Top 6 Apple iPads in January 2022

Top 6 Apple iPads in January 2022

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The Top 6 Apple iPads in January 2022

Finding the iPad for your needs can be difficult because Apple has released so many variants in recent years. Once upon a time, if you wanted an Apple tablet, you would buy the iPad, in whatever color and storage capacity that looked best to you. But now Apple sells a cornucopia of iPad models, from the big, handsome iPad Pro to the slender iPad Air. And with the recent debut of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) packing Apple’s silicon, there are still significant differences in performance and cost, depending on the size of iPad Pro you purchase.

Its compact size and iPad Air-like design make it a better match for readers and anyone on the go. To help you decide which iPad is right for your requirements, we’ve put together an easy-to-read list here detailing each tablet’s strengths and weaknesses. All of this is based on our lab tests and hands-on analysis, with the aim of preventing you from creating a purchase you might later regret. With that in mind, here’s our rundown of the best iPads you can buy right now. We also have a complete comparison of the different iPad types in our Which iPad Should You Buy? iPad x iPad mini.

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iPad Air (2020)

iPad Air has received a major update on final 2020, with a full-screen design reminiscent of the current lineup of the iPad Pro, the new Apple A14 Bionic processor that promises exceptional performance, and many others features that set him apart. This model is positioned below the iPad Pro models, but now offers many of its features at lower prices. I spent over a month with the new iPad Air 2020, plus Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2, to see how the product mix works together.

You have a few options when it comes to buying the new iPad Air, which itself is just one of five iPad models available today. If you’ve restricted your selection to this device, you have five color choices – space gray, silver, rose gold, sky blue and green.


iPad Pro 2021 (12.9 inches)

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro for 2021 is the best tablet money can buy, with state-of-the-art power, an amazing screen, a slew of new minor updates, and a full experience that makes it a must-have for Apple fans and those who want an unparalleled tablet experience. However, it’s not for everyone, due to its large size and high price, and you might be better served with another more portable and affordable tablet, but don’t be fooled: this is the best of the best.

The new Liquid Retina XDR Mini LED screen looks beautiful, with maximum brightness levels not seen on other tablets – this whiteboard can compete with models like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, which looked like a major update to tablet screens last year. The screen is one of the best for watching movies and it also suits you well for everyday tasks.


iPad Pro 2021 (11 inches)

That a tablet with an 11-inch screen can be considered a perfect digital art tool and a ‘throw in any bag and go’ laptop The replacement looks awesome, but this year’s smallest iPad Pro is just that — as long as you buy the Pencil and/or Magic Keyboard. However, few apps can still take advantage of this year’s big performance boost – and there’s a key feature that we expect from laptops that most of us won’t want to live without.

the 11-inch iPad Pro is for those who can’t sit still. It’s what you throw in your bag as you travel, writing, drawing, creating and/or working – an existence we’ve lost a long time ago and are just beginning to make up for it. Typically, to get this level of performance, you need a laptop, but here’s a form you can forget you have with you, a form you don’t question if you should take it with you – it’s just there in your day, purse or purse ready for when you need it.


Apple iPad 2021

The ninth generation iPad for 2021 doesn’t bring any surprises, but it doesn’t have to. Starting at $329, it’s Apple’s most affordable tablet, but it easily trumps Android models that cost twice as much. And while it may look the same as last year’s iPad, there are some major changes under the hood, including a more powerful processor, double the storage and improved cameras.

The iPad is the 80s Volvo of the tablet market. It’s gone years without a makeover and its familiar design would never be referred to as elegant or sexy. But it does the trick, and we can’t help but think that part of Apple’s reluctance to overhaul it is due to its use in educational and institutional settings.


iPad mini (2021)

The Apple iPad Mini (2021) has been under construction for two and a half years. Since most Apple tablets are updated annually, it looked like the company had forgotten about that. Perhaps this is also understandable. With the biggest iPhones not far from the same screen size as previous Minis, you might start to wonder what the goal is.

Fortunately, with this sixth version of the iPad Mini, Apple has put an end to this problem and made the most sensible change: the screen just got bigger. More importantly, though, the body itself hasn’t gotten any bigger, so it still fits in your coat pocket as easily as ever. With a new look, significantly more power under the hood and even a USB-C port, the wait was worth it.


iPad 10.2 (2019)

The iPad 10.2 picks up where its predecessor, the entry-level iPad 9.7 from 2018 left off: offering Apple’s best value for an all-new iPad at a ridiculously reasonable price – and a price that is often discounted by third-party retailers. This isn’t the newest member of Apple’s low-cost iPad family – this is the new iPad 10.2 (2020). The new tablet is the same size as the one you’re reviewing, but with some spec improvements.

There’s also compatibility with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover, which we’ve always found works better than generally unreliable Bluetooth keyboards, without the need for syncing or charging. It simply plugs into Apple’s smart connector (the first time the pogo-pin port appeared on a basic iPad)


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