The Best Tips of iOS 13 Dark Mode for iPhone

Best Tips of iOS 13 Dark Mode for iPhone

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Best Tips of iOS 13 Dark Mode for iPhone – Guide

Apple’s latest iPhone OS, iOS 13, offers great features, despite some flaws that influence the iPhone iOS and iPadOS platforms. Many barriers have been removed, but upgrading to a newer operating system can be a challenge. If you’re just upgrading to iOS 13, we’ve put together some tips and tricks this will make your iPhone more appropriate and powerful. Here it is how to enjoy some of the benefits of iOS 13 tricks, in addition to some old-fashioned tips. Here it is how to download iOS 13 if you still prefer or need iOS 14.

Apple is bringing a very different update to iOS 12 from the previous year, one that is built around increasing performance and rethinking how much we use ours. phones. iOS 13 is big and attractive. He is trying to attract users with dark and elegant mode; Flashy app updates like Apple Maps, Photos, and even Reminders; And long overdue additions like the sliding keyboard and user interface improvements.

The changes are largely iterative or on the cosmetic side, however. At this point, iOS seems to have started to crystallize. For better or worse, we now have Apple’s vision of what a smartphone operating system should look like. (It’s even harder now that the iPad has been ported to your iPadOS, which means that future iOS versions should be even more closely aligned with iPhones.)

Enable dark mode on iOS 13

On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings > Screen & Brightness and tap Dark Theme under Appearance. This will automatically change the theme for built-in apps like Files, Messaging, Music, News, Notes, Photos, Safari and TV, as well as some compatible third-party apps like Gmail. Others, like Facebook, will have to activate their app.

Dark Mode can also be turned on and off in Control Center by swiping down in the upper right corner of the screen. Long press the brightness shader and tap the dark mode icon in the lower left corner to toggle the feature on and off.

Programming dark mode

If you prefer to limit Dark Mode to a specific time of day, you can schedule when your device will enter and exit Dark Mode. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and enable the Automatic option.

By default, it will program the bright theme until sunset and the dark theme until sunrise. If you want to set specific times for dark mode and light mode, tap Custom schedule. Set time Light mode must be on and set time Dark mode must be used.

These themes will be turned off daily, but you might not be paying attention at these times. Even with automatic setup, you can still turn on dark mode in Settings or Control Center; Light mode will simply activate on the next cycle.

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