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Update - 2020.04.03

Best Root Apps for Android – Android Operating System is the most popular mobile operating system, and the sole reason for its popularity is that it allows its users to customize their smartphones the way they want to. You can simply and easily root your Android device and install one for the Best custom ROMs and give your smartphone a complete makeover. When you root your Android smartphone, then you will be able to install some of the best root apps for Android on your device that will make your smartphone a lot more useful.

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There are lots of reasons you may need to root your Android phone. In short, we can say that rooting allows you to use the superuser permissions of the OS, giving you more control. So, If you’re looking for the best root apps for Android on your phone, then you’ve come to the proper place. In this post, we provide you a list of best root apps for android 2016.

Best root apps for android – List

5. Link2SD


If your smartphone have very low internal storage space and is rooted then, you can use Link2SD application to move all your put in an application to your external storage to save the internal storage space.

4. Flashify


Flash your boot.img, recovery.img and zip files right away using Flashify. Flashify is another alternative to ROM Manager and ROM Installer and in my opinion has a logically laid out interface that’s easier to use. If you’re a beginner, Flashify is a superb place to start.

3. Font Installer

Font staller

If you interested to use different fonts on your smartphone to make it look even more interesting and attractive, then you should download Font Installer app for rooted Android phones.

2. SuperSU

Super SU

SuperSU is the application that gives you Superuser access management tool and can be installed on only rooted Android phones. Most root methods have you installing this app anyway, so most new root users already have it. It’s The Best app and works great to be that front door to root access on your device. If you ask me, then I’ll say that SuperSU is one for the Best Android root apps that you need to install immediately after rooting your device.

1. Greenify


When you use your smartphone to install a lot of apps, you’ll begin to observe that the battery life of your smartphone is getting small. The app checks out your running apps and shows you which ones are running, how frequently, which ones run and how many times each one wakes up your device. Using this app, you can hibernate apps to prevent them from running in the background and drain your battery.

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