The Best FireStick Games to Play

The Best FireStick Games to Play

The Best FireStick Games to Play Tutorial and Steps

So here we discuss the The Best FireStick Games to Play, and after a lot of requests from our users here is a guide about The Best FireStick Games to Play.

In this post I am rounding up the best games for FireStick. The games in these guide can be played on any Amazon Fire TV device on the market, including Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen and Fire TV Cube. Some of these games may also work on older Amazon Fire TV devices.

Although Fire TV Stick is best known as a streaming device, it also supports a wide range of video games. You download these games directly from the Amazon Store.

Our list of best FireStick games includes both paid and free titles. Most games can be played with both FireStick remote and Bluetooth game controllers, some require a game controller and do not work with the remote control.

This list contains only the official games available in the Amazon Store. However, if you have the MOT, you can sideload third-party games on Fire TV Stick, just like you would any other third-party app.

Attention FireStick users

Governments and ISPs around the world monitor the online activities of their users. If you’re using third-party streaming apps on your Fire TV Stick, you should always use a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn. At the moment, your Ip is visible to everyone.

I use ExpressVPN that’s the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device, including Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like their service, you always ask for a refund. ExpressVPN also has a special deal where you get 3 months free and save 49% on annual plan.

Here are the reasons why you should always use a VPN.

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How to Install a game on FireStick

There are two ways to install a game (or another app) from the Amazon Store on your Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. Search for the game
  2. Browse the games section

Search for a specific game

If you know exactly which game you’re looking for, you can use your FireStick search option and look it up in the Amazon Store.

Here’s how you do it:

1. home screen of your Fire TV Stick (lens icon in top left corner)

2. Type and click the name of the game in the search results

Best games for firestick

3. Click the game icon/tile in the next window

Amazon fire stick games

4. Click Download/Download if it’s a free game. If it’s a paid game, click the shopping cart

Firestick games

5. You’ll need at least one payment method on your Amazon account that you use with your Fire Stick (such as credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.)

If you haven’t added a payment method yet, sign in to your Amazon account in a web browser and add one. Otherwise, you’ll get the following error message:

error message for purchase errors

Browse the games

The other method is to explore the Amazon Store inventory of games for FireStick. Here’s how you do it:

1. Highlight the menu option Apps on the Fire stick home Screen

apps menu

2. Select the submenu option Games

Open games menu

3. You explore the games in different sections, including Spotlight, Retro Zone, etc.

How to    download games on firestick

4. When you scroll down, you’ll find the Categories Games section, which lets you browse the games in categories such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Brain & Puzzle, Cards, Casino, Dice, Music & Rhythm, Racing, Seek & Find, Simulation, Sports Games, and Words

categories for games

5. After you find the game you want to play, click to open it. Again, if it’s a paid game, you’ll need a payment method associated with your Amazon account.

download games for Amazon FireStick

How to pair a game controller with your FireStick

Amazon Fire TV devices support game controllers. Play your certain games with your FireStick remote. However, the gaming experience is always better with a Controller. In fact, some Fire TV Stick games do not support the remote control; they can only be played with a controller.

Fire Stick supports a range of Bluetooth controllers that allow you to play the games. Game controllers for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC work with your Fire TV. Or, you buy each Bluetooth game controller separately.

Please note that only Bluetooth connectivity is allowed. Wired controllers don’t work with your device.

To connect a Bluetooth game controller with Fire TV Stick:

1. Select Settings on the FireStick home Screen

Fire TV settings

2. Click Controllers and Bluetooth devices

controllers and Bluetooth devices

3. Click Game controllers

click game controllers

4. Click Add new game controller on the next screen

Add new game controller

Depending on the game controller you are using, press the correct button on the controller to make it discoverable and follow the on-screen instructions on your TV to pair it with your FireStick device

For example, if you use the Amazon Fire TV game controller, keep the Home key on the controller for 10 seconds to make it discoverable.

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Best FireStick Games (free and paid)

Here’s the list of the top FireStick games you’re playing:

1. Sega Classics

Price: $14.99 or 1,499 CoinsWorks With: Fire TV Stick Remote and Game Controllers

top Firestick games

You now play your favorite Sega games on your FireStick device. You no longer need to buy a game console. Sega Classics is a collection of 25 popular Sega games, including Sonic CD, Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and more.

You now recreate all these retro Sega games for just $14.99. Many of its titles are also available for purchase separately (such as Sonic CD for $2.99).  But, this bundle brings all-in-one together at a much cheaper price relative.

Sega Classics can easily be purchased and downloaded from the Amazon Store.

2. Sonic CD

Price: $2.99 or 299 Amazon CoinsWorks with: Game controllers only

sonic CD firestick game

This 1993 retro game from the Sony the Hedgehog franchise from Sega was a huge success back in its time. Sonic CD is available as part of the Sega Classics bundle. However, you’re buying a-la-carte for $2.99 in case you’re not looking to play any other Sega games.

Action-packed gameplay backed by an immersive storyline makes Sonic CD one of the most exciting games for FireStick. In his quest to save the Little Planet, Sonic takes on his nemesis Dr. Robotnik through a series of edge-of-the-seat adventures.

Sonic CD can only be played with a Bluetooth Game Controller. Unfortunately, it does not support the FireStick Remote.

3. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Price: $4.99 or 499 Amazon CoinsWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

pacman game

Pacman is one of the most popular and most played games of all time. Since its first release as an arcade game in 1980 by Namco, the game has seen numerous makeovers and facelifts. However, the core gameplay of Pacman remains the same – eat the dots; Avoid the spirits.

