The Best Android TV Boxes

Best Android TV Boxes

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Best Android TV Boxes – Guide

If you’ve decided to bring the power of Google to your TV, there’s a good chance you’re looking for an Android TV device. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your operating system. However, there are still many options to consider. here are our tips to get the best Android TV cases out there. We did our best to spread the love in this post. Includes selections from some of the top selected manufacturers, each with its own set of pros and cons. You don’t necessarily get the full picture here, but we have analytics for all devices listed.

Most Android cases come with a specific version of the operating system that allows you to take advantage of the features that Google included in the final version. Some of them include smart sharing, advanced Bluetooth, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, support for the latest video and audio technologies, and cross-platform collaboration.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Android TV boxes have become popular peripherals for digital televisions since the advent of smartphones. These devices feature numerous features that you can only get by buying expensive smart TVs. Xiaomi Mi Box S is one of the most powerful smart boxes around. The box supports up for 4K HDR, which is great if your TV has this screen. Images like photos and videos will look rich and natural.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S will open up your world of entertainment for thousands of Android apps that you can enjoy directly on home. If you’re already a subscriber to any popular video streaming service, you’ll be happy to know that the box supports the respective apps. Shows on Netflix, Voodoo, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube and Crunchy roll will transform your living room into an entertainment theater.


T9 TV Box

Imagine a world of music and movies in your hands. Well, the T9 TV Box opens up a multitude of possibilities to effortlessly access the content you love. Several TV boxes are known to be a little tricky to operate when compared to Chrome’s cast streaming devices. However, the T9 TV box is easy to use and offers exceptional performance.

no one wants to keep up with the hassle of lag when watching any content. For that reason, the device includes a powerful processor for smooth performance. The latest RK3318 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU along with the Mali-450 MP2 GPU ensures you don’t have to wait for the video to load. Movies, music and photos load very fast with zero buffering.



How many times have you faced boredom from lack of content from standard TV sets? Meet the GKG T95, a multipurpose device that will take your watching and browsing experience to another level. After testing this TV box, you will be thrilled with the excellent features offers.

Instead of supporting normal 4K viewing features, the TV box goes a step further by offering 6K resolution. it’s an exciting feature taking into account that it is better than 4K, so you can enjoy high quality video images. H.265 / VP9 technology provides decoding and playback capabilities in all popular video and audio formats. The image quality provided is excellent, allowing users to enjoy watching videos.


Beelink GT King

There are a number of impressive things that define Beelink as a brand, but you’ll be even more surprised by what the Beelink GT King has to offer. Everything about this device speaks of quality, from the design unit to the robust specifications. Having an alien cutout etched with green eyes adds a cool design, but what sets the Beelink GT King apart from its competitors is the versatile performance.

Remember, you will be streaming massive HD files, so download speed should be a must. features consider. Fortunately, Wi-Fi signal speeds are at 2.4GHz plus 5.8GHz, translating into faster transfer and download speeds. Playing games on this device is a lot of fun. The player, in particular, will mainly benefit from the 60 fps, even in 4K video games. You can play your favorite modern games with no hassle, no glitches and no delays.



Purchasing the HKI RBOX Android TV Box is a safe way to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. Like most modern Android TV boxes, the HK1 comes with the latest Android 10 operating system, which has an excellent user interface and unrivaled performance.

An RK3318 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53 CPU powers this TV box. The operating system and powerful CPU can comfortably support most streaming applications. The powerful TV box is capable of delivering 3D movies. The TV box too features H.265 video decoding technology to provide high quality videos.



The Ematic TV Box uses the Google-certified Android 9.0 operating system. Popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and PBS kids are included. This Android version allows you to update streaming apps to enjoy new ones features. The Google Play Store is fully functional with several downloadable apps.

The Ematic TV Box takes on a compact square design and weighs just 1.05 pounds, making it great to carry if you use the same TV box for your TV in home and in the office. The Ematic TV box is capable of delivering 4K quality videos thanks to its ARM Mali-450 GPU. Audio output is Dolby quality. Its memory is quite impressive with 2GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM and a MicroSD slot for additional space.



The DQ6 is a powerful TV box with the latest Android 10.0 operating system. This software is a secure hub for your content as it offers extra data protection from hackers. Also, by prohibiting apps from accessing your location, you can protect your home of hackers and thieves.

In addition to the latest Android OS, which is enriched with user-friendly experiences like the ability to customize the TV’s background, the DQ6 is made from a copper foil material that reduces overheating. Instead of the standard USB 2.0 used in most TV boxes, the DQ6 uses USB 3.0 with transfer speeds ten times faster.

Transspeed Android TV Box

The Transspeed Android TV Box is a high-performance gadget that will transform your home training. The device comes with the latest technological innovations available in smart TVs to add more functionality to your digital TV.

The Android box has the latest Android 11.0 operating system with RK3318 Quad Core Cortex-A53 CPU. Opening and closing apps will be quick and easy. The high frequency CPU will also load stored media quickly as it has superior cache and buffer management. You won’t have to deal with lost connections between streaming sessions.


C Cosycost Android TV Box

This is a powerful Android box with the latest entertainment features available for smart TVs. The device is compatible with Android 10.0, one of the latest versions of the platform’s operating system. After shipping, it will have Android 9.0, which you can easily upgrade to take advantage of the features in the next version of the operating system. Some of them include a smoother UI, faster gaming performance, and better software compatibility. You will no longer have to deal with messages stating that your Android box does not support certain apps.

The Android box’s speed and storage settings provide superior performance. With 4GB of RAM, all your applications will be kept in memory, allowing you to multitask without worrying about having to restart programs. Additionally, the basic 64GB storage is ideal for users who like to download media to their TVs for offline playback. You’ll be able to watch Netflix movies and listen to Spotify without a constant Wi-Fi connection.


The EASYTONE T95Z TV box meets the needs and demands of every user, whether you are a casual viewer or a gamer. One of the most visible parts of this device is the elegant hexagonal design with a honeycomb pattern. In addition, the top is surrounded by colored lights that mark the decoration of any room. On the front, there is an LCD screen that displays essential information. The display shows how strong the device is connected to LAN or Wi-Fi and booting during the boot stage.

The EASYTONE T95Z has a versatile setup that lets you handle almost everything you do on it. Well, it runs on an Amlogic S912 2.0 GHz Octacore processor, which generates up to four times the performance compared to its predecessor. When combined with the ARM Mali-820MP3 GPU, the central processor can create a maximum speed of 750 MHz. These improvements provide users with ultra-fast execution speed and high-level graphics processing abilities.


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