up to 155 degrees, and you get tilt adjustment and infinite locking positions until you reach that point. With more than 25 years of experience, it is clear that Respawn strives to make an excellent gaming chair that has all the necessary functions and will not break the sofa. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

Respawn 900 Racing Style

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

Sure, there’s a bit of an expectation of what a play chair looks like, but that doesn’t mean nobody should try anything else, does it? Well, if you want it different, the Respawn 900 Recliner might be for you. Yeah, you read that right – recliner, it’s more of a recliner than a conventional chair. The backrest is exceptionally comfortable, with thick padding and a removable headrest cushion. And even though there is no lumbar support cushion, with this type of chair, you don’t need it.

The backrest is quite simple and goes up to 135 degrees, and the chair feels particularly firm thanks to its thick padding. This does make it challenging to move around. The highlight of this chair is the ease it offers. Not only do you get a cup holder built into the left armrest, but you also get a removable pouch with which you can store controllers, for example. The excellent leg rest makes it even better, and it’s also effortless to use. All in all, a somewhat pricey but excellent choice. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

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X Rocker Pro Series H3

The first thing you might wonder is, “why is this a floor chair?” and the answer is simple. The X Rocker H3 is a chair that you place just a few inches above the floor, with no base to sit on. It’s not the best for computer games, but for consoles, it’s more than excellent. It’s also foldable, so you can take it out of the way when you don’t need it. The comfort is exceptional. The whole chair is plush and thick, and you’ll sink in after a few minutes, making it one of the most comfortable experiences there is.

But even though the comfort is impeccable, that’s not the highlight of the Pro Serie H3. That award goes to the audio system – a 4.1 system that connects wirelessly to your console and makes you feel like you’re in the game. It’s one of the most immersive experiences out there, and if this is something you’d like, go for it. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

As the name suggests, the Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair has a design that looks like it was made for motor racing. In reality, however, this chair was built for professional gaming and drew inspiration from racing. The result is a very comfortable and stylish gaming chair that provides the body with sufficient support where it is needed. The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair is one of the few game seats on the market with an all-steel seat and back frame for maximum durability.

It also has all the typical features one would expect from an ergonomic gaming chair, including fully adjustable armrests, height adjustment, and a 180° adjustable backrest with tilt lock. This gaming chair also comes with a removable neck and lumbar cushions, both covered with microfibre fabric for added comfort. The whole chair sits on five nylon castors that guarantee stability and glide smoothly over any surface. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

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Ewin Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

If you are looking for a durable gaming chair that can be used for a more extended period, take a look at the E-win Gaming Chair. This product contains an extra-thick, 1.2 mm PU leather throughout the construction, making it more than suitable for normal wear and tear. At a time when a majority of other chair manufacturers are satisfied with the use of 0.8mm thickness, such a design will allow you to use the Ewin Gaming Chair for years to come. Combine it with its steel frame, and you can be extra sure of the quality of this product. The Ewin Gaming Chair has an adjustable backrest that can be stretched up to 155 degrees.

Also present in this product are the 2D adjustable armrests that are adjustable in height and position. These two functions can be conveniently combined to offer optimal comfort to all gamers who spend a few hours every day sitting on this chair. For ease of transport, the manufacturer has opted for lightweight construction with the Ewin Gaming Chair. The total weight of this chair is just over 46 pounds, which means that even one person can easily carry it from one point to another. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.


We know what your first thought will be when you take a look at the VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 game chair – expensive! And it is because it costs about twice as much as its less expensive competition. But VERTAGEAR has quite a reputation in the gaming chair industry, so the price is justifiable if you look at the stellar craftsmanship and excellent build quality. This is an all-black chair with a steel frame and ultra-premium HR resilient foam.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

This combination ensures that the chair will remain in its intended comfortable position for years and that the construction will not give way even when used intensively by a more substantial person. The material on top of the chair is PUC imitation leather, which will take a long time, provided that you clean the chair regularly. Add to that a tilt function with adjustable resistance, a backrest that can be adjusted up to 140 degrees, and armrests that can be adjusted, and the S-Line 2000 becomes much more worthwhile. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

Arozzi VERONA-V2

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

The Arozzi VERONA-V2 is available in several different versions and combines a lightweight metal frame with a sturdy bucket seat. This chair is upholstered with polyurethane, and the armrests are made of durable plastic. The Arozzi VERONA-V2 Gaming Chair is reasonably flexible as the manufacturer has designed it with three different adjustment modules. Starting with the armrests, which can be adjusted in height. A separate button is provided just below these components, so no lever is needed.

