Best Office Chairs

The search for the best office chairs of 2021 isn’t always easy, but our experts are ready to lend a hand – whether you’re looking for the best office chair for back pain, the best office chair for ergonomic support, or simply the most beautiful chair to spend your workday on, we can help. Whether it’s a premium or a budget issue, here, you’ll find a chair that suits you and your body shape. The good news for anyone looking for the best office chair for them is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

Best Office Chairs in 2021 List

That makes shifting the chaff a bit tricky, but that’s what this list is for: we’ll take you through all the options. Keep looking at the deals and offers we have next to these chairs because discounts are applied all the time.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

The best office chair in the world

Best Office Chairs

Eight hundred dollars may sound like a lot for a chair, but it’s less than, say, a MacBook Air – and unlike the Mac, the Mirra will still be usable in ten years. I bought one in 2004 on the advice of a back surgeon, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made: it enabled me to get back to work much sooner than expected after the operation, and since then, there have been no back problems. It’s rock-solid – two generations of dogs and two children have tried and failed to destroy it, and the only sign of wear and tear of over a decade is a slight bagginess on the covers on the armrests (which are almost infinitely adjustable). However, it is heavy, so for that, I would recommend floor protection. Currently, this is the best office chair that you can buy.

Herman Miller Aeron

If money’s not a matter, this is the best of the best

The Herman Miller Aeron chair may be the symbol of dot-com overkill, but there’s a good reason for that: It’s damn comfortable. With this top chair, you can adjust everything, even the more esoteric things, such as the tension of eight zones of the fabric (including the crucial lumbar support) and the tilt and angle of the armrests. It also supports working in two profiles: one for when you lean forward and one for when you lean back and lean back.

It is perhaps no surprise that all this comes at a price. For $1,395, you can buy one of these chairs or 11 of our cheapest ones, the AmazonBasics Classic office chair. However, you only have one butt, and if you’re going to work long hours from home, it would be worth giving your butt a beautiful place to rest. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021.

AmazonBasics Classic office chair

The best budget office chair

Best Office Chairs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent place to park yourself, and the AmazonBasics Classic office chair is our top budget choice. This chair costs a very reasonable $110, but it has the features that most users need. The microfiber cover allows you to wick away moisture, so you don’t get a sweaty back. It provides full-body support so you can sit back and have your head and neck supported. The height is adjustable, and because of the five rotating rollers, it should work well on both carpet and wooden floors.

You can also adjust the tension of the seat and backrest, so you can check how easily the whole seat can be reclined. What you don’t get is a lot of adjustabilities. Apart from the height of the seat from the floor and the tilt tension, everything is fixed; there is no lumbar support adjustment, no armrest adjustment, and no tilt adjustment of the seat. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid

The best budget adjustable office chair

Best Office Chairs

Most inexpensive office chairs are not very adjustable; the mechanisms that provide adjustable lumbar support and tension zones cannot be made cheap. The Space Seating Professional AirGrid is well balanced because you can adjust many of the features of this modern-looking chair and still spend less than $200. You can change the height and position of the AirGrid’s arms and adjust the tilt of the seat, which is an essential function for creating a comfortable sitting position when leaning back or forward.

You can move the armrests left and right, but you cannot adjust the angle or tilt. AirGrid also has a mesh backrest, which provides better ventilation on hot days. You don’t get the chic adjustments of some more expensive models, but you do get most of the features that offer a comfortable place to sit. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

Steelcase Leap

The best office chair for people with back issues

If you have trouble with back pain, you want a chair that adapts to you. Although many chairs can be tailored to your needs, the Steelcase Leap takes an alternative approach: It shifts when you use it. The backrest flexes, the lumbar support shifts, and the whole chair tilt as you adjust your position; you adjust it using three controls that allow you to adjust the chair to your spine, lumbar region, and posture. This makes this chair an excellent choice for people with chronic back or back pain because changing these controls can make a chair much more comfortable.

However, the Steelcase Leap isn’t cheap; at $860, it’s one of the more expensive chairs we’ve looked at. That could be a good investment if you use it a lot and want something that can be adjusted to your mood. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

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Hon Exposure

A good office chair for a reasonable price

Best Office Chairs

Sure, you could spend over a thousand dollars on a Herman Miller Aeron, but unless you plan to work permanently from home, you don’t all have to sit in an office chair. Instead, you need a decent adjustable chair that doesn’t cost an arm, leg, and spine. The Hon Exposure touches this beautiful spot of price and adjustability. The Hon Exposure, which costs about $250, has the usual adjustable arms and height.

Unusual for a cheap chair is also the lumbar support in the form of a crossbar and a pad that supports the lower back. This can be slid in and out to support this critical region. The full backrest uses a fabric mesh, so you don’t get a sweaty back when it’s warm. The chair can also be reclined so that you can get into the most comfortable position for editing PowerPoint presentations. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

Hon Volt Task Stool

The best office chair without armrests

I like armrests, but not everyone does. Some people prefer to release their elbows. For them, the Hon Volt Task Stool is our best choice. Sometimes called a drawing table chair (because it is often used with a drawing table that requires a lot of left-right movement), this chair also has a foot ring at the base of the column, which makes it easier to balance. The seat and halfback of the Hon Volt Task Stool are upholstered in leather, although a fabric version is available.