The Championship Edition DX version was originally released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. It was later made available on the Android mobile platforms, eventually made its way to Fire TV.

Edition DX adds many new gameplay elements, including a sleeping mind that wakes up when you pass it. In addition, the game introduces a ‘bomb’ that returns all ghost packaging to the regeneration room as soon as it goes off.

If you’re a Pacman fan, you definitely want to try this one.

4th Pac-Man Championship Edition (Fire TV)

Price: $4.99 or 499 Amazon CoinsWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

pacman edition brand TV

It seems that this game has been specially adapted for Fire TV devices. However, like any other Pacman game, the fundamentals remain the same – eat all the dots while the ghosts are in your endeavor.

However, this Pacman edition is a little different from the others. The features larger mazes and could be much faster. You’ll also find plenty of new dot patterns for new gameplay experience.

The more you score, the faster the game becomes. So, if you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush, this Pacman FireStick game is the one you might want to give a try.

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

Price: $2.99 or 499 Amazon CoinsWorks with: Game controllers only

sonic the hedgehog

If you want to start from where it all started, here’s the original Sonic game, the very first in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

This Sega console Fire TV Stick game is optimized for Fire TV and mobile Devices and takes you on the first quest to defeat the evil Dr Robotnik.

Sonic the Hedgehog is included in the Sega Classics bundle for Fire TV and FireStick for $14.99. It is also sold separately for $2.99.

Like Sonic CD, this game also requires a Bluetooth game controller and cannot be played with your Fire TV remote.

6. Tetris

Price: Free trial (10 rows)/$4.99 or 499 Amazon CoinsWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

tetris for firestick

Although it’s been over 3 decades since its original release, Tetris has never been out of fashion.  This tile-matching game can keep you glued for hours. And now you can play it on your FireStick and Fire TV devices.

You can download the free trial of the game in the Amazon store, which allows you to match the tiles with up up to 10 rows. To play more and to unlock all 3 modes (Sprint, Marathon, Ultra), you need to upgrade it to the premium version.

Tetris has a high rating of 4 in over 3,000 reviews and it is one of the most popular FireStick games these days.

7. Red Ball 4

Price: Free with in-app purchasesWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

How to    download games on firestick

The popular bounce video game is now available on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, and other Amazon devices. It has neat and visually appealing graphics and offers simple gameplay. However, the game becomes more challenging as you progress.

There are 75 levels spread over 5 arenas. To unlock a level, you must first clear the previous level. If you want to unlock all levels at once, you can buy the premium version of the game for $1.99. The paid edition also gives you unlimited life.

If you are looking for a fun game that is easy to play, can be played for free, and does not require a game controller, you could try this FireStick game.

8th Hungry Shark Evolution

Price: Free with in-app purchasesWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

hungry shark evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is an RPG adventure game that lets you control and develop the different species of the predator by feeding them what’s coming their way (including humans).

Designed by Ubisoft, a very popular name in the gaming industry (known for the likes of Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, etc.), Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the most popular on Amazon FireStick and Fire TV.

The game can be a little violent with images of blood and gore. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it away from young children.

Hungry Shark Evolution is usually free. However, if you want to buy improvements, there are plenty of in-game purchases.

9. TV chess

Price: FreeWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

chess game for Amazon FireStick

Do you want to know your mind? You now play one of the oldest board games on your FireStick and Fire TV.

TV Chess offers three game modes – Play vs Human (Online), Play vs Human (on your TV), Play vs Engine (online against AI).

You choose the difficulty level ranging from 1 to 10 (easiest to most difficult) depending on your skills.

If you like chess, this is the FireStick game you’d like to download.

PBA Bowling Challenge

Price: FreeWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

pba bowling challenge

PBA Bowling Challenge is easily one of the best sports games for FireStick and Fire TV.

With excellent graphics and easy to get used to gameplay, Bowling Challenge keeps you engaged for hours.

You’ll go through the levels and unlock new balls, pins, and other game improvements. You’ll also find several in-game purchases that allow you to unlock just about anything you want with money without having to clear levels.

11. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Price: Free with in-game purchasesWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

asphalt 8 game on fire TV

This list of Fire Stick games would be almost incomplete without a racing game. Asphalt 8: Airborne is probably the best racing game you get on a low-spec device like FireStick.

This fast-paced, action-packed game will get your adrenaline rushing with some top of the line cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more.

With Asphalt 8, you can perform some exhilarating aerial stunts from cars, such as barrel rolls, disaster jumps and many 360-degree jumps. There are more than 9 institutions to choose from, such as Nevada Desert, Venice and more.

You can play the game for free, but with in-game purchases you can make your experience even more exciting.

While Asphalt 8 works with the Fire Stick remote control, the controls are dramatically better with a game controller.

12. Crossy Road

Price: FreeWorks with: Game Controllers and Fire TV Remote

cross roads

Crossy Road is one of my favorite frogger games and one of the most fun FireStick games I’ve played on my TV.

The game is based on the old and popular saying “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. In this endless hopper game, your player must cross the busy road as he tries to avoid being run over by vehicles or encounter obstacles. I can play this game for hours at a time. It’s so much fun.

Crossy Roads is free, but there are in-game purchases if you’re looking for a more improved gaming experience.

Packaging Up

This is our list of best FireStick games. Although the list is not complete, it contains some of the most popular titles. However, if you feel like there’s a great game out there that should have been here, let us know through the comments below.


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