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The Best Programming Languages for Jobs Demand

Best Programming Languages for Jobs Demand in Market – Having coding skills makes a difference, it doesn’t matter what job you have got. It’s not only for coders or programmers anymore, and it’s more important than ever that everybody has at least a basic knowledge of coding skills. The landscape of tech and its importance is shifting, permitting more non-programmers to make use of their expertise to be immersed in the sphere.

And whereas coding boot camps may be a useful place to realize help and be taught this useful expertise, it may be complicated to grasp what languages would be The Best to learn.

TIOBE’s latest report rates the popularity of programming languages utilizing the variety of expert engineers and search engine rankings. The results:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Python
  6. PHP
  7. VisualBasic.NET
  8. JavaScript
  9. Assembly Language
  10. Ruby
  11. Perl
  12. Delphi
  13. VisualBasic
  14. Swift
  15. MATLAB
  16. Pascal
  17. Groovy
  18. Objective-C
  19. R
  20. PL/SQL

TIOBE states their chart isn’t an indicator of suitability or the variety of lines written. Some languages rise as a result of they’re still used and are relatively older than others. There are a few surprises: is VisualBasic nonetheless standard? It’s hardly ever utilized by skilled developers. However, it may very well be that many individuals use it for easy ad-hoc applications. That stated I don’t know of anyone who’s used assembly language for a lot of, a few years?

Glassdoor just lately published a report on the top 25 lucrative, in-demand jobs. Greater than half of the roles listed are in tech and require programming skills. In the event you’re in a fast-growing and lucrative career, you would possibly wish to make learning to code next in your guidelines!

DevPost Student Hackers Report, last year

The DevPost report examines the work of 13,281 students participating in nearly 10,000 tasks throughout the 2014 tutorial year. The results display the technologies used, although it’s intermingled with programming languages:

  2. JavaScript
  3. Python
  4. Java
  5. C/C++
  6. PHP
  7. Objective-C
  8. C#
  9. Swift
  10. JSON
  11. Ruby
  12. XML
  13. Ajax
  14. Shell
  15. Processing
  16. Lua
  17. CoffeeScript
  18. Go
  19. MATLAB
  20. OpenGL

The results mostly highlight what students are engaged in their spare time. The tasks are typically dominated by native apps, embedded micro-controllers, and wearables, which may be a pretty area of interest technologies in the business world. As well as, these are languages the students wished to make use of. Whether or not they had been viable or pleasurable is one other matter!

An Overview of Programming Languages

Earlier than we go into evaluating programming languages, let’s first take a look at the languages we’re going to be covering.

Dynamic Languages

Dynamic languages are generally considered easier for total newbies to be taught as a result of they’re versatile and enjoyable. You’ll be able to shortly build an app from scratch with fewer traces of code, and the re’s no hard rule on how one can write things to behave in The Best way you want them to.

As dynamic languages are usually very high-level languages, you’d spend less time trying to get the main points proper and more time learning programming ideas, which is another excuse dynamically typed languages are standard with beginners who’re motivated by with the ability to build things and see results quickly.


People who find themselves new to computer programming usually don’t know there may be a difference between Java and JavaScript. This language was initially known as ECMAScript, however, because of Java’s popularity at the time, the creators changed the name to draw more individuals. Aside from the identity, these languages have little or no in widespread.

In the event you’re in frontend net design, it’s best to learn JavaScript. It’s used so as to add interactivity to web pages. Pages without JavaScript are rather bland, whereas as the JavaScript laced websites allow for animations and better control over the web interface. Despite the fact that it’s primarily used for front-end development, frameworks like Node.js allow programmers to write backend software too. Read Also: best javascript books

Average salary: $99,000


Ruby (like Python) is a powerful but simple to be taught programming language. Regardless that Ruby has been around roughly so long as Python, it didn’t turn out to be standard till its Rails framework was developed. In PC programming, a framework is an addition to a language that makes doing a certain task faster or simpler. Rail is a framework that makes net improvement in Ruby extremely intuitive.

As beforehand talked about Ruby is similar to Python. However, Ruby is understood for having a style that some packages discover unappealing, as a result, Python is usually given the sting over Ruby. This shouldn’t be thought of a flaw as a result of because the developer of Ruby identified, everyone’s style is different so some programmers could want Ruby over Python or vice versa. Because of this, you’re inspired to try Ruby and decide if it matches your style.

Applications and examples: Metasploit and Twitter are two totally completely different applications programmed in Ruby. Metasploit is the preferred information safety tool used by many people and companies for safety purposes. Twitter is the world’s well-known social media website which was originally developed with Ruby using its Rails framework.