You can adjust the height of the seat and the height of the foot ring, but it is not possible to change the relative positions of the seat and back. However, the design of this chair encourages you to move your upper body more often and lean forward, so this may not be such a big problem for most people. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

Gates Genuine Leather Executive Chair

The best leather office chair

Best Office Chairs

Do you want a chair that makes a statement? Look at the Gates high back executive chair. This large and impressive-looking chair is upholstered in leather and provides full back support so you can sit back and oversee your corporate empire. With five rolls, it’s relatively easy to move around, although, at 55 lbs and support of up to 350 pounds, it’s one of the heavier chairs on the market.

You won’t be able to adjust much to this large chair except for the height and tilt tension, but you probably won’t take a backward pratfall if you lie back as the chair is designed to tilt back 30 degrees and lock into place. That means you can sit back, put your feet up and relax comfortably while your followers scurry around you – or your children run around you, depending on who you share your home office with.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the most comfortable office chairs

We’ve already said that you often have to pay a high price to get the best office chair, but that doesn’t mean there’s no good value for money either. If you can’t afford one of the top models, consider the SIHOO. To start with, it is comfortable to sit in, which helps with sturdy mesh back and lumbar support. Besides, the chair is adjustable in every respect, from the armrests to the height and tilt level (if you need to lean back from the desk for a moment). The build quality and use of materials may not quite match the chairs that cost five times as much as this one, but this is an excellent mention as one of the best office chairs list.

Vertagear Professional Ergonomic Chair

Gaming by name, all-purpose by nature

Best Office Chairs

Unless you choose the white, red, or blue color finish, you wouldn’t recognize this as a gaming chair – and indeed, no rule says gaming chairs should be decorated everywhere with colorful decorations and large pieces of padding. Whatever you’re going to do while you’re sitting in it, the Triigger 350 by Vertagear will keep you well supported and flexible. That 350 is because it’s made from 350 separate parts – this is a chair that has been given some care and attention.

With the many ergonomic adjustments possible, the mesh backrest, and the high-quality materials used everywhere, this is one of the best office chairs we’ve seen so far. And, if you want to play a little game in your downtime, that’s a good thing too.

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic

The best office inspired by a suspension bridge

Herman Miller hasn’t rested on his Aeron-shaped office chair laurels: his SAYL chair doesn’t look like anything on earth, especially if you choose a red or green chair, and it has ingenious technology. The frameless backrest is designed like a suspension bridge, and although it seems impossible to support you, it turns out to be reliable, supportive, and very flexible. The mesh of the back is more durable in some parts than others to encourage the right posture, and it’s just as happy when it holds you upright.

As with other HM office chairs, John Lewis offers a 12-year guarantee on this chair, and we would be surprised if you had to use it. This is a chair that is built to last and worthy of a place on our list of best office chairs in 2021.

Humanscale Liberty Office Chair

The classic chair you can completely customize

Best Office Chairs

Another design classic, another 15-year John Lewis warranty – although you may want to shop for it, as the Liberty is available in a wide range of colors from other retailers. You can configure the Liberty with or without arms, upgrade to a gel seat, give up hard floor castors instead of the standard carpet castors, and choose upholstery and back colors. While most options cost money, you can even find a completely cheated Liberty for less than the RRP. It’s a beautiful, stylish, and highly supportive chair, and again it’s the work of legendary designer Niels Diffrient – so that means intelligent, self-adjusting comfort without messing around with anything.

Humanscale Freedom Office Chairs

A classic office chair

The Freedom chair can be called a work of art: it’s on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art and praised worldwide as a design classic, so it’s an obvious contender for our list of the best office chairs of 2021. It’s hardly cheap, but it’ll still cost you less than a MacBook Pro, and it’ll last a lot longer: buy it from John Lewis, and it’s guaranteed for 15 years.

Here’s to jargon: there are a weight-sensitive backrest, synchronously adjustable armrests, and a dynamically positioned headrest. This means it adapts to your shape and movements to keep you perfectly comfortable without messing around with tension adjusters or levers or the other things you find on other ergonomic chairs. This is a chair that is built to last and worthy of a place on our list of best office chairs in 2021.

Hbada Reclining Office Chair

Best chair for reclining and napping

Best Office Chairs

This office chair from Hbada is basically for power-nappers. It is an adjustable office chair that can go back in any position between 90 degrees, which is perfect for working upright at a desk, up to 150 degrees, for a quick cat sleep, or just to stretch your back. It also has an ergonomic design with an adjustable headrest, a breathable mesh back, and lumbar support. Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs. Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

IKEA Renberget

Best bargain basement office desk chair

If you want a wallet-friendly office chair, we recommend you join IKEA. The IKEA Renberget doesn’t win design awards but offers a solid offer for very little money (you’ll have a hard time finding an office chair that’s cheaper than this one, but still provides a reasonable level of quality). As you’d expect, there’s not much versatility here, but you can adjust the height of the chair and the tilt tension (the resistance you’ll encounter when leaning back) to suit your personal preferences.

The Renberget is also equipped with safety wheels with a brake mechanism that automatically engages when you get up and releases when you sit down. That’s good because the chair won’t slide when you get up for a break, but if you do want to move it while you’re not sitting in it, it’s not that great, and you’ll have to lift the Renberget because the wheels are locked (and might scratch your floor, if there’s no carpet on it). Overall, this is one of the best office chairs in 2021 that you can buy right now.

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