Best Smart Air Purifiers of 2021

Does the day often greet you with a severe headache and a terrible cough? Can you remember the last time your nose wasn’t runny, and you weren’t about to get sick? You do that by breathing in stale, stale air day after day. There is little that can be done to your workplace environment or coming outside during the allergy season, but you can at least breathe fresh and clear air at home if you get one of the Best Smart Air Purifiers.

Why would you want one for the Best smart air purifiers? Equipped with the most advanced air filtration technology available, you can control the air quality with voice commands or remotely wherever you are and can be automated to perform their task only when someone is at home. Some adjust their intensity based on your local climate, while others even order new filters in advance so that you don’t forget them.

We have investigated dozens of smart air purifiers. The Best ones are in the reviews below, so take a deep breath and discover one that will rid you of impure air forever.

Best Smart Air Purifiers List

Philips Air Purifier 2000i

best smart air purifiers

People with allergies have a hard time going outside or working during the allergy season and need a retreat where they can breathe and rest. With the 2000i from Phillips, you can turn any large room into an allergy-free zone. It features an impressive range of controls, three useful filtration stages, and an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly adjust any setting, either via the purifier or via the app. Many things make it one for the Best Smart air purifiers right now.

The design of the 2000i combines a simple but attractive aesthetic with excellent user experience. The rounded white exterior and the indication ring give this device a prestigious and futuristic appearance. It weighs 20 pounds and is well proportioned, so you don’t have to worry that a child or pet will knock over the purifier. Besides, there are controls for fan speeds, dimming of light, purification modes, and timing. Some of them switch a setting on or off, while others have to go through to get the desired setting.

This air cleaner is designed for spaces up to 277 square feet. Once one of the five fan speeds has been selected, the air is sucked in from the front and subjected to three purification phases before it comes out of the top grille. It goes through a pre-filtration mesh that catches stray hair, larger pet dander, etc. The air is then filtered through active carbon that creates medium-sized particles and unpleasant odors. A true HEPA filter finally captures 99.97 percent of the remaining bacteria and allergens.

Although each fan speed and duration can be selected manually, there are three pre-programmed modes for automatic air filtration. The 2000i has a smart LED ring that subtly changes color from blue to red, depending on air pollution. Automatic filtration takes effect at high levels of contamination when the filtration is set to general. The allergen mode lowers this threshold and never lowers the air quality below average. Bacteria and viruses mode sets the fans at the highest speed and cleans the air the fastest.

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Honeywell HPA250B

Air purifiers can quickly reduce the number of pollutants in your home, so there is no need to keep one running if no one is home to enjoy the benefits. Since some of us probably forget to switch it off, a surefire way to do this in the purifier sounds like an excellent idea. That is precisely what the HPA250B from Honeywell is one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers. This filter connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can be set to turn itself off when the phone is out of range.

This is the shortest air purifier on our list, and its footprint is similar to the 2000i. It is not difficult to move the HPA250B, as it only weighs 14 pounds. Yet it can improve the air in a large living room. On the top panel, there are touch controls for different filtration modes, sensors, and a timer. This model is not supplied with an air quality indicator light, but each filter has an associated LED that changes color as the time to change filter approaches.

The HPA250B produces little noise in manual mode except for the Turbo setting. If you switch on the VOC sensor (volatile organic compound), you cycle through the available speeds if necessary. If your phone is nearby and the GPS is on, the purifier can communicate with the corresponding app and receive data about the concentration of various allergens in the air. This automatically adjusts the fan speed as a response. A simple timer from 1 to 18 hours is available on the device itself. An advanced planning tool that allows you to set working times for each day of the week, complete with adjustable fan speed options, is part of the app.

The HPA250B wins the prize for the Best app design! To pair it with your phone, you have to press two connection buttons simultaneously, and this happens in seconds. The home screen of the app is a virtual representation of the analog interface of the purifier. Each setting is both responsive and accompanied by an informative description that you can display at any time. Unlike operating the HPA250B, the app collects information about the allergen concentration in your environment and can send messages if the level rises. You can also order replacement filters directly at a handful of trusted stores.

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best smart air purifiers

The purifiers that we have reviewed so far do a fantastic job, but they are only good for maintaining clean air in a single room. If you want a comprehensive air purification solution for a very large house, you should opt for the 400S from AirMEGA. The powerful fans can cover an area of ​​more than 1500 feet! The air cleaner has four fan speeds, smart energy-saving settings and can be operated remotely.

You would think that the large capacity of the 400S looks less attractive. Although it has a boxy appearance and no picnic to move around with 24 pounds, it won’t collide with your furniture or other modern appliances. The operating schedule is scarce and shows the current mode and fan speed on the right and the status of both filters on the left. There is also a ring for the air quality indicator that changes from blue to green and yellow to red as the air quality decreases and is a handy visual indicator when you perform the cleaner manually.

The 400S has a perforated cover and filters on two sides, allowing it to absorb and blow out much more air than its competitors. The filters consist of a pre-filter that can be washed, an active carbon layer, and a real HEPA filter on each side. You can set the purifier at one of the four speeds whose volume varies from 22 to 88dB. The smart mode controls the speed automatically as the air quality changes. If you also switch to Eco mode, the fans will stop moving if the air quality is good for 10 minutes. The night mode is useful for keeping the air fresh at night because the fans are kept at their lowest position, and the indicator ring is switched off.

With the app, you can monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, set a timer from one to eight hours, and receive notifications when the air is polluted, or the filters need to be replaced. You can also activate Amazon Dash and have the app order replacement filters as soon as the current ones are no longer safe to use. The 400S can also be controlled via Alexa. Overall, this is one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers on the market.