Whereas some jobs do exist for pure Ruby programmers, a majority of positions are for Rails programmers. These programmers usually work at begin-ups and mid-sized companies as a result of Rails is usually used as a website prototyping language.

Average salary: $107,000


Python is a general-purpose programming language that was named after the Monty Python (so you already know it’s fun to work with)! Python is straightforward and extremely readable since carefully resembles the English language. It’s a nice language for inexperienced persons, all The Best way as much as seasoned professionals. Python just lately bumped Java because of the language of choice introductory programming courses with eight of the highest 10 computer science departments now using Python to show coding, in addition to 27 of the top 39 schools. Because of Python’s language use in the educational realm, there are a lot of libraries created for Python associated with mathematics, physics, and natural processing. PBS, NASA, and Reddit use Python for his or her websites.

Common wage: $107,000


Created by the person Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994, PHP was never truly meant to be a new programming language. As an alternative, it was created to be a set of tools to help Rasmus maintain his Personal Home Page (PHP). At present, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a scripting language, running on the server, which can be utilized to create the web pages written in HTML format. PHP tends to be popular languages since its easy-to-use by new programmers, however, it also gives tons of advanced features for more skilled programmers.

Statically Typed Languages

Apps built with the statically typed languages are known to be exceeding scalable, secure, and maintainable. The Static languages are usually more strict with catching errors utilizing sort checking, and it takes more code to construct a prototype. Game engines, mobile apps, and the enterprise-level backends are normally built with statically typed languages.


The tech community just lately celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java. It’s one of the crucial widely adopted programming languages, used by some 9 million developers and running on 7 billion devices worldwide. It’s also the programming language used to develop all native Android apps. Java’s reputation with developers is because of the truth that the language is grounded in readability and ease. Java has staying power because it has long-term compatibility, which makes positive older applications continue to work now into the longer term. It’s not going anywhere anytime quickly and is used to power company websites like LinkedIn.com, Netflix.com, and Amazon.com. Read Also: Best java books

Average salary: $102,000


Many individuals in the programming community consider C to be the grandfather of all modern languages. That is for two reasons, 1) C was developed in the 1970s, back when some computers had been the entire size rooms. 2) Many of at present’s languages similar to Java, C++, and Python are directly influenced by C. Regardless of its age C remains to be closely used, and can probably stay related for many years to come.

C implements a procedure that goals to make use of as little memory as possible.  Most good computer programmers know many languages. In the event, you intend to learn more than one also, starting with C is a good concept. As with all things worthwhile, beginning with C comes with a somewhat steep studying curve for some. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent as a result of you will see that after learning C, picking up more trendy languages similar to Objective-C, C++, PHP, and lots of others is much simpler.

Average salary: $102,000

Objective-C / Swift (for iOS development)

In 2014, Apple decided to invent their very own programming language. The result was Swift – a new programming language for iOS and OS X developers to create their next killer app. Builders will discover that many parts of Swift are familiar from their experience of developing in C++ and Objective-C. Corporations together with American Airlines, LinkedIn, and Duolingo and some other popular sites have been quick to adopt Swift, and we’ll see this language on the rise in the coming years.

Any great craftsman has a belt stuffed with tools, every an excellent choice for certain situations. Equally, the re’ll by no means be simply a single programming language, and every language will evolve and enhance over time to maintain pace with innovation.

Average salary: $107,000


C++ (pronounced C-plus-plus) is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language based mostly on the earlier ‘C’ language. Developed by the Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs, C++ was first released in 1983. Stroustrup retains an intensive list of applications written in C++. The list consists of Adobe and Microsoft applications, MongoDB databases, large portions of Mac OS/X and is one for the Best languages to learn for performance-critical applications similar to “twitch” game development or audio/video processing. Read Also: Best ebooks to learn C++ programming of 2021

Average salary: $104,000


Dating from 2000, C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a relatively new programming language designed by Microsoft for a big selection of enterprise applications that run on the.NET Framework. An evolution of C and  C++, the C# language is straightforward, trendy, type-safe and object-oriented. Read Also: 5 best c# books

Average salary: $94,000



It’s no surprise SQL (pronounced ‘sequel’) tops the job list since it may be found far and wide in numerous flavors. Database technologies similar to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server energy big businesses, small businesses, hospitals, banks, universities. Certainly, nearly every computer and the person with entry to technology ultimately touches one thing SQL. As an example, all Android phones and iPhones have entry to an SQL database known as SQLite and lots of mobile apps developed Google, Skype and DropBox use it directly.

