The Best Dark Mode Exten­sions for Google Chrome

Best Dark Mode Exten­sions for Google Chrome

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Best Dark Mode Exten­sions for Google Chrome – Guide

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular and commonly used browser of all time. It was first announced on the desktop and Mac, but was soon created for a few other platforms, including Android, iOS, and more. It was so popular and reputable that it inspired an entire working system revolving around a single browser – ChromeOS. More than a billion people are reported to be using Google Chrome as their default primary browser, as stated in a 2016 Google report.

That’s no surprise when I say that most users are still looking to make their browsers get better over time. Such a feature is the growing demand for a dark mode for everything people like to wear. Dark mode for apps is the new trend. It started out as a design trend on Android and iOS devices, but was soon created for Windows and many Mac apps as well.

While the main quirk of having a dark mode is alleviating the stress and eyestrain when reading or using an app in a darker outline, it also serves as a good way to change the look of apps and make them more attractive to use. Currently, Google Chrome has turned on dark mode for desktop browsers. However, this only affects the bookmarks tab, the settings page and some other elements. The main purpose of having a dark mode in a browser would be that it could also make most web pages dark. Most people prefer to read white text on a black background than the other way around.

dark mode

‘Dark mode’ which allows you to apply a global dark theme to websites. Like most others on our list, this extension also comes with a toolbar. button which allows you to turn the extension on or off easily and quickly. In addition to the default dark mode, it also comes with over 50 different themes that can be activated from the options page. There is also a white list. feature which allows you to exclude a desired domain from dark mode. In short, Dark Mode is right up there with the best dark mode extensions on Google Chrome.

Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode is another open source dark mode extension that does exactly what it promises. It uses what the developer claims is a ‘unique algorithm’ to apply dark mode to all websites in real-time as you browse. This is done by detecting the color of each element on a website and converting it to a darker tone. Bright colors are darker more intensely than dark colors, so most colors are preserved. Unlike other similar extensions, Dark Night Mode does not reverse colors, so black sites will not change their color to white. An added benefit is that the images will not be distorted either.

super dark mode

With over 100,000 users, Super Dark Mode is a super popular dark mode extension for Google Chrome. Not only does it darken sites to help relax your eyes, it also comes with a number of notables. features, including automatic programming, site-based enabling / disabling, custom color schemes, options to reduce brightness / contrast and custom CSS. You can also add patterns of your choice to the dark backgrounds, making it one of the most unique and best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.

night eye

Unlike Dark Reader, Night Eye activates dark mode using its proprietary algorithm, rather than inverting colors. In addition to simply activating dark mode, it also offers a multitude of options to control the dark themes integrated into websites that have it. For example, you can control the built-in dark themes from YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, 9gag, DuckDuckGo and many others. For all other websites that do not have dark mode built in, Night Eye will convert the colors to a uniform and consistent dark theme.

only black

Just Black is not an extension, but a theme, which gives your entire browser a dark look, including the New Tab page, the top bar and more. It comes from the official Chrome team, which means it’s stable, reliable and bloat-free. This is the only one to install if you want a handy dark theme on your Google Chrome. However, as it darkens the entire browser from head to toe, you might find it a little overwhelming if you still want to keep a trace of color in your browser. It also lacks some of the better customization options offered by third-party themes.

Dark Theme for Google Chrome

Like Just Black Dark Theme for Google Chrome is also a theme instead of an extension. It offers a simple yet effective way to bring darkness to Google Chrome to increase productivity. It uses a background color that is only 80% black instead of the dark black background offered by Just Black. The developers say the dark gray color makes it very convenient for reading at night without eye strain. It comes from the same developer who offers the next extension on our list.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is probably the most used and best known dark mode extension in Chrome and Firefox. In fact, it’s the one I’ve been using for a long time in Firefox and it works flawlessly on about 99% of sites. Inverts bright colors on the website, making them high-contrast and easy to read at night. You can adjust brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, font settings and ignore list. The best part? It is free and open source software (FOSS) that does not display ads and does not collect user data.

Midnight Lizard

Like Dark Reader, Midnight Lizard is also an open source project hosted on Github. However, it sets itself apart from the rest in that it offers not just a single dark theme, but a series of predefined, customizable grayscale and color schemes. It’s one of the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome if you want granular controls for everything. You can set the same theme for all websites or different colors for different websites. It also lets you adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and hues to improve readability. There’s also a smartphone-like blue light filter, as well as the ability to change any specific color, set background, text, buttons, links, borders, images and scrollbars.

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