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The air purifiers that we have treated so far can adequately cover one room or, in the case of the Airmega 4005, the entire house. But what if you live in a medium-sized apartment and want to keep the air in it free of germs with one device? Leviot’s LV-h134 is designed to remove 710 square meters of space from odors, bacteria, and allergens! It has an advanced sensor that gives you real-time measurements of air quality, is barely audible at the lowest setting, and has an intuitive touch screen. Many reasons make it one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers that you can buy.

The LV-H134 is one of the most elegant and designed air cleaners that is assessed. The rounded aesthetic is striking, as is the combination of white for the body and black for the exhaust fans and touch controls. The unit is 29 centimeters long and weighs 25 pounds. The stable base of the LV-H134 ensures that children or pets do not fall over it, while a set of wheels makes transport from room to room more comfortable.

The design of the air cleaner also serves an essential practical purpose – the lower part is covered with holes because the LV-H134 takes air in a 360-degree area around itself. This allows it to move large amounts of air through the exhaust fins and improve its quality in minutes. The highest of its three fan speeds ensure a pleasant breeze throughout your house, while the slowest lets you run the cleansing day and knight without noticing because its loudness is only 25 dB.

Setting up the LV-H134 is a breeze and takes no longer than 5 minutes. All you have to do is remove the filter from the bag, put it in the LV-H134, and you are ready to go. The filter has a unique cylindrical design with which it can purify the air from all sides. It has three layers – a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an active carbon filter. The first two cause increasingly smaller dirt particles and bacteria, while the active carbon layer eliminates odors.

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Winix NK105

best smart air purifiers

HEPA filters can remove 99.97 percent of the contaminants from the air, which raises the question – what happens to the other 0.03 percent? These particles are too small to catch and will float in the air unless you can find a way to make them larger. Ionization is the answer, and the Winix NK105 is the smart air cleaner to get if you worry that the minuscule amount of dirt that other models leave behind can become a health risk. Overall, this is one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers.

This air cleaner would not be much different than other rated models without the ionizer and the shape of the tower fan. The 29-inch high unit is equipped with a set of large vertical filters and capable fans that can quickly absorb a lot of air and are effective for spaces of up to 30 square meters. Everything else is in line with what most other smart air cleaners have to offer – an indication ring, automatic and manual operation, app operation and notifications, etc.

Winix’s patented PlasmaWave technology sets this model apart from the rest. First, air flows through the standard three filtration levels. Then it is hit by a pulse that creates plasma (ions that contain a positive or a negative charge). These ions quickly bind to moisture in the air to make unstable water molecules. They are also charged and attach to residual pollutants, creating heavier particles. Now the standard filters of the NK105 have no problems to prevent these harmful particles from re-entering the air.

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Blueair Classic 205

Blueair’s Classic 205 is another beautiful, smart air cleaner that removes the vast majority of pollutants thanks to an effective, genuine HEPA filter. It can cover a respectable 280 square feet, follow changes in air purity in the app, and can be voice-activated via Amazon Alexa. It does have a few drawbacks that some people might be dealbreakers.

The design of the Classic is anything but. The purifier immediately impresses with its white metal housing and slender curves. First, you only see a single blue LED on the front. By opening a lid at the top, cleverly hidden basic settings for power, fan speed, and filtration reveal. You want to position the Classic in the middle of the room for the Best result. Given the modern appearance, this should not be an aesthetic problem.

Unlike other models that have two or more different filters that need to be replaced separately, the Classic 205 can accommodate two variants of a single HEPA-based filter. The particle filter only tackles bacteria and other small pollutants. Spend around $50 more, and you can get a premium smoke-stop filter that eliminates odors and finest particles.

The Blueair app has a barebones design and does not offer many functions when you use the Classic 205 alone. You are limited to switching between three fan speeds, adjusting the brightness of the LED, setting alerts for filter replacement, and turning on night mode. Overall, this is one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers that you can buy right now.

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GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA

best smart air purifiers

Many air purifiers promise to rid your house of odors and harmful particles in the air but fall short due to insufficient filtration. GermGuardian’s CDAP4500BCA tackles dirty air with a three-stage filter system that removes dust, bacteria, and the odor of your cat’s litter box in minutes. It has advanced sensors that continuously monitor its environment and connects to a smartphone app that keeps you informed of the air quality in your home. Many reasons make it one for the Best Smart Air Purifiers right now.

The CDAP4500BCA is small and light, so you can transport it from room to room or place it on a table for less exposure to dust rabbits. The all-black design, in combination with a prominent LED ring and indicator lights, gives this purifier a contemporary look that fits well into the design of a modern home. You can set the fan to five-speed settings, the first of which is not audible, while you can still have a conversation in the same room with the latter. If you leave the speed control on the air purifier, the fans speed up and slow down depending on the air quality of the room.

The 3-stage filter system starts with a two-sided filter. The front contains a pre-filter and a layer of activated carbon. This first line of defense stops bigger debris and filters offensive odors. The back has a HEPA filter that can collect bacteria and dust of more than 0.3 microns and stops all except the smallest bacteria. These are then killed and broken down by ultraviolet light. The two-sided filter must be replaced every six months, while the HEP filter lasts for a year.

A built-in smart sensor continually measures and displays the results as a score in the Guardian TE app. If automatic filtration is on, the air cleaner starts working when the air quality turns red, saving energy. The app can send notifications when the air quality is low; let you know when it is time to change the filters and set a timer. The purifier also supports voice commands via Amazon Alexa. You can ask her to turn it on or off, adjust the fan speed, or tell you about the current air quality in the room.

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