Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022

Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022

In this article, we will talk about the Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022. We tried our best to review the Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022 with your social network.

The Top 8 Free PC Games for January 2022

The best PC games can get all the attention, but the best free PC games are the ones we spend most of our time playing. Newer titles, like Deathloop, are expensive enough that playing them constantly isn’t feasible for most players. And, those that have a low price or better yet, no price allows us to jump in and let our friends play without too much of a rush. That’s exactly why games like League of Legends and Paladins are so popular.

Free PC games cost a penny a dozen (just check out the free sections on Steam or GOG if you don’t believe me), but finding good ones is the trick. You can discover your next big obsession, or shrug your shoulders, but either way, you wouldn’t have to open your wallet.

Some games only offer cosmetic equipment for purchase; some offer gameplay enhancements. Generally speaking, I don’t spend money on cosmetic equipment, but I will spend money on story content that is blocked behind paywall; your priorities may vary. Just be on your toes to pour tons of cash into any game that offers “draw box” microtransactions based on luck, as these expenses can easily get out of hand.

Here is the list of the best free PC games

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, but it doesn’t play anything like it: all guns have ballistics, the titans are gone, and then it’s wall racing. The guns seem just as agile and energetic as they’ve been since Modern Warfare, and taking distance and falling into account in the same fraction of a second previously used only to aim makes me feel like a math sage when the shots hit. Apex legends is a free Battle Royale survival fighting game set against the backdrop of the Titanfall universe. final of the Border War. While the war between the IMC and militia forces may be over, peace has not come without a price.

The frontier was left in disarray and chaos, with many settlers moving further into the Outlands, a remote cluster of planets brimming with new resources and opportunities. But with these new opportunities comes a new generation of bandits and explorers, heroes and villains. This gave rise to a bloody new sport, the Apex Games, in which teams fight for survival in last person matches where death is just an inconvenience. Some strive for fame and fortune, while others have more personal reasons to compete.


exile path

Path of Exile has always tried to stand out from other modern ARPGs with its story-filled environment and its terrifying tree of passive skills doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Since 2013, however, more and more has been piled on top of it, not just taking it in a different direction than, say, Diablo 3, but the genre in general. It is blessed with a unique identity – built on experimentation and constant evolution.

Path of Exile’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is its extensive, intricate, and often cumbersome skill system. By allocating points in a web with hundreds and hundreds of passive bonuses, you can gain very precise control over a character’s damage capabilities and survivability. The best of them are special nodes that completely change your playstyle, like giving you 50 percent more health but making spells cost health instead of mana.



Dauntless is free to play, but you can optionally spend real-world money to forge in-game materials and the Hunt Pass. The Hunt Pass (Dauntless season pass) has two tracks: a free track and an Elite track ($9.99). The free track rewards you with prizes like emotes, platinum (the in-game currency) and skins. The Elite Track unlocks new materials, including new gear and armor dyes, as you progress up. Since most of these items are cosmetic, they are not necessary.

It occupies an easy-choice realm that is difficult to master perfectly and offers ridiculous gameplay for free. There are seven different weapons that you can freely switch, and they all offer a unique play style and abilities to master. Dauntless is the perfect game to run with your friends or to play alone focusing on your goals.



The game is free and will give you a starting deck, although you are on your own to acquire more powerful cards. You can do this for real money, but you can also simply compete with other players, earn in-game currency and expand your deck that way.

The game is played in a series of best-of-three rounds as players let go of their hands casting spells and various units with special abilities and use tricks to deceive your opponents. Gwent’s fundamentals haven’t changed much since The Witcher 3. You’re still restricted to playing one card per turn, with the goal of getting a power value greater than your opponent’s in each of the three total rounds. Each card has an individual power value attached and your total score will increase the more cards you commit in each round.

If you feel that you are defeated or sufficiently advanced in any round, you can choose to check and save your current hand for the next. Since your ability to draw new cards is limited, having more cards in your hand gives you a tangible advantage. Gwent rewards calculated restraint, which makes knowing when to give up and when to quit an important part of your strategy.



The Global Offensive did not break. This game debuted in 2012 and even then it was a reimagining of a Half-Life mod called Counter-Strike from 2000. In another words: Counter-Strike is 20 years old and hundreds of thousands of people still log on every month to play. Like many free games, you can buy cosmetic skins for your characters and weapons, but they aren’t really necessary to enjoy the game.

Global Offensive proves that if you have a competitive first-person shooter experience that players like, you don’t need all the spices. You know – the classes, the leveling, the unlocks, the vehicles and the kill sequences.


Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV was a 2010 multiplayer online RPG for Microsoft Windows, developed and published by Square Enix. It was the original version of the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series and the second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI

Where the latest Shadowbringers expansion was endearing as an independent story in a new world, Endwalker’s commitment to giving it all its time under the wavering star is his greatest triumph and sometimes his weakness. Although anyone who has made it this far will likely have a big smile on their face. If you haven’t played the rest of the story up up to this point, don’t use the story jump – it’s a much stronger reward if you’ve come all the way.


Star Wars

The Old Republic is a strange duck, even in the canonically confused universe of Star Wars. It began life as a semi-sequel to the two Knights of the Old Republic games, but some parts of the story showed up in Disney’s new canon as well. In any case, this free game lets you create your own Star Wars character – a Jedi Knight, a soldier or a smuggler, among others – and experience an original story set 4,000 years before the original Star Wars trilogy.

Fellow Adventure – Build or break meaningful relationships with your mates. Take part in Heroic Star Wars Combat – Fight against reactive enemy battles. Pilot your personal starship Earn your own spaceship, which is your base of operations. Discover one Fully Featured MMO and more.



Warframe is a shockingly polished free-to-play action game that has great visuals, gameplay and replay value. Unfortunately, strange design choices detract from the experience of the final about the game. Warframe is an addictive online game that combines melee action, fast shooting and excellent character mobility with mission-based progression, thrilling multiplayer battles and great sci-fi visuals. The game is not new; Warframe has been around for almost seven years. As a result, newcomers will find Warframe a content-rich experience despite its heavy, free-to-play nature.

If there’s one big Warframe complaint, it’s the latest game’s content that incorporates MMO-style activities like fishing, animal catching and mining – a complete change from the action-focused core of the game. Warframe is the most Frankenstein-like game I’ve ever played. In 2013, it was little more than a procedure-generated loot shooter, but Digital Extremes has grafted in dozens of features on that root system since then. Space and underwater combat, an open world zone, PVP battles, customizable clan housing, public space stations, controllable pets ​​… the list goes on.


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