Average Salary: 102,000

Job Opportunities


So, now you understand a bit about programming languages and maybe a bit of their perceived difficulty. However, not all languages have identical demand or wage. If your aim in studying how one can program is job opportunity and also you aren’t going to be hindered by how hard people say a language goes to be, listed here are some tips that could help you determine what language it’s best to be taught.


Based mostly on the salaries estimations from indeed.com’s analysis of job ads, we are able just about to divide programming languages into ten tiers:

You’ll get a good idea of how the programming languages fit into the massive image and ideas for places to start out learning these skills online.

  1. Java — learn it at Udemy, Oracle.com, LearnJavaOnline.orgLynda.com, DevelopIntelligence
  2. C Language — learn it at Learn-C, Lynda.com,CProgramming.comIntroduction To Programming, Learn C The Hard Way
  3. C++ — learn it at Udemy, Lynda.com, CProgramming.comCPlusPlus.com, LearnCpp.com
  4. C# – learn it at Udemy, Lynda.com, TutorialsPoint.com, Microsoft Virtual Academy
  5. Objective-C — learn it at Udemy, Cocoa Dev Central, Mobile Tuts+, Lynda.com, Mac Developer Library
  6. PHP — learn it at Udemy, Treehouse, Zend Developer Zone,PHP.net, Codecademy, Lynda.com
  7. Python — learn it at Udemy, LearnPython.org, Python.org, Codecademy, Lynda.com
  8. Ruby — learn it at Codecademy, RubyMonk, Code School, TryRuby.org
  9. JavaScrip — learn it at Codecademy, Treehouse, Learn-JS.org, Lynda.com, Code School
  10. SQL — learn it at Lynda.com, SQLZoo.net, SQLCourse.com, TutorialsPoint.com

Sign up for a course and start learning!

Join a course and begin studying. Skilledup.com is one other place you may go to search for online courses.

Programming Resources

If you already know a little in regards to the developed world, then you definitely in all probability realize it’s important and useful to have help from other developers, particularly if you happen to plan to be taught by yourself.

Being a part of a supportive community will make your future development life easier.


A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers. Stack Overflow is a privately-held website, the flagship site of the Stack Exchange Network, created in the year 2008 by the Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky.


An online project is hosting using Git. Includes source-code browser, in-line editing, wikis, and ticketing. Free for a public open-source code. GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service. It gives all of the distributed model control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git.

Can You Become a Developer?

However, relatively few folks will. If the job has been easy, developer demand would by no means exceed provide. However, I don’t consider developers are born with innate coding skills. Anybody can be taught to program. Similar to anybody can learn to play the guitar or speak Japanese … if they’re ready to place the effort in.

Thesecret is passion. When you’re enthusiastic about seeing your name on-screen or shifting an inexperienced blob from one level to a different, programming may very well be for you. The perfect developers are motivated by duties and are mostly self-taught. Education, books, and courses will help. However, you only learn to code by doing it.

This is the reason for becoming a developer, it’s important to be well-versed in a variety of programming languages so that you may be versatile and adaptable – and then proceed to be taught/grasp languages throughout your career.


What language should a coding newbie learn? Clearly, if you happen to want to get into net development, you’d inevitably be taught JavaScript, whether or not you prefer it or not. If you wish to do backend web development, it’s essential to be taught some form of SQL.

Moreover, if you wish to mine websites for information or if you happen to be an information scientist, then Python is a good language to be taught. If you wish to work for an enterprise, then Java is The Best way to go. In the event, you’re truly not that in constructing issues, and also you’re more in job alternatives, then maybe SQL is a good place to start cut-out with (particularly if you happen to like math).

In my experience, the first difference between good developers and great developers is curiosity. A great developer isn’t content to glue pre-written components collectively. They wish to perceive how things work. Finishing an activity in the quickest possible time is of lesser importance.

Think about writing your libraries earlier than utilizing someone else’s work. For example, write your private JavaScript DOM manipulation functions or PHP database connectivity objects. Using jQuery or an ORM will permit you to produce something quicker, but understanding the underlying technology is invaluable. Code re-use turns into more and more important, however, don’t be afraid to delve deeper while you’re learning.

Lastly, never be afraid of picking the wrong language … there aren’t any wrong ones. There are those who aren’t best suited to a specific project. However, you’ll only discover that by trial and error. Pick an interesting project, choose any language and get going.