Best Headphones Under $50

Do you have a small budget to work, and do you need good quality headphones that you can count on? In this guide, you will find the Best Headphones Under $50 currently on the market. We have taken the necessary steps for you, so it is not essential to search for countless hours before finding the product that meets your specific requirements. Have you ever bought headphones, and are you confused about the most critical buying considerations? To help you make the right choice for your first purchase, we have streamlined the selection process by telling you what to think about.

The types of purchasing considerations that we will include are comfort, Bluetooth technology, audio quality, durability, and brand. We will also share the target market for the best headphones under $50. This should help you determine if you are the type of buyer to take advantage of this purchase. We hope that you have enough information at the end of this store guide to making an informed purchasing decision. We are convinced that if you are not disappointed about the options on this list.

Best Headphones Under $50 List

You should never think that you can not get the Best Headphones Under $50. In terms of price, you can not beat the below headphones. If you need headphones of exceptional quality, well built, portable, and durable, every brand offers you everything you need.

Skullcandy Hesh 2

Best Headphones Under $50

Finding good comfortable headphones under $50 used to be difficult, but now there are plenty to choose from if you want to go that route. The Skullcandy Hesh 2 is a stylish and affordable option with synthetic foam ear pads and a slick design. This is for now the best headphone under $50 that you can buy.

These are connected via a 3.5mm cable with a built-in control module on the cable. You can control the volume, jump between songs and there is also a microphone for making phone calls. Not bad at all for the price. The build quality may feel a bit cheap since it is mostly plastic, except for the reinforcement on the headband, but the minimalist all-black color does give the headphones a little something extra.

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Monoprice 8323

The connectivity technology used with the High Definition headset from Monoprice 108323 is wired so that a Bluetooth device is no longer needed. The headphones of these headphones are equipped with thick and comfortable padding for a positive listening experience. Also, the headphones can turn up to 90 degrees, making them perfect for DJs. You can even use these headphones as speakers if you turn both earbuds 90 degrees to make it a versatile product. If you break the device or the cable wears out, you can also replace it with another device.

You can also adjust the headset at your convenience. Monoprice contains different cables for different occasions. For example, in the package, you get an 11.5-meter long cable to lay down and watch TV. Besides, the speakers are 50 mm long and have a sensitivity of about 100 dB, which means that you can hear crystal clear highs and powerful bass. Moreover, the frequency response is impressive so that you can listen to almost every note of a beat. The cables used are made of high-quality metals that can transmit HD stereo sound.

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Razer Kraken X

Best Headphones Under $50

The Razer Kraken X is a functional, attractive gaming headset with an appearance that exceeds its price range. The integrated microphone is forgiving with regard to placement, and the headset works with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Razer provides a handful of accessories for the Kraken X, including an audio splitter. If your desktop has separate audio and microphone inputs, you’ll want to use this special cable to get the microphone working properly.

For gamers with impaired vision, the Kraken X is a marvel: the glasses channels reduce pressure on the temple and ears. In fact, wearing them with my glasses was enjoyable and, at worst, not painful. Of course, there are other useful features for all listeners, such as the built-in volume knob and mute button, both located on the left earcup.

Sound quality and isolation are about what you’d expect for a $50 gaming headphone. The bass frequencies get a strong boost, which is typical of inexpensive gaming headsets. Explosions are more pronounced as a result, but it can also be difficult to hear footsteps due to auditory masking. Overall, this is one of the best headphones under $50.

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Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless

Best Headphones Under $50

If you’re looking for over-ear headphones with even better noise isolation performance, try the Anker Soundcore Life Q20. While they don’t sound as balanced as the Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless, and they don’t have access to an EQ or presets, they have ANC that can reduce more ambient noise around you. They are comfortable, and while they don’t have power-saving features, they have a continuous battery life of just over 32 hours, which should be more than enough to get you through your day.

They also have a sound profile with lots of bass that fans of EDM and hip-hop in particular can enjoy. The integrated microphone picks up your voice well, but still has some trouble distinguishing speech from background noise. Overall, this is one of the best headphones under $50.

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House of Marley EM-JH121-SB

The EM-JH121-SB headphones from House of Marley are made from recyclable aluminum earphones, which is environmentally friendly because the manufacturer has to spend less time using and burning fossil fuels to make these headphones. Besides, the FSC wood used in these headphones is grown and maintained in FSC forests, taking into account the environment. Moreover, the woven cable is stylish and not confused, so you can focus on the music instead of unraveling wires.

The headset is available in many different colors: black, pink, and copper. Besides, 30% organic cotton, 30% recycled hemp, and 40% recycled PET offer you a unique blend of recycled, comfortable, and sustainable materials. The flexible design of the ear helps you to relax more and listen to music without putting your ears under pressure. The EM-JH121-SB pilots from House of Marley are of high quality and produce impressive bass and treble sounds.