Next comes the adjustable rear seat, which can go back up to 180 degrees. Combine it with the adjustable headrest cushion, and you can fully adapt this seat to your physique. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

Musso Big & Tall Gaming Chair

If there’s one thing almost all gaming chairs don’t pay attention to, it’s the surface that holds the side of your body. The backrests are often very comfortable, but move a little to the side, and all that comfort seems to fade away. Well, that’s not the case with the Musso Big & Tall chair, which has just as much padding on the shoulders and the side as on the seat and back. What’s more, the metal construction features memory foam materials, which are among the most comfortable you can get.

They shape themselves to your body and stay that way, so you are assured of maximum comfort in different situations. The armrests are also quite comfortable and are adjustable (and detachable). Last but not least, the chair looks beautiful in the black and green color (other options also available) combination. If you can fit that into your setup, be sure to go for it. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

VON RACER Big and Tall

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

Bigger, heavier gamers have a big problem when they need a gaming chair because most of what’s available have some low weight limits, and the headrests are placed a bit small, so they don’t fit well. Well, VON RACER’s Big and Tall is the answer for you if you’re looking for such a chair, and it’s one of the most reclining chairs we’ve seen. The seat cushion is made of memory foam, and once you’ve adjusted to it, it becomes an extremely comfortable place to sit, mainly because it’s quite wide.

Moreover, the cushion that supports the loins is also made of memory foam and is removable. The backrest is too thick and well padded, and you can lower it up to 155 degrees, with infinite adjustment points. If you consider the adjustable armrests, the fluctuating pressure adjustment, and the overall excellent build quality, wrapped in PU leather, you are looking at one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars for big boys and girls out there.

Ewin Chair Champion Series

The Ewin Chair Champion Series is acclaimed for its sleek design and durable construction. Available in several different eye-catching color schemes, this product comes with metal frames. A heavy aluminum base further supports it, and when it comes to the castors, they are capable of smooth, 360-degree rotation. If you want to sit back and relax on this chair, be it after a hard day at the office or even after endless hours of gaming, the Ewin Chair Champion Series Gaming Chair comes with a full 180-degree adjustable backrest.

It also comes with a 4D adjustable armrest whose position can be varied in terms of height. Another thing that is unique about this chair is that compared to any other chair in the market, this product comes with a premium tilt angle lock. This means that once you have adjusted the position of the backrest to a certain angle, it can remain there unhindered. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

AutoFull Gaming Chair

Ergonomic, with a durable design, the AutoFull Gaming Chair can meet your needs in more ways than one. This chair has an affordable price tag, and for the fashion-oriented customers, the manufacturer offers this product in two different stylish designs. To get the most out of your gaming sessions, the AutoFull Gaming Chair comes with several useful features. One of them is the adjustable chair, which can be tilted from 90 degrees to an angle of 170 degrees.

You can also lock the chair in the position you want, so you can’t always change position. The wheels mounted on the bottom of this chair are made of soft polyurethane, which ensures a smooth ride on different types of terrain. These are multi-wheel castors with a 360-degree swivel capability. Whether you want to move this chair in one direction or the other, you can do this by using these wheels. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300.

Blue Whale Big and Tall

Best Gaming Chairs Under $300

If you think the game seats with a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds are not a good option for you, you’ll want something a little more substantial. And few are better than the Blue Whale Big and Tall, which weigh up to 400 pounds at a fairly reasonable price. What’s more, the chair has a very thick and plush seat, making it an extremely comfortable place for extended gaming sessions. The backrest can be adjusted entirely horizontally if necessary, and the armrests are 3D adjustable so you can get them exactly right.

Besides, the seat and backrest are deliberately oversized for larger users, where the name Big and Tall comes from. If you want a comfortable chair that can easily handle a lot of weight, the Blue Whale Big and Tall is a good option. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs under 300 dollars.

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