Best Learning Management Systems

Best Learning Management Systems: In recent years, one thing is sufficiently clear, the learning management system market is growing by leaps and bounds. I remember those days when the only viable LMS was Blackboard and the cost for implementation was somewhere to the tune of $25,000. Today it isn’t sufficient to offer a piece of software people need solutions.  They want advice and direction in the excellent ways to utilize the functionality of their LMS, and they want it from industry professionals who’ve been there, done that.

Today we’re here with a list of The Best learning management systems. Check out our list below and leave comments if you like it and share it with your friends. 🙂

Best Learning Management Systems


Moodle is a free online LMS, providing educators around the world with an open-source solution for e-learning that’s scalable, customizable, and safe with the extensive selection of activities available. Moodle is supported by an active network of verified Moodle partners to assist with the support and an active community of developers, users, and supporters.

Solid State LMS

Simple and reasonable hosted LMS with an intuitive interface, SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliance and online reports.


Sakai is another open-source option. As is stated on Sakai’s website “everyday community members share 1000’s of interactions building and improving the software, collaborating on projects, requesting help, and enjoying the relationships that result from this work.”

Latitude Learning

This is another really feature-rich ‘freemium’ LMS. You can use their LMS for up to 100 users. It is a great option for individual teachers to teach really small courses. If you want to go beyond 100 users it’ll costs you around $2 to $4 / active user. The LMS add-ons will also add to the costs of the LMS if you’ll need these add-ons for your online program.


Udemy is an interesting option for those who appear to sell their courses online. With Udemy because they manage the marketing of your online course, hosting, your customer support, and those details they take 50% of your course sales, but there is no monthly charge so you can prepare your course just for free from their website.

Udutu Guru LMS

For a short as $19.00 per month, the Udutu Guru allows you to all you need to set up a whole online learning solution! Combined learning paths with meetings, tasks, and exercises, in addition to online courses and tests. Unlimited, extractable, and extensive reporting. Unlimited learners, admins, and managers.


Coggno is a strong and modern learning management system with a very much-uncomplicated user interface. Designed nearby a unique pay per use stage, Coggno leverages the power of the web to deliver best in breed Web 2.0 technologies to make the efficiency of content creation and distribution possible.

SmarterU LMS

SmarterU LMS enables a small and mid-sized firm to develop, assign, and track training materials or to delegate course design to their experts. Axis LMS, Litmos LMS, and Halogen TalentSpace offer bundles of predesigned courses, only SmarterU LMS and Grovo LMS allow their own clients to request tailored e-learning. And the alliance with e-commerce storefronts such as Shopify or PayPal lets clients offer their training externally.

Forma LMS

Forma Lms includes flexible user management, white labeling, integrated certificates, reporting system, video-conferencing integration, eLearning and classroom courses management, skills management.

Online Orientation

Comevo’s online orientation software offers a natural interface for streamlined and interactive student orientation, employee onboarding, or missionary training. Includes a CMS for simple updates to your content, LMS for charge and reporting, and the ability to interface with centralized software.

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