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Shure SRH145m+

Best Headphones Under $50

Although the Shure SRH145m + does not look like a premium headset, it is clear that this is one of them. With the 36 mm neodymium dynamic magnet, the headphones produce deep, rich basses in a wide range of frequencies and precise heights. The Shure SRH145m + even isolates the noise, allowing you to concentrate on the music and not on your surroundings. The headset also comes with built-in remote control and microphone, allowing you to control Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Best Headphones Under $300

Moreover, the lightweight design is also foldable, so you can take your headphones with you wherever you go. The adjustable ear cups and the padded headband also ensure a secure and economical fit. Unlike other headphones, they will not hurt your ears after extended use. If the headset breaks, you can use Shure’s two-year warranty and get a new pair for free.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger

Best Headphones Under $50

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is the ideal product for people who are looking for lightweight comfort and superior sound. The Stinger weighs only 275 g and is made of high-quality materials. Moreover, because of their weight, you rarely feel them, meaning you do not have a headache after wearing these earphones for long periods. Besides, the 50 mm speakers are parallel to the ears, allowing the music to penetrate directly into the ears, providing an unreal listening experience. HyperX Ear Pad is extremely comfortable because it is made from highly developed memory foam.

If the music becomes too loud for you, you can also use the volume control at the bottom right of the headset to adjust the music to your preferences. Moreover, the headset is fully adjustable with durable steel slides for a good fit. Also, the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones are fully rotatable with a maximum angle of 90 degrees, which means that you can also use them as a mini speaker.

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Urbanears Plattan 2

3D hinges help the headphones to shape your head better and let you find the perfect fit, which is easy because the headphones offer impressive flexibility. Moreover, the quality of the music is incredible because sound engineers tune them. The Urbanears Plattan 2 produces better bass with medium to high precision compared to an economical headset. Besides, you can share music with a friend because the headset comes with two 3.5 mm connectors. The Urbanears Plattan 2 is also easy to use because it is easy to fold and fits into small spaces.

The cord is also very durable because it is made of high-quality copper that gives crystal knocking to the headphones. Also, you can choose from nine different colors that suit your personality or style. Besides, the headset is equipped with a built-in microphone that allows you to make calls without having to go to your smartphone. The remote control can also be used to switch from one track to another, making it easier to use the headset.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Headphones Under $50

Audio Quality

One of the most critical aspects of buying a headset is the sound quality you get for your money. In general, the higher the price, the better the sound quality. However, in our budget guide with the best headphones under $50, we have found real gems that exceed expectations. That is why you can be sure that you will receive a decent product, even if you pay within the budget. Audio drivers are also one of the essential components to watch out for. These are located in every earphone and are responsible for delivering the sound. At best, drivers need an extensive frequency response to provide excellent bass. With excellent bass, deep tones are unique, contributing to an incredible audio experience.


When you buy a new product, the last thing you want to think about is breaking it, but it is something that every buyer should worry about. Ideally, you should choose a product that stands the test of time, thanks to the quality of the materials used. In addition to sustainability, warranty information needs to be revised, as this is often an essential indicator of the type of durability you can expect. When a brand offers an extended warranty period for one of its products, this is an important indicator to indicate that the product is designed to last.

Best Headphones To Buy


Are you planning to use headphones for many hours at a time? Then you have to choose a model that offers excellent comfort, and on this list, we have chosen the products in this spirit. Here are some essential things to keep in mind when evaluating the comfort level of the best headphones under $50:

  • Earcups: ideally, the ear cups should be designed with soft materials so that contact with the skin is not rough. Also, the atria should fit within your entire ear. This means that there is no pressure on the ears through the ear cups, which means that you can use the headset for hours on end without needing a break.
  • Headband: for a good fit, the headband must be very adjustable. When you buy a ready-made product, implementing a great headband is the only way to ensure that it fits into all main shapes and sizes. Besides, a soft headband is ideal not to place raw material on the head.
  • Weight: the total weight of the earphones will play a role in the importance of the wear. Lower pressure is ideal, and in this buying guide, we give you the weight of each product on this list.

Remember that the comfort of the best headphones under $50 you buy can be subjective. You may think that one model lacks high-quality comfort, while the next person thinks that this is the most comfortable headset he ever wears.

Bluetooth technology

For those of you who travel and use headphones outdoors, a wireless offer is an answer. This list contains many wireless models that offer high-quality sound without having to use wire. When you buy the best headphones under $50, consider the lifetime of the included battery. The longer it is, the better, and nowadays, it is not unreasonable to find models that offer up to 20 hours of autonomy. This means you can use the headset all week without having to worry about always charging the device.

Not all Bluetooth Headphones are of the same quality because the implementation of Bluetooth improves year after year. If you do not have an updated template, your Bluetooth connection may be lower than currently available.


There are buyers of audio products who make their decision solely based on their brand and only spend a short time looking at product characteristics. This is because the brand behind a product speaks volumes, especially if it is one of the best players in the industry. The best brands on the market have a reputation for regularly offering products that do not receive bad grades and provide excellent value for money. Pay attention, therefore, to the brand you buy and take the time to do a little research if you know little